Church Services

St Francis Xavier Church (Puxi)

Built in early Spanish baroque style in 1853, the gorgeous St Francis Xavier Church, better known as Dongjiadu Lu Church is the first foreign built church in Shanghai. It is also the oldest and the best preserved (four of the church bells are originals). A short walk down DongJiaDu Lu on the right, the church holds services regularly in Chinese and English.
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Hengshan Community Church

Shanghai's best known Protestant church, otherwise known as Guoji Libai Tang or the International Church , was established in 1925 and is popular among expats. Located in the French Concession on Hengshan Lu, the church was built in modern Gothic style and has an excellent choir to boot.
  • Hengshan Community Church will have a Christmas Day service on December 25 from 11am-12:30pm. They will also dedicate the entire offering taken on that day to orphanages in China. The regular services are Saturday, 6:30-8pm and Sunday 2pm and 4pm. All services are in English

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

International Community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church was first built in 1744, but was forced to move to several locations before finding home in its current home in Pudong's Biyun International Community.
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St Ignatius Cathedral

More commonly known as the Xujiahui Cathedral, St. Ignatius was designed by English architect William Doyle and built by the French Jesuits between 1905 and 1910. Recently restored, the cathedral's stained glass windows have been replaced with the ones that incorporate Chinese characters and iconography
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Dong Jia Du Lu Catholic Church

Built in early Spanish baroque style in 1853, the gorgeous St Francis Xavier Church, better known as Dongjiadu Lu Church is the first foreign built church in Shanghai. It is also the oldest and the best preserved (four of the church bells are originals). The church holds services regularly in Chinese and English. English mass on Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 10:30am and 12:30pm.
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St. Peter's Church

St Peter's Church in the heart of Xuhui was first built in the 1930s as a Byzantine style church with a central dome and five chapels. It served many thousand parishioners as shelter during the sino-Japanese war and became a cultural center during the Cultural Revolution. The original building was rased to build a modern one with colorful stained-glass windows in 1995. It still attracts a healthy crowd of foreigners, and offers masses in English, German and Korean.
  • St Peter's will have services on Christmas Eve at 8:30pm in English and a morning mass on Christmas Day at 11am, also in English. There will also be a nativity play presented by parlish children on December 8 from midday to 12:30pm. They also have a program of German-language services. Check that schedule here.

All Saints' Church

All Saints on Fuxingzhong Lu was originally built by the Episcopal Church in America in 1925. It is a Christian church in a typical 17th-century style with a rose window and bell tower. Its triangle roof, red brick and concrete-engraved doorpost make it disctinctive. The main hall can hold 500 people and the attached halls can seat a further 1,000.
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St. Joseph's Church

Founded in 1860 by Father Louis Hélot, St Joseph's serves an English-speaking Roman Catholic parish. The red brick church was built in romanesque style with gothic elements.
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Mu'en Church

The Moore Memorial Church, also known as Muen Church, is located on Xizang Lu, in the middle of department stores, across from People's Square. This church was a Christian Church established by American missionaries in 1887 and expanded in 1931 to seat more than 1,000 worshippers. It has built up a local membership that numbers in the thousands since reopening in 1979, after its closure during the Cultural Revolution.
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Where to buy Christmas Trees


Rosa Gallica on Ferguson Lane sells real Dongbei trees from 350rmb-900rmb depending on the size. Au Nom de la Rose on Jianguo Lu has fake trees ranging from 600rmb-1000rmb and real trees from 900rmb-2500rmb, which they can decorate with their specialty — roses — and/or lights. More trees at Boutique La Fleur, both fake (starting from 300rmb) and real (800rmb-1500rmb), but they need to be ordered in advance. Annie Wang from Annie's Florist has real trees starting at about 600rmb up to 1000rmb for a 2m fellow. Nearly all of them also sell decoration, wreaths and all sorts of Christmassy flower arrangements. For those living up in Hongkou, there's a rather random new store that's popped up opposite Hyatt on the Bund, selling fake trees and lots of cheap decorations. It's got no name. It looks like they've just grabbed a vacant space for a quite two-month decoration-selling spree. Carpe Diem on Jiangguo Xi Lu has both Chinese and imported trees offers a special rose-decorated tree and a real one for 600rmb (1.7m), which includes a wreath.

Yu Garden & Markets

If you don't mind haggling, hit up Yuyuan for trees and Christmas gadgets or the flower markets around the city. Jingshen Market on Anshun Lu has a couple of stores selling real, maybe slightly crooked trees, but also wreaths, table arrangements and some decorations. Cao Jia Du Lu has an even better selection. The whole market is overflowing with trees, poinsettias (10-20rmb) and all kinds of other botanical Christmas paraphernalia. Look for the small shop at the left entrance to get spray snow, Santa hats, ornaments and all other kinds of kitschy decorations. In general, almost all the shops take orders, assuring us they can provide any type and size of tree. Custom made wreathes and arrangements can also be ordered in advance or they can make them while you wait. Or there's this place, Yiwu, which is about two and a half hours out of Shanghai by train from Shanghai South Railway Station. This is where the world goes to buy (wholesale) its Christmas tat. If anything, you might be too late for them to fill big orders for 2013, but it's possible to go and buy ornaments, trees, Santa and snowman crap in smaller orders (at least 10 of each item). Might make a bizarrely festive day trip , or perhaps simply underscore the utter plastic crapness of the festival. Read our Yiwu guide here.

Fake Plastic Trees

Your options are IKEA — with Fejka the plastic tree for 199rmb and the eco friendlier paper version Snömys for 99rmb including decoration — Carrefour or Wal-Mart (each have trees from about 400rmb). If none of these are to your liking there’s always our good friend Taobao. Don't forget to throw in some ornaments while you're at it, and speaking of which...


Get yours at HOLA (B2 Brilliance West Shopping Mall) or Metro City at Xujiahui.