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  • Like every Taiwanese folks, I'm a big fan of Ding Tai Fung, and it's kind of an instinct to go there whenever I'm craving for soup dumplings. Today my colleague asked me for lunch and we decided to step out of comfort zone to try out the famous rainbow soup dumplings. We ordered two baskets of the Rainbow Soup Dumpling and some vegetables. I have to say this must be the prettiest soup dumpling I’ve ever seen. Each colored represents different flavors, and let me break it down to you!

    The original (white)- Surprisingly surpass my expectation! The skin is thicker comparing to Ding Tai Fung, while it doesn’t really effect the flavor. The broth exploded and taste a bit sweet but not too oily.

    Luffa gourd (green)- Fresh and easy. I love luffa gourd in soup dumplings since it’s naturally sweet. If I could I would probably order a bucket of it.

    Foie grass (yellow)- It’s creamy and very unique, even though it’s not a good mix in my opinion.

    Black Truffle (Black)- Personally not a big fan of black truffle, but it truly is flavorful, adding a touch of luxury to the soup dumpling.

    Crab roe (orange)- It’s a pretty common flavor for soup dumpling, and definitely my personal favorite!

    Garlic (grey) –I love the color and the flavor is very on point. Not sure if it’s the garlic but the broth taste more fragrant than other flavors.

    Szechuan (red) – Having zero tolerance for spicy stuff, I was pretty scared to try. But it’s actually not as crazy as I thought. (Still not a fan)

    It’s fun and exciting to try every flavor while looking at the card on the table, imagining the taste of each ones. The restaurant itself is also clean and very easy to dine in. While I still favor Ding Tai Fung over Paradise Dynasty, the look of it is a good enough reason to pay a visit!



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  • When I first moved to Shanghai, I was actually surprised by the amount of healthy restaurants Shanghai has. I live pretty near to Hunter Gather and it’s the first restaurant I tried when I moved to the apartment, and I keep going back since then. The restaurant always use real ingredient and that’s why it tastes amazing!

    Today I got a Back to Cali bowl (78RMB), as always. I opted for the rice base instead of salad. The salmon is well seasoned, and I love the fresh pineapple with large amount of greens and beans. The only thing is that the avocado sauce today was way too salty for some reason, thus I didn’t touch it. It seems like it’s a bit expensive for bowl like this, but it’s honestly one of my favorite healthy bowls in Shanghai so far. They also have self-made bowl which you can choose your own ingredients.

    The bakery stuff and ice cream are also very tasty. The frozen yogurt ice cream menu changes from time to time. They sometimes put slice of dry fruit and flower petals on it, making it look pretty and as tasty. The environment is very nice and fresh, and the staff is always friendly. Happy that they are just around my place so I can always count on them for a healthy meal after working out. (If that ever happenedJ)

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  • I'm a big fan of Turkish food. I went to Urban Grill with high expectation and it sure didn’t fail me! First of all, the atmosphere was perfect with yellow lights and open kitchen. (The table next to me proves this since it was a couple, and the lady was holding a rose bouquet.) And the service was definitely on point!

    We had couple of dishes and they were all excellent!

    Cheese Carnival Pide (68 RMB) - Look amazing and taste just as good! With great amount of cheese on top of the dough, it’s crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. Definitely a must!

    Egg And Spinach (RMB) – It was served in the hot pan with enough amount of spices. It’s very simple yet delicious. At the end of the dish the staff found out it herself it wasn’t cook as it should be (Didn’t affect anything to be honest), and offered us a dessert, which is super nice of her.

    Chicken skewer (98 RMB) – The chicken was tender and juicy, served with grilled vegetables, which were mouth-watering tasty. This is probably my favorite dishes among all.

    Ice cream – As I mentioned, they are nice enough to offer us an ice cream. It’s stretchy and thick, filling with vanilla smell.

    Loving the food, the feel, and the service. If you are looking for Mediterranean food, Urban Grill will be a great choice to be!

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  • It's always good to be reminded of a bit of home! I discovered Tiger Bites with colleagues during lunch time. It was pretty empty in the restaurant during lunch time, but it was a very nice experience!

    "Gua Bao" is a traditional Taiwanese street food; it's basically cut steamed buns with stewed pork, peanut powder, and parsley. Tiger bites offers a variety of choice on the filling and gives it a nice twist. I went for the classic Tiger Bites Pig (RMB 26) with a side of Sweet Potato Fries (RMB 18), which is also a popular Taiwanese street food. It’s very affordable and I was very pleased by the taste! The bun is a bit sweet, filling with the tender and juicy pork, blending in perfectly with the sour vegetable and a bit of crunch from the peanut. I especially love the sweet potato fries, tasting very Taiwan-like – sweet, salty, and very crispy! My friend went for the Chicken one and was very satisfied with it as well.

    The shop itself gives a very modern- feel with the neon logo and metal table. They also have coffee and drinks to offer. At night it becomes a bar with cocktails, how versatile? I’ll definitely revisit and check out the night menu.

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  • Sally Hsiao on Egg
    20 Sep 2018

    "So cozy!" This is the first thing I said to my friend when we first stepped in the restaurant. Wood furniture, plaints and white brick wall, it's small but full of personality. Interesting thing is that people there all look like they just finished gym, wearing their gym clothing and carried their own yoga mat, except us.

    But that didn’t stop us from eating. We had an avocado toast, peach pancake, and hot matcha latte. The avocado toast was very delicious with feta cheese on it served on a sturdy piece of grain loaf. While it’s a bit pricy compare to other restaurants and considering the portion. Pancake that day was topped with peach, cream, and nuts. It was surprisingly very fresh and light, which is rare when it comes to pancake. Plus it still tastes very healthy, which is always a plus.

    And here comes the very disappointing part. The matcha latte was so bitter it taste like Chinese herb to me. I’m a huge fan of matcha so for this reason alone I don’t think I’ll go back to the restaurant. I found out later EGG is actually famous for its healthy meals, grain, vegetable bowls, and more vegetarian options. So maybe that’s a “healthy” version of matcha?


    I like the place and the staff there are very nice indeed. If you want a healthy brunch place to go I’ll say give it a try, but DON’T EVER order matcha latte.

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  • RAC coffee is probably one of the hottest places (for brunch) in Shanghai now, and you can see by the waiting line outside the restaurant. I never really line up for restaurant because when I want food, I want it ASAP. But I waited for 30 minutes this time since I heard so many good things about it. 

    It became pretty obvious why RAC coffee is popular the moment I arrived, beautiful venue, cute table settings, and sophisticated food for your perfect weekend brunching photos to post on Instagram.

    What about the taste you ask? My friend and I decided to go for crepes all the way. We had a salty one, COMPLETE (70RMB), and two sweet ones, BUTTER/SUGAR (35RMB) and NUTELLA (50RMB). For drink we had a HOT CHOCOLATE (30RMB) and MILK TEA (25RMB), and yes, we were on a complete sugar high later that day.

    The salty one was on the dry side, very crispy with running egg yolk and cheese, and I found it pretty filling after. I love the Butter and sugar crepe! It’s simple and pretty self-explanatory, but I like the butter balancing out the sweetness, and a bit of crunch from the sugar. I’m a big fan for Nutella while my friend and I weren’t impressed by the crepe. It was okay but just okay, and with the price I suggest you get another dish instead.

    Overall I did enjoy the restaurant, even after 30 minutes of waiting. The sunshine was warm and you should definitely take the outdoor seats if possible. They also have ice cream and coffee stand outside with less people waiting, looking as delicious!


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