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  • When I was a kid, taco night was my favorite where my mom would lay out all the ingredients for me and my cousins to build our own tacos. We’d challenge each other to build the biggest one or try to eat an entire taco in a single bite.

    To be clear, Peking Inn is not a Mexican or taco joint, but it reminded me a lot of taco night. The main highlight is their bing, which is basically a steamed flour tortilla which you wrap taco or burrito style with various dishes as the filling.

    There are a lot of different fillings to choose from stir fried vegetables to shredded pork. These range from 28-48 rmb and were all delicious. I really liked the bean sprouts with chilies and the fried eggs with chives.

    They also have different starters and regular Beijing style dishes. All tasted great, but the bing were the highlight. The food alone makes this place worth a visit, but we were also surprised by the quality of the drinks. They looked good, tasted good, and still had a decent amount of booze in them. I think most of Shanghai settles for two out of three of these.

    I’m sure there are people who want to argue if China invented the tortilla first, but I think that’s beside the point. The point is that Peking Inn brings a great new experience to Shanghai without being too gimmicky.

    Peking Inn is in the underrated Jiashan Market which does not get a lot of love in Shanghai. As far as I know the sentence “Let’s meet at Jiashan market” has been said never. But Peking Inn is a great addition and will go a long way toward changing this.

    The food was only a little over 100 RMB per person and the drinks were reasonable.


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