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    • Power Station of Art

      • Arts
      • Museums
      • Old Town (Yu Garden)
      • Address
        200 Huayuangang Lu, near Miaojiang Lu
        花园港路200号, 近苗江路
      • Phone
        3110 8550

      The PSA is an impressive but cumbersome space, a huge building likened by curator Qui Zhijie to London’s Tate Modern. The PSA may have similar hardware to that legendary institution but it doesn’t have the software — the staffing, budgets, etc — to match.... Read more

    • Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        People's Park, 231 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu
        人民公园, 南京西路231号, 近黄陂北路
      • Phone
        6327 1282

      The best part of the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA) is the prime location smack dab in a lovely green portion of People's Square. Sunlight and panoramic views pour in through the museum's floor to ceiling glass walls. International exhibitions are the... Read more

    • China Art Museum

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        161 Shangnan Lu, near Guozhan Lu
        上南路205号, 近国展路
      • Phone
        400 921 9021

      A vast art museum, housed in the former Chinese Expo pavilion over in Pudong. Works on display span modern and contemporary periods, and there's also a steady rotation of temporary exhibitions, including lots from abroad. Good to know: it's free to get in, but you... Read more

    • 1933

      • Arts
      • Design Standout
      • 1933
      • Address
        3F, 611 Liyang Lu, near Haining Lu (Adjacent to the Kowloon Hotel -- taxis know it as jiulong binguan)
        溧阳路611号, 近海宁路
      • Phone
        6501 1933

      1933 transforms an old art deco abattoir into a creative hub hosting restaurants, creative retail, design companies, artists, galleries and design and exhibition spaces across four heritage-listed building. Read more

    • Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        100 Renmin Da Dao, near Xizang Lu
        上海城市规划展示馆, 人民大道100号, 近西藏路
      • Phone
        6318 4477

      One of Shanghai's best and most visited museums, the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall at People's Square documents the changing face of Shanghai and is an essential vising point for those interested in the evolution of the city. A perfect scale model of the entire city... Read more

    • Shanghai Stellar Cinema City

      • Arts
      • Sports & Recreation
      • Cinemas
      • Address
        Super Brand Mall, 8/F, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, near Lujiazui Huan Lu
        陆家嘴西路168号8楼, 近陆家嘴环路
      • Phone
        5047 8026

      Huge, 2000-capacity mildly Egyptian-themed cinema in Super Brand Mall. They've got IMAX and VIP. Tickets are like 90-160rmb without an app and 30-50% less with, depending on the film. It's just ok. Nothing special. There is an ice cream shop right by the traditional... Read more

    • Shanghai Gallery of Art

      • Arts
      • Three on the Bund
      • Bund Area
      • Address
        3/F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu
        中山东一路3号3楼, 近广东路
      • Phone
        6321 5757

      SGA hosts well-known artists such as Gu Dexin in its vaulted, 1,000 sqm of exhibition space with views of the river. Read more

    • Propaganda Poster Art Centre

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        B/F, Bldg B, 868 Huashan Lu, near Fuxing Lu
        华山路868号B号楼, 近复兴西路
      • Phone
        6211 1845

      Located in the basement of a cluster of highrises on Huashan Lu, Propaganda Poster Art Center has a collection of hundreds of original posters from the Mao years as well as a gift shop selling Mao-era paraphernalia, original and copied propaganda posters, and various... Read more

    • Duolun Museum of Modern Art

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        27 Duolun Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu
        多伦路27号, 近四川北路
      • Phone
        6587 2530

      Located in the tough-to-get-to Hongkou district, the Duolun museum is the first state-owned hub dedicated solely to modern art. Spiral staircases wind through the seven-story Bauhaus structure that collaborates with Asian museums to bring in the occasional big name.... Read more

    • Rockbund Art Museum

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        20 Huqiu Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu
        虎丘路20号, 近北京东路
      • Phone
        3310 9985-1101

      Since its inaugural exhibition, “Peasant Da Vincis”, in 2010, RAM has been on some next-level shit. Nowhere else in the city has such a strong events program or such consistent, well produced shows. RAM has held major solos for some of China’s most celebrated... Read more

    • SFC Yonghua Cinema City

      • Arts
      • Sports & Recreation
      • Cinemas
      • Address
        Grand Gateway, 6/F, 1 Hongqiao Lu, near Huashan Lu
        虹桥路1号6楼, 近华山路
      • Phone
        6407 6622

      This SFC cinema in the Grand Gateway mall offers a mixed experience. On the one hand, they're the only cinema in Shanghai with IMAX 3D, 4K and 4D. Seating is stadium style and the sound is good. Then there is a VIP theater with only 32 reclining leather seats.... Read more

    • Madame Tussaud's

      • Arts
      • Travel
      • Museums
      • Address
        10/F, New World Department Store, People's Square 68 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xizang Lu
        南京西路2-68号, 新世界商厦10楼, 近西藏路
      • Phone
        6358 7878

      Located on the tenth floor of the New World Building, Madame Tussauds allows visitors to mingle with the rich, famous and (sometimes) deceased. Aside from taking your picture onstage with Michael Jackson you can also walk through Madame's maze of horror. This... Read more

    • SOSIN Contemporary

      • Arts
      • Moganshan Lu
      • Moganshan Lu
      • Address
        M50, Bldg 14, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Jiangning Lu
        M50, 莫干山路50号14号楼, 近江宁路
      • Phone
        5212 7571

      With headquarters in Tokyo, SOSIN Contemporary is an art gallery based in Shanghai's M50 art district and dedicated to showcasing new works by Chinese and Japanese artists. Read more

    • Shanghai Exhibition Centre

      • Arts
      • Business
      • Exhibitions Centers
      • Address
        1000 Yan'an Lu, near Tongren Lu
        延安中路1000号, 近铜仁路
      • Phone
        2216 2216

      This gauche, sprawling palace on Nanjing Lu gifted by the Soviets to China in 1954 is tough to miss. Throughout the year it is the home to more than a dozen international exhibitions ranging from ShContemporary art show to the so-called "Millionaire's Fair." Read more

    • ShanghART M50

      • Arts
      • Moganshan Lu
      • ShanghART
      • Address
        50 Moganshan Lu, near Suzhou Xi Lu
        莫干山路50号, 近苏州河
      • Phone
        6359 3923, 5382 0418

      This large Swiss-owned gallery opened its doors on Moganshan Lu in 1996. ShanghART was the first gallery in China to participate in major international art fairs, such as Art Basel. The works may not always be thrilling, but the artists exhibited are always well-known. Read more

    • River South Art Centre

      • Arts
      • Suzhou Creek
      • Galleries
      • Address
        1247 Nan Suzhou Lu, near Xinchang Lu
        南苏州路1247号, 近新昌路
      • Phone
        6359 8989

      Read more

    • DDM Warehouse

      • Arts
      • Red Town
      • Xuhui
      • Address
        750 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu
        淮海西路750号, 近红桥路
      • Phone
        3501 3212

      This grungy warehouse, located north and east of just about everything in Shanghai, is a vast, endearingly scruffy SoHo-esque loft. DDM offers hit or miss exhibitions that run the gamut of contemporary media. Electronica, indoor smoking and poetry readings complete... Read more

    • Two Cities Gallery

      • Arts
      • Xuhui
      • Shaoxing Lu
      • Address
        20 Shaoxing Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu
        绍兴路20号, 近瑞金二路
      • Phone
        5252 1518

      The name of this gallery is based on the Dickensian notion that contained within every city is a beautiful side and a dark side. Two Cities is one of the few galleries in Shanghai (and in China) promoting modern 3-dimensional contemporary art such as wood & lacquer,... Read more

    • Creek Art

      • Arts
      • Suzhou Creek
      • Address
        Behind 423 Guangfu Lu, near Wuzhen Lu
        苏河艺术中心, 光复路423号后面, 近乌镇路
      • Phone

      Perched in one of Shanghai's slummier areas is the six-floor brick structure of gallery spaces, cafes and restaurant that is Creek Art. With a new space dedicated solely to prints and their weekly Sunday brunch Creek Art has a brighter future than its longtang... Read more

    • Ke Center

      • Stage
      • Arts
      • Theatres
      • Address
        613-B Kaixuan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
        凯旋路613号, 近延安西路
      • Phone
        6131 3080

      The Ke Center serves as the official venue for local theater group Shanghai Repertory Theater (SRT). Several times a year, SRT stage various English-language productions, from Shakespearean classics, to modernist comedies of manners, to absurdist provocation. Click... Read more

    • Eastlink Gallery

      • Arts
      • Moganshan Lu
      • Moganshan Lu
      • Address
        5/F, Bldg 6, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Changhua Lu
        莫干山路50号6号楼5楼, 近昌化路
      • Phone
        6276 9932

      Founded in 1999, Chinese-owned Eastlink was one of the first galleries in Shanghai and pioneer gallery at Moganshan Lu where it quickly established a critically acclaimed reputation. The gallery's program of exhibitions reflects its commitment to supporting both... Read more

    • Strictly Designers United

      • Arts
      • Cool Docks
      • South Bund
      • Address
        55 Fuxing dong Lu, near Zhongshan nan Lu
        复兴东路55号, 近中山南路
      • Phone
        156 0187 7199

      Read more

    • Pearl Lam Fine Art

      • Arts
      • Bund Area
      • Address
        G/F, 181 Middle Jiangxi Lu, near Fuzhou Lu
        江西中路181号1楼 近福州路
      • Phone
        6323 1989

      Contrasts is the brainchild of Pearl Lam, the socialite dubbed "Chinese Auntie Mame" by the New York Times, whose personal taste could be called bizarre, although the gallery has consistent quality exhibitions. Lam's gallery is a luxurious space in and early 20th... Read more

    • M50 Art District

      • Arts
      • Compounds
      • Travel
      • Address
        50 Moganshan Lu, near Changhua Lu
        莫干山路50号, 近昌化路
      • Phone

      50 Moganshan Lu, better known as M50, is Shanghai's most famous "gallery district," home to over 50 gallery spaces in Shanghai, and offers a cross-section of emerging Shanghainese and Chinese artists, working in a wide range of styles and mediums. Great for a day's... Read more

    • Q.S.W. Culture Center

      • Nightlife
      • Stage
      • Arts
      • Address
        179 Yichang Lu, near Jiangning Lu
        宜昌路179号, 近江宁路
      • Phone
        6266 3191

      This is a huge government-backed music and arts center. It hosts musical and stage performances from classical to rock, plus has dance studios and areas for kids to learn about music. There are also a number of recording studios on site, with the whole package aimed... Read more

    • Magda Danysz Gallery

      • Arts
      • Huangpu
      • Galleries
      • Address
        256 Beijing Dong Lu, near Jiangxi Zhong Lu
        北京东路256号, 近江西中路
      • Phone

      Magda Danysz has had several large solo shows for established Chinese artists including Photoshop shanshui technician Yang Yongliang, urban camouflage operative Liu Bolin, and photographer slash wardrobe designer Maleonn. Her greatest contribution here, however, has... Read more

    • Long Museum (West Bund)

      • Arts
      • Museums
      • Xuhui
      • Address
        3398 Longteng Avenue, near Fenglin Lu
        龙腾大道3398号, 近枫林路
      • Phone
        6422 7636

      Opened in 2014, the Long Museum West Bund is the second of Chinese billionaire collectors Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei's expanding empire. The architecture is stunning - right on the waterfront, it was designed by Liu Yichun of Atelier Deshaus. Inside is a veritable who's... Read more

    • Pearl Lam Galleries

      • Arts
      • Bund Area
      • Address
        G/F, 181 Jiangxi Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu
        江西中路181号1楼, 近福州路
      • Phone
        6323 1989

      Contrasts is the brainchild of Pearl Lam, the socialite dubbed "Chinese Auntie Mame" by the New York Times, whose personal taste could be called bizarre, although the gallery has consistent quality exhibitions. Lam's gallery is a luxurious space in and early 20th... Read more

    • 800 show

      • Arts
      • 800 Wujiaochang
      • Jing'an
      • Address
        800 Changde Lu, near Changping Lu
        常德路800号, 近昌平路
      • Phone
        6255 7800

      Located in central Jing'an, 800Show is designed to be a 24-hour hub for work and play. Old villas and 8-storey factory buildings on site are now planned to hold 10 to 15 restaurants and bars with rooftop terraces. In the middle of it all, facing the street, is a... Read more

    • Creative Shanghai

      • Arts
      • Address
        2218 Yangshupu Lu, past the Yangpu Bridge
      • Phone
        6327 4378

      Read more

    • Shanghai Literary Festival 2019

      M on the Bund's annual celebration of intellectual pursuits. Three-ish weeks of talks and events with prize-winning authors, intellectuals, journalists, artists, economists, and Peter Crane, the Head of Forestry at Yale University, who...
    • Troye Sivan: The Bloom Tour Live in Shanghai 2019

      Pop prince Troye Sivan is bringing his "The Bloom Tour" to Shanghai, supporting the release of his sophomore album "Bloom." Born in Johannesburg in 1995, Troye was celebrated as a child star in his adopted hometown, Perth. Homeschooled,...
    • Yayoi Kusama: All About Love Speaks Forever

      This solo exhibition of Yayoi Kusama is "tailor-made" for Shanghai Fosun Foundation. More than 40 works are featured at the event, including her signature pumpkins, polka dots, infinite mirror houses and the latest painting series "My...
    • Maywa Denki's Nonsense Machine

      Live musical demonstration of some of the weird/crazy/super cool stuff created by Japanese musicians/toy makers/artists Maywa Denki. Dressed in blue coverall "average worker" costumes, Maywa Denki perform music with all kinds of weird...
    • Mucha

      This is the first-ever presentation of the Mucha Family Collection in China, and the exhibition will feature over 200 original works of art by the celebrated Czech artist. In addition to his most prestigious Art Nouveau style posters,...
    • Mamma Mia! (Mandarin)

      Here we go again! The smashiest of smash hit musicals, Mamma Mia, returns to Shanghai. Telling the heart-warming, humorous tale of a daughter trying to determine which 3 of her mother's former lovers are her biological father on the eve...
    • Su-Mei Tse - Nested

      Marked by her cosmopolitan origins, between Europe and Asia, and by an attention to the sonorous dimension of the world, the practice of Su-Mei Tse involves issues such as time, memory, musicality, and language. Taking various forms –...
      • Arts | YUZ Museum | Daily except Mon until Mar 24 2019
    • ART 24 HOURS

      Around 20 art museums and over 40 galleries, shops, restaurants, and organizations have joined this year's Art 24 Hours (WeChat: Art_24Hours). It is a weekend pass to all the major museums in Shanghai including Power Station of Art, Long...
    • Shanghai Memories | Swing Dance Party

      Jazz at Lincoln Center's hosting a night dedicated to the Shanghai Jazz Age, set to live jazz the exceptional Walter Blanding and the East Meets West Quintet. Themed after the 1920's and 30's, when jazz took the city by storm, Shanghai...
    • Liao Zhai Rocks! (Mandarin)

      From the creative talents behind Singapore’s The Theatre Practice sold out “If There’re Seasons…” and Lao Jiu: The Musical comes another original Chinese musical, Liao Zhai Rocks. First staged in 2010, it's finally debuting its...
    • Legend of Beauty

      A Chinese tale told through ballet, "Legend of Beauty" tells the tragic story of Xi Shi and Minister Fan Li of the Yue State, who must contend with war, politics, vicious despots and conniving princesses. A full 90-minute performance...
    • Gentle Giant - Special Needs Children (PMLD) Aged 6-14

      Bamboozle adapts Michael Morpurgo’s enchanting Scottish fairy tale story, the Gentle Giant, into an immersive, multi-sensory experience for children with learning disabilities. The eponymous gentle giant, rejected by the locals in the...
    • Queen Tribute Concert

      Queen! Men! Myths! Legends! Mixing stadium rock, metal, glam, and Freddie Mercury's operatic vocals, Queen exploded into the rock arenas around the world with the over-the-top performance antics of their lead singer and the intricate...
    • Lü Shao-Chia Conducts Penderecki 6: Chinese Poems

      Prestigious Polish composer Penderecki is an old friend of China, and his interest on Chinese culture is best represented by the Sixth Symphony premiered in 2017. It's more a song cycle supporting German translations of eight Chinese...
    • Storm - Special Needs Children (ASC)

      Storm tells the story of the magician Prospero, his apprentice Ariel and the creature Caliban. This immersive theater weaves elements of Shakespeare’s Tempest into a dramatic sequence embracing the sea and ships, islands and magic, while...
    • Jaap van Zweden and SSO

      The 2018/19 season marks Jaap van Zweden's inaugural season as Music Director of the New York Philharmonic. A top-tier solo violinist himself and once the youngest violinist ever to hold the position of concertmaster of the Concertgebouw...
    • Vive la Vie [French]

      Vive la Vie is a mix of song, dance, performance, circus and music, exploring how family life has been transformed during the 20th century, courtesy of Compagnie Interface, an all-French production team formed in 1990. Their stated aim...
    • Post Contemporary——Urban Graphics 7019

      The exhibition features works by eight internationally renowned graffiti artists: Shepard Fairey (Obey), JonOne, John Matos Crash, ZEVS, L’atlas, Vhils, M. Chat, and Tanc (Tancrede Perrot). Examining the contemporary zeitgeist from a new...
    • Moon Song - Special Needs Children (ASC)

      Our audience enters the performance space to relaxing music where they meet a girl called Megan. Megan falls asleep and begins to dream, and anything can happen in her dreams. She flies in a rocket to the moon. On her journey, she...
    • 500 Years of Western Paintings: Collection of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

      A condensed view of western painting history throughout five centuries. This exhibition features 60 pieces of real artworks from one of the largest private art museums in Asia -- Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. Paintings from 50 iconic artists,...
    • La Mélancolie Des Dragons

      A group of hard rockers eat potato chips in a Citroen AX stopped, stranded in the middle of a snowy landscape. Oddness ensues. A projector, a smoke machine, some wings, the Scorpions ’Still Loving You’ interpreted with a flute. Directed...
    • Yu Hong: The World of Saha

      The Long Museum(West Bund)presents one of China’s most celebrated female artists, Yu Hong, with a large comprehensive survey of her work, “The World of Saha”, curated by Jérôme Sans. Yu Hong's creative inspiration is known to be grounded...
    • Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol

      Partnering with The Fashion and Textile Museum in London, the exhibition showcases the relatively unknown textile works from over 10 international artists in the 20s century, including George Braque, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall,...
      • Arts | MAMSH | Daily except Mon until May 5 2019
    • One Starry Night Out of the Blue

      A live, immersive stage performance combining art and education, this children's show explores 28 pieces painted by 9 masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci, Wang Xi Meng and more, set to live piano accompaniment. Two showings a day,...
    • Gala By Vladimir Malakhov & World Ballet Stars

      Vladimir Malakhov is one of the most well-known, artistically renowned ballet dancers in the world. Born in 1968 in Ukraine, he trained at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, and has won gold at ballet competitions like Warner and Moscow. . In...
    • Coco Chanel: A Stageplay

      A stageplay inspired by the fashion designer, this is the third collaboration of Amsterdam's Ulrike Quade Company & the Norwegian Jo Strømgren Kompani, and a sought-after continuation of the two companies' particular styles. "Coco...
    • Kwei Yih - A Photography Exhibition

      Kwei Yih is the 4th edition of the "Plant Portrait" exhibition series, an on-going project that investigates different faces of plants and nature, as well as how people live among them. Featuring a collection of works from photographer...
    • Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawings

      A landmark exhibition of a foremost figure of the American Conceptual and Minimal Art movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition focuses on LeWitt’s seminal wall drawings and includes 16 inkwash works initially conceived in the...
    • Tobias Rehberger: If you don’t use your eyes to see, you will use them to cry

      This is the first institutional solo exhibition in China by the renowned German artist Tobias Rehberger. Rehberger’s multifaceted work has been instrumental to expanding the possibilities of sculpture, spanning a diverse range of fields...
    • Parallel: Erwin Olaf

      “Parallel: Erwin Olaf” presents nearly fifty photographs from the dynamic career of renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, covering the recent 15 years of his creative work. Olaf’s expertise lies in fashion photography and in creating...
    • About Quayola - Asymmetric Archaeology: Gazing Machines

      This is Italian artist Quayola’s first large-scale solo exhibition in China, bringing together his artworks covering digital print, video, digital sculpture, and robotic installation. With the theme of “Asymmetric Archaeology”, Quayola...
    • Sainkho Kosmos - Naked Spirit Concert

      Sainkho Namtchylak was born in the Republic of Tuva in 1957 and studied vocal music in Moscow, then the capital of the Soviet Union, including Tuvan throat singing. Sh worked with artists from around the world, becoming the first female...
    • WHAT WAS I?

      “What Was I?” is a kaleidoscopic journey in the post-Anthropocene epoch, after the collapse of humankind due to the effects of technological overdevelopment. The protagonist of this unexpected voyage is an android created by Macuga and...
      • Arts | Rong Zhai | Daily except Mon until Jun 2 2019
    • Pioneering: Chinese Artists Abroad in France and Chinese Modern Art (1911-1949)

      An exhibition that reviews the phenomenon of Chinese artists studying abroad in the early 20th century and its monumental significance to the art history of modern Chinese art. "Pioneering" is made up of the main display with two special...
    • Cats: The Musical 2019

      One of the most successful musicals of all time comes to China. This is an English-language production (with Chinese subs) of Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running hit musical. Originally adapted from TS Eliot's whimsical poems about the...
    • Remapping Reality

      “Remapping Reality” marks the first comprehensive presentation of Wang Bing’s collection of Chinese video art from the post-Olympic era. The exhibition attempts to take the collection as a point of departure to develop a new narrative...
      • Arts | OCAT | Daily except Mon until Jun 16 2019
    • 1st Shanghai Sensual Fest 2019

      Three days, three nights, and more than 30 artists confirmed, with over 30 hours of workshops... look, "3" is sort of a theme here. Basically a three day celebration of all things Brazilian, zouk and kizomba, with masterclasses,...
    • Nickolodeon PAW Patrol Live! China Tour

      A live stage version of the popular TV show, PAW Patrol's a group of six rescue dogs and their tech-savvy friend Ryder, sharing lessons about citizenship, social skills and problem-solving. They're kicking off a China Tour for two shows,...
    • Punchdrunk's 'Sleep No More'

      Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens. Produced by SMG Live and Punchdrunk International. Audiences move freely through the...
    • Evita The Musical

      The famed West End musical, based on the life of Argentina's First Lady, Eva Peron, is coming to Shanghai. A sung-through drama, it follows the story of a young common girl who struggled her way up through post-World War 2 Argentina to...
    • Le Rouge et Le Noir: L'Opera Rock [French]

      Based on the the French classic novel, "The Red and the Black" by Stendhal, father of modern fiction, this is a rock opera adaption by François Chouquet. It's the story of a low-born but ambitious young man in the Napoleonic era, who...
    • Four Seasons / The Butterfly Lovers

      A cultural event from Festival Hong Kong 2019 lands in Shanghai for a presentation by the acclaimed Hong Kong Dance Company. Two dance performances with stunning, evocative stage setting accompany to pieces of classic music. "Four...
    • Chen Ke - The Real Deal is Talking with Dad

      Chen Ke’s solo exhibition takes place at Yuz Project Space of Art. Through a series of mixed media paintings and installations inspired by the daily talk with the artist’s father, retrospection of the past events and re-creation of the...
    • Candor pres. 'Black Mirror'

      A brand new Cabaret show with Dark Circus Experience — 'Black Mirror" — a tantalizing stage show about the demons that devour us. Don't miss out on this exciting new cabaret and burlesque stage act from Shanghai's most talented...
    • Briefs: A Comedy Sketch Show

      Four actors walk into a bar, a Briton, an American, a South African and an Indian. What sounds like the setup for a postcolonial one-liner is in fact the cast of ‘Briefs: A Sketch Show’. For two nights this March, A Little Bit Extra, in...
    • Cabaret Soiree: Passion

      A spectacular night of aerials, song, fire and dance! Mr & Mrs Exclusive’s phenomenal cabaret dance team, rock with live music from The Pearl Red Stars, Vegas lounge style with special guest crooner, Frank Bray, and his soothing Sinatra...
    • Museum of O

      {MoO} stands for Museum of O, an experience-first exhibition fuelled by the power of imagination. {MoO} invites the visitors to be the actors on a journey through installations. Modern interpretations of traditional Chinese colours and...
    • Raging Fire, Icy Heart, Poetry in Glass

      A contemporary glass exhibition showcasing the most recent works of artist Juliette Leperlier. n a real confrontation of East meets West, Leperlier’s dynamic sculptures exalt sensibility, freedom and individuality. She reminds us how...
    • Shanghai Waves Exhibition

      Shaving in the Dark is exhibiting limited editions of risoprints from Shanghai Waves Comic Book at Egg until the end of March. Go check them out and get your ultimate Shanghai Souvenir. Free entry.
      • Arts | Egg | Daily until Mar 31 2019
    • Unpacking

      Unpacking is about a couple, Nolitha and Benjamin, who have a surreal first encounter that grows into the kind of love story that they thought only existed in fairytales. When reality interjects, their relationship morphs into something...
    • Jonathan Nott and Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

      English conductor and artistic director of l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Jonathan Nott will be leading the Swiss symphony Orchestra in performing four pieces; Debussy's "Jeux" and "Fantaisie for Piano and Orchestra" (with piano by...
    • Franz Welser-Möst and The Cleveland Orchestra

      Acclaimed Austrian conductor and music director of the Cleveland Orchestra, Franz Welser-Möst will be bringing his ensemble to Shanghai for a two-day performance of pieces from Beethoven and Strauss on April 6th, Prokofiev and...
    • Through the Maze: Navigating One Artist's Path

      Korean painter Lee Shang Hwa's first solo exhibition Through the Maze: Navigating One Artist's Path sets out to showcase a full spectrum of the artist's creative expressions at an early stage of his career. Unlike retrospectives that are...
    • Flashbulb on Memory Lane

      The relatively new field of epigenetic research focuses on origin, specifically of non-genetic biological origins of behavior. These researchers are pointing toward an age-old question: Does the past hold the keys of the future?...
      • Arts | - | Daily until Apr 17 2019
    • Ronald A. Westerhuis Solo Exhibition

      ArtCN Gallery, in cooperation with The Netherlands General Consulate and Museum de Fundatie, is pleased to present “Self Reflection”, a solo exhibition of stainless steel sculptures by Ronald A. Westerhuis. As the twelfth Dutch artist in...
    • Music in the Loft

      Piano : Pascal Gallet, Soprano : Carole Gabay, 1st Prize, Music Academy in France Bass Baritone : Alex Ip, Shanghai – Hong Kong – U.S.A, Cello : Patrick Nowlin, U.S.A – Japan – China A program of...
    • “Menagerie” Andrew Daly Solo Exhibition

      “Menagerie” is Australian Artist Andrew Daly’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai, featuring his latest large paintings of portraits, still lives, landscapes and mysterious or imaginary stories. In this show, artist Andrew pays his homage...
    • The Dreamer

      The Dreamer was originally created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and his Chinese contemporary Tang Xianzu, inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Peony Pavilion. The story follows Helena,...
    • Bohemian Rhapsody Gábor Boldoczki & Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra Concert

      Outstanding Hungarian trumpet virtuoso Gábor Boldoczki is internationally recognized as one of the finest, if not the finest, trumpeters of his generation. The first trumpet soloist worldwide to be invited to perform the trumpet concerts...
    • Jacek Kaspszyk Conducts Bartók and Brahms

      The concert is led by Jacek Kaspszyk, Music and Art Director of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, and Ukranian violinist Valery Sokolov. They will present two monumental works of pastoral accents. Bartók's Second Violin Concerto was...
    • Love is Metaphysical Gravity

      The newly launched Lisson Gallery Shanghai is the gallery’s fifth permanent exhibition space, joining two in London and two in New York. Lisson Gallery Shanghai's opening exhibition, Love is Metaphysical Gravity, takes its title from a...
    • Les Aimants | Compagnie Mangano Massip

      A French film-like, experimental dance theater about love, this duet tells the story of a couple having a relationship without words, struggling with silence and lack of communication. Dense and almost palpable, the feeling of suffering...
    • The Vakhtangov Theatre: Eugene Onegin

      Selected chapters from the novel in verse, by Alexander Pushkin, with idea, script and staging by Rimas Tuminas. He's selected a story of Tatyana's love for Onegin as the theme of the performance, unfolding in the memory and imagination...
    • Liu Chuang - Earthbound Cosmology

      Artist Liu Chuang’s latest solo show Earthbound Cosmology takes up the theme of our shifting perspectives of the earth and brings to light the complex situations this planet currently finds itself in: with Geoengineering and “deep-time”,...
      • Arts | Qiao Space | Daily except Mon until May 12 2019
    • Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir

      The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir was founded in 1924 by Mogens Wöldike. In 1929, the Copenhagen City Council established a Choir School for the boys at the Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, and they've been giving regular concerts every Friday...
    • Philippe Herreweghe and SSO

      Belgian conductor Philippe Herreweghe is principally known for his interpretations of baroque music. Not only a leading force of historically informed performances, he has also conducted various well-known modern orchestras. With his...
    • Listen to the Snail Emma (Mandarin)

      Emma the homeless Snail is a touching, bilingual German-English tale of Emma, a Snail, who wants nothing more than to find a new home. Unhappy with her current broken home, she starts a long and adventures journey for a perfect...
    • Silver Banquet: Austria Schloss Schwarzenau Silverware Exhibition

      This small-scale exhibition is divided into three parts: "Source", "Comity", and "Craft". More than 100 pieces of silverware from the famous Schloss Schwarzenau in the Austro-Hungarian Empire are displayed at the exhibition. Free entry.
    • Oscar Murillo | Zhang Enli

      This is a dual solo exhibition of internationally acclaimed artists Zhang Enli (b.1965, Jilin province, China) and Oscar Murillo (b.1986, Colombia). The exhibition marks Zhang’s first institutional presentation in mainland China since...
    • ERA - Intersection of Time

      While Shanghai Circus World undergoes renovations until June 1, Shanghai's most popular acrobatic show, ERA: The Intersection of Time, continues unabated. Now housed in a specially-constructed, state-of-the-art, 31-meter high circus tent...
    • Tout Neuf

      A visual and musical nine-step journey through the whole world, as encompassed in a big, mysterious egg. An awakening to life inspired by Mozart, Bach, Landi and Rossini. Presented by The Company Minute Papilon, a classical singing...
    • Jukka-Pekka Saraste and SSO

      Artist in Residence Thomas Bauer (baritone) will be singing another Mahler work in his last SSO concert this season. Not written as a standard song cycle, "Rückert Lieder" includes Mahler's most lyrical songs, with intimate styling and...
    • Luis Chan

      Hong Kong artist Luis Chen (1905-1995), a key person in the history of modern art in Hong Kong, had multiple identities. He's an artist, art critics, educators, and a curator. Not only did he explored the modernization of Chinese...
    • Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella: The Musical (Mandarin)

      In 1957, one of the world's favorite fairytales was turned into a Tony Award-winning musical by the creators of the Sound of Music. Remade as a hit film in 1997, it tells the story of young Ella, her tyrannical stepmother and two bratty...
    • Shanghai International Film Festival

      Highlight of the year for movie nerds. Hundred of international movies and films screened in over 40 cinemas across Shanghai, as well as a few big-time movies stars popping around to Shanghai to say hello. Information on the specifics of...
      • Arts, Community, Nightlife | SmSh Territory | from Jun 15 until Jun 24 2019
    • The Wizard Of OZ | Broadway Musical

      The enchanting tale of Not-Kansas by Frank L. Baum and one of cinemas most enduring classics, adapted for stage! The production of The Wizard of Oz is a spectacular celebration of the 1939 MGM film, a new, refreshed and lavish rendition...
    • Roses in the Salad

      From the book by Bruno Munari comes a theater show for small children. It's a game that'll put wings on your imagination... starting from vegetables. Have you ever seen roses in a salad? The show has been performed at the 2017 Edinburgh...
    • Looking Back: for the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Shanghai

      The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Shanghai. The Long Museum (Pu Dong) will hold a special exhibition entitled “Looking Back: for the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Shanghai A Special Exhibition on...
      • Arts | Long Museum | Daily except Mon until Jul 28 2019
    • Universe of Water Particles in the Tank

      Japanese art collective teamLab will showcase a new art installation titled Universe of Water Particles for the opening of the new art museum TANK Shanghai. The giant digital art piece sees a waterfall cascading down the tank which...
    • Under Construction (group)

      As part of the opening program, TANK Shanghai will showcase a group exhibition of 13 Chinese artists. The exhibition’s themes are “partial, experimental, and imperfect” and will include works from Zhang Xiaogang, Xu Zhen, Zeng Fanzhi and...
    • ERA - Intersection of Time

      Shanghai's most popular acrobatic show is back for a special series of performances, showcasing the gamut of traditional and contemporary Chinese acrobatics from aerial walking, bowl balancing, and trampoline shows to high flying trapeze...
    • Photofairs

      Big exhibition dedicated strictly to the photographic medium, now in its fifth year. Expect 50+ contemporary photo galleries from around the region displaying their artists' work.
    • Art021 (TBC)

      This high-end art fair, named after Shanghai's area code, is now in its fifth edition and always good for a look-see. If previous incarnations are anything to go by, expect a who's who of blue-chip international galleries and top-notch...


    • A Drag Tribute: Lady Gaga

      Candor’s Ballroom is proud to present “A Drag Tribute: Lady Gaga”, a salute to the Queen of Monsters. After a month long hiatus, join Shanghai’s finest Drag Queens as they honour the icon who has pushed every boundary to redefined music,...
      • Arts, Nightlife | Candor | Daily until Mar 23 2019
      • 2019-03-22 Finished
    • 90s Alt-Rock Concert

      The Pearl's musical tribute to the music of angsty 90s teenagers, One night of alternative rock and grunge music, played by the house band the Red Stars, with your favorites from Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Silverchair, Creed,...
      • Arts, Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Mar 23 2019
      • 2019-03-23 Finished
    • Mardi Gras, Masks, Murder!

      A night of mystery and intrigue in New Orleans. There was a victim, and you can help find the killer. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer, meanwhile, tries to avoid detection!)...
      • Arts, Dining | un Caffe Bar | on Sat Mar 23 2019
      • 2019-03-23 Finished
    • Diamond Divas LIVE

      From the musical team that brought you the ABBA tribute night, we have more top songs from the all-time fan-favorite female signers. Ksenia and Alyona take the crowd on musical tour through your favorite Diva tunes, from Lady Gaga to...
      • Arts | The Pearl | on Fri Mar 22 2019
      • 2019-03-22 Finished
    • This Is Cabaret

      Candor hosts the musical: This is Cabaret. The resident cast does their version of this classic story in a performance that involves a bit of audience involvement. Classic pieces from the musical will be performed with a full cast of...
      • Arts | Candor | Saturdays until Mar 21 2019
      • 2019-03-20 Finished
    • Workshop: Yayoi Kusama

      Dive into the dreamy world of Yayoi Kusama. Learn about how color, lines, shapes repeat and intertwine. Experience her persistent love and passion for art. For adults, Thursday 10am-12 noon, 198rmb. For kids, Saturday and Sunday, 10am-12...
      • Arts, Community | Fosun Foundation | Every Thu, Sat, Sun until Mar 17
      • 2019-03-14 Finished
    • Always on My Mind

      Beijing-based artist Chang Xiaojun’s solo exhibition “Always on my Mind” opened on the 23rd of February, 2019. Comprising newly created canvas works on the theme of horse, the show is scheduled to end on the 17th of March, 2019. The...
      • Arts | Gallery 55 | Daily except Mon until Mar 17 2019
      • 2019-03-01 Finished
    • Museum of Failure

      Curated by psychologist and innovation researcher Dr. Samuel West, the Museum of Failure hopes to convey that the acceptance of failure is necessary in order for innovation and progress to truly succeed. Examples of exhibits are a...
    • Peppa Pig Live! Peppa Pig's Celebration

      The original Peppa Pig show (in English) is coming back to Shanghai! The world's most popular Piggy is bringing a super special feast, cake, a magic show, and an exciting balloon ride along with her! Most important of all, the entire...
      • Arts, Community | Himalayas Center | Daily until Mar 17 2019
      • 2019-03-16 Finished
    • School of Rock: The Musical

      Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit based on the hilarious movie starring Jack Black is set to rock out at Shanghai Grand Theatre. This irresistible new musical follows Dewey Finn, a failed wannabe rock star who decides to earn an extra bit of...
      • Arts | Grand Theatre | Daily except Mon until Mar 17 2019
      • 2019-02-22 Finished
    • Shanghai Quartet

      With a history of over thirty-five years, the Shanghai Quartet has become one of the world's foremost chamber ensembles. This recital will featured three pieces in vastly different styles, from Dvorak's String Quartet no. 10 in E-flat...
    • Felipe Pantone

      The Danysz Gallery welcomes the Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone for his first exhibition in China. In his works, Felipe Pantone questions the society in which we live and his propensity to place new technologies at the center of our...
    • Fantasy Soiree: Cabaret Show

      To follow up the Cabaret Soiree, the Moulin Rouge Soiree, and the Desire Soiree—the Pearl presents: the Fantasy Soiree. Back for a one-night show in February, this steamy summer show will feature singers, dancers and acrobats,...
      • Arts, Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Mar 16 2019
      • 2019-03-16 Finished
    • Daniel Harding and Mahler Chamber Orchestra

      Grammy-Award winning British conductor Daniel Harding leads the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in performing two pieces; Schubert's Symphony No. 3 and Bruckner's Symphony No. 4 "Romantic."
    • “I am beautiful!” Kristin Ng-Yang Solo Exhibition

      This is the 4th solo exhibition of contemporary artist Kristin Ng-Yang in Shanghai. After she finished her academic study at Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in China in 1991, Kristin has been living in South Africa with her son for...
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