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This is SmartShanghai's online ticket reservation and delivery service. It's easy to use, and we provide not only a simple ticket purchasing service, but we'll also deliver the tickets to your door (payment for the tickets on receipt of delivery), and provide you with all the information you'll need to get yourself to the event venue.

Ticket Prices

We work directly with concert promoters to secure tickets for our users: you pay the price that's printed on the ticket, plus a handling fee to SmartTicket. This handling fee includes the delivery of the ticket to most areas in Shanghai.


We only accept payment upon delivery. You can pay in cash or with a local Union Pay Card (with your pin number). Unfortunately, due to local regulations we are unable to accept foreign credit cards or online payments.


SmartTicket offers free delivery within the first ring-road in Shanghai. A 20rmb delivery fee applies for deliveries outside the first ring-road. We deliver to hotels, offices, and private residences, even on weekends and in the evening.


Get in touch with us here, or call 400 821 3624 from Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm if you have any questions regarding your online bookings.


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Please note: Ticket information for this event is not in real-time. Occasionally, tickets sell out faster than we can update.
On weekdays, availability is updated several times throughout the day. In all cases, final confirmation will be sent within 24 hours.



Need a Ride?

If you're looking for a convenient way to get to and from the F1 track, SmartTicket has you covered. Our dedicated shuttle busses will take you to the track and pick you up after the race. Shuttle busses are available from three locations on race day (April 12, 2015) and from the downtown location on both Saturday (April 11) and Sunday (April 12). Return tickets: 120 rmb per person.

  • Shuttle 1

    Departs from Xiangyang Lu/Shanxi Lu at 12pm. (Saturday and Sunday) Map & Directions
  • Shuttle 2

    Departs from Hongmei Road/Pearl City at 12pm
    (Sunday only) Map & Directions
  • Shuttle 3

    Departs from Pucheng Lu, Yanlord Garden at 11am
    (Sunday only) Map & Directions

Please note: Hongqiao and Pudong ticket holders can use the downtown shuttle bus on Saturday, but must email us in advance to confirm availability and capacity. Drop-off / pick-up point at the F1 track is near the Grand Stand. Depending on which tickets you have there might be a 10-20 minute walk from the Grand Stand to your area.

Frequently Asked

  • Ticketing Can we bring our kids? Do they need to pay?

    Yes, the whole family is welcome. Kids over 1.2m need to buy a full-fare ticket. Kids below 1.2m can get free access in Sub-Grandstand H and Grand-Stand A (Low) with special children tickets. These tickets are available for free, please leave a note in your booking (use the comment box) to inform us that you'll bring kids.

  • Event Can I bring my own food and drinks?

    Officially, no, you're not supposed to. However, many have reported high success rates with their attempts and regulations are loose at best.

  • Refunds What happens if the show gets cancelled? Will I get my money back?

    Yes, SmartTickets always refunds ticket purchases if a show gets cancelled. This guarantee is one of the reasons that people choose to purchase through SmartTickets instead of less reliable sources. Please note, though, that we only refund the face value of the tickets, and not the 20rmb handling fee.

  • Payments Can I pay online with a credit card?

    Unfortunately, no. We've been working to implement an online payment system, but due to the nature of risk management and licensing issues with online payments made within China, it looks like this won't be available anytime in the near future.

  • Payments How do I pay for my tickets?

    Upon delivery of your tickets, you may pay our delivery staff directly (either in cash, or with a local Union Pay card with pin code). We only accept payments made in Chinese yuan. If you need a company fapiao for your purchase, then please email us.

  • Ticketing Can I choose a specific seat?

    Unfortunately, no. Ticketing systems in China vary from venue to venue, and many are not advanced enough to offer specific seat selection. The event promoters and venues that we work with currently have no systems in place that allow third party ticketing agents to access their respective floors plans. However, whenever you buy a ticket from us, you will automatically receive the best available seats within the category you've selected.

  • Ticketing I live outside Shanghai. Can I still buy tickets?

    Yes, we can mail tickets to any city within China, but you need to bank transfer the purchase amount before we place the order for the tickets. Please proceed with the ticket booking, and we'll email you the bank account details once we've received your ticket order.

Other questions? Contact our customer support by email | phone: (021) 400-821-3624

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