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  • Pierogi Ladies 2.0 opened a couple of weeks ago, and I went on the day of their opening for their all-you-can-eat pierogi deal. It was too good to be true. The people of Shanghai spoke loudly when they bought out the stock. It wasn't a total loss of a first visit, though. I enjoyed the adorable new location by sitting on one of the in-restaurant swing seats drinking buy-one-get-one Polish beer instead. It's definitely a place that's welcoming enough for a hangout. Forget coffee shops, Pierogi Ladies is the new place to hang. They're running all kinds of deals throughout the week. Pop in for happy hour Tuesday-Thursday from 5-7pm for drink deals or buy-one-get-one-free on pierogi every Tuesday from 6-9pm.

    I went back a week later to order the classic pierogi, feta and spinach pierogi, and beetroot and goat cheese pierogi. Choosing my favorite would be far too difficult. Each plate came with a bowl of sour cream, so you can rest assured that you will have enough to get that perfect texture on your flavor palate. I'm keen to go back to try their weekend brunch, which is RMB 98 or 88 depending on your choice and includes pierogi with a number of delicious looking sides. It's not all delicious pierogi, though. There's also soups, salads and desserts to sample at this adorable little lane location.

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  • I'm a big fan of Poke Bowls being the latest food craze. They're healthy, filling and flavorful. I often pop into Little Catch Poke Cafe for lunch or dinner as it's close to my office, and I always leave feeling pretty good. The restaurant is super casual, and you order at the counter before going to sit wherever you like. I think it'd be a good spot for groups most nights as it's usually most crowded during the lunch rush. If you stick to just one thing on the menu, the average price is RMB 60-70 for a dish. It can get a little pricey if you're like me--always adding extra avocado and throwing in a coconut water (RMB 20) I probably don't need.

    My two favorite poke bowls are the Salmon Guacapoke (RMB 75) and the Hawaiian Tuna (RMB 60). The flavor combo of tuna, soy, ginger, onion, fried garlic, roe, scallions, and cashews makes me happiest, but Guacapoke is just fun to say when you order it. There are really no bad choices at Little Catch Poke Cafe. The seafood is always fresh, and I always leave here feeling like I did something good for my body even if I end up grabbing one of those Strictly Cookies (RMB 12) they leave up at the counter.

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  • I stayed in town over Golden Week, and I went to five brunches. While I was starting to get a bit delirious over what felt like my millionth egg of the week, The Commune Social blew all of the other brunches out of the water. From the beautiful yet simple decor inside to the friendly service, I was in a really good mood before I even got my food. The portions were incredibly generous, and we definitely ordered too much.

    Their brunch menu works by letting the customer choose three dishes for RMB 188. This is more than enough food for one, and all of the dishes are portioned generously. I got too excited by the a la carte menu as well, so we also ordered the Beef Tar Tar (RMB 98) and the 'Tongue and Cheek' Empanada (RMB 98). That amounted to four dishes per person plus a smoothie each. It was the last day before we had to go back to work, so it was necessary and delicious.

    From the brunch menu, we sampled potato gratin, seared scallops, lamb shoulder, and smoked salmon + potato pancake. It was all really rich, but it was easy to tell the restaurant was using fresh ingredients and complimentary flavors. I can't honestly believe that it took me this long to get over to The Commune Social, and I can easily imagine it being lovely for anything from a date night to a night alone with a good meal and a book. The food was warming, delicious, and well thought out. I'm looking forward to many more meals here.




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  • It's been tried and tested and reviewed many times before, but I can't resist professing my love for this tiny little spot publicly on the internet. Greg Jurksztowicz is the man of all of our dreams thanks to his cheesy and heavenly creation, Co. Cheese Melt Bar. He's literally hit the nail on the head with everything I like in a dining establishment--it's a comfortable neighborhood bar that sticks to your stomach. Even if you're not big on grilled cheese, it's still a great place to hang out with a beer. But if you're not into grilled cheese, you probably don't deserve this place.

    Open and airy in the summer and cozy in the winter, Co. Cheese Melt Bar is after my own heart. You can select sandwiches from the menu to enjoy incredible flavor combinations you never thought possible, or you can order your favorite type of cheese melted on perfect sourdough. Greg wasn't even judgmental that one time I asked for a double portion of brie. You see, there's no real reason to ever request double portions of cheese at this place, as your sandwich is going to come out dripping in cheesy goodness either way, but he just seemed to know it was that kind of day for me. No questions asked. This guy makes the bar what it is--welcoming and warm.

    On a recent visit with a friend, we decided to go full cheese monster. We started with a cheese board (RMB 100) that came with three cheeses, olives, pickles, walnuts and bread. We both also went full throttle with large sandwiches (RMB 65), which was silly because the small (RMB 50) is already a really large sandwich. We got the #4 (tortilla chips, refried beans, fried chorizo, jalapeno salsa, avocado, and cheddar) and #9 (Kraft Mac & Cheese and American cheese) in order to swap flavors. Yeah, that's right. You can get Mac & Cheese fried up in a sandwich. Did I mention this place is the restaurant of dreams?

    Be sure to get down here for affordable eats after work or before a night out. Grab a beer and hang with friends, or order a Pickleback (whiskey shot chased with pickle juice) and make some new ones. I just can't recommend this place enough.

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  • Stone Brewing has been open for just over a month, and I've already been three times due to the proximity to my house. It's good food and great beer at a fair price. When I had some out-of-towners craving some classic western food after a long trip through the countryside, I decided to take them for Sunday brunch at Stone Brewing.

    Stone Brewing is the new neighbor to The Cannery, and for whatever reason, I never get served at The Cannery, and I spend most of my meal chasing down service staff. I had been joking that I hope this bad luck didn't rub off on Stone Brewing next door, and I probably should have kept my thoughts to myself because on the 3rd visit, that's exactly what happened.

    We waited 40 minutes for drinks in the restaurant that was only about half full, and nobody took our food order for the first hour despite requesting that someone come by the table to help us out. It was borderline comical. We weren't being horrible about it, either, though at a certain point, I had to ask to speak with the manager. This is where Stone Brewing turned it around.

    We got a full apology, and the restaurant compensated us for all of our drinks. This sort of outcome isn't super common in Shanghai, and we honestly weren't expecting it. Obviously, we were happy about it and ready to enjoy the atmosphere and move on to the good food. Our table enjoyed the Crab Cakes Benedict (RMB 108), The YuYuan Breakfast Sandwich (RMB 58), The Hangover Burger (RMB 88), and Chicken and Waffles (RMB 98). The portions are large, and the taste kept us all in a good mood.

    Overall, I will absolutely be back to Stone Brewing, and I'm hoping that the service issues are a bit of a one-off. They've got everything I like in a neighborhood joint--good atmosphere, a tasty variety of food options, and fair prices. I'm sure they're just still working out the kinks as they are a new restaurant, but I'm hoping they'll be sticking around Shanghai for a while to come.

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  • emmgant on Husk
    19 Sep 2018

    I have been in love with Husk since the first time I tasted their brunch about a year ago, but when I started a new job by West Nanjing, I entered the wonderful world of Husk lunch sets. At RMB 138 for two courses and a drink, it just might be the highlight of my work day. While the price is a bit steep to be doing daily, I like going once a week when I'm feeling bougie. It's absolutely worth it, and I leave feeling ready to conquer the rest of my day. Well, I leave feeling full and happy, at least.

    After four hours of starting at a computer screen, the exterior of Husk is a welcome sight with its adorable garden entrance and relaxed color scheme. Once inside, the restaurant is upscale but not pretentious. They are also currently on Chope, so you might as well make a reservation to collect those Chope discount dollars--but lunch time isn't so busy that a reservation is necessary.

    The meal itself is quite heavy for someone who has another four hours of work time ahead of themselves, but I'm a grown woman, and I know what I'm doing. My favorite lunch combinations are the Grilled Calamari with hummus and red wine vinaigrette to start and then ordering Gnocchi with cheese, bacon, fried egg, and tomato sauce to really feel like you ate well. I also highly recommend the Crisp Sesame Shrimp Salad with radicchio, feta, and cucumber as well as the Braised Australian Lamb Shank. I'm a champion, so I managed to finish it all, but the average lunch-goer might have to take home some leftovers. All lunches are accompanied by warm bread and an olive oil and tomato sauce for dipping. Wash it all down with a Rose Lemonade or Cucumber Kiwi for the full set experience. A third course can be added which takes the price up to RMB 148, but I think dessert would make me fall asleep at my desk after waddling out of the restaurant.

    The service staff are friendly and attentive, and I highly recommend popping in from work when you're feeling fancy on a Friday. Or any day for that matter. Husk also offers brunch, dinner, tea, and a fairly priced happy hour suitable for any number of occasions.

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  • "Why are so many of my friends vegetarian?" is a question that keeps me up at night. Good meat is obviously the most important part of any meal, but when it's time to say goodbye to a veggie friend leaving Shanghai, I just had to mentally prepare to be disappointed with dinner.

    Two bites into the Stir-Fried Eggplant (RMB 46), which looked to be a bit more deep fried than stir fried with a delicious sweet and sour sauce, I figured this vegetarian restaurant might not be a total waste of my stomach space.

    One large bite of the Steamed Gluten with Black Fungus and Peanuts (RMB 29) and I couldn't even whine about being at a vegetarian restaurant as I was too busy stuffing my face.

    When the first fake meat dish came out, I was a little wary, but the Vegetarian "Steak" with Black Pepper Sauce (RMB 49) ended up being pretty filling. Turns out all this tofu has a pretty high protein content. I'd still choose actual steak over the fake stuff, but if I stop comparing this dish to real meat, the flavors really hold their own.

    Why were all of my favorite dishes so brown? I don't know.

    Typically, I enjoy leaving a good meal feeling almost sick-full, but all of the vegetarian food left me feeling content-full. This is probably how normal people function at a restaurant. If it hadn't been for the numerous Tsingtao Beer (RMB 18) rounds, we could have easily escaped feeling good about ourselves for under RMB 100 per person.

    The atmosphere inside is relaxed, with a mix of locals and expats alike. I'd be willing to guess that many of the patrons live in the area and decided to pop in for a quick bite. There's also an outside area available that I'm sure will be lovely when Shanghai stops being the temperature of a furnace


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