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    • Workshop Deep Ecology & Ecological Self

      Deep Ecology is an ecological and environmental philosophy promoting interconnection and diversity, and endorsing the inherent worth of all beings regardless of their utility to human beings. It involves moving beyond the individualism...
    • 1st Shanghai Sensual Fest 2019

      Three days, three nights, and more than 30 artists confirmed, with over 30 hours of workshops... look, "3" is sort of a theme here. Basically a three day celebration of all things Brazilian, zouk and kizomba, with masterclasses,...
    • Hack the Stack! (Cyber Security Workshops)

      From May 11 to May 25, Saturday 3pm to 5pm. CoderBunker presents A 3-Part “full stack” hands-on hacking workshops led by Nike Senior Developer Samantha Christoff. By the time you are done with the second workshop, you will have enough...
      • Community | Agora Space | Saturdays until May 25 2019
    • SmartFarm: Program a System to Monitor Your Plants

      In just one session, you will effectively build, code and operate a Smart Farm. It is open to a million possibilities, but you will implement light sensing and soil moisture sensing as basic automation functions. After it is done, you...
    • Learn How to Make Mini Eclairs

      Learn how to make colorful eclairs with the chefs at Shanghai Young Bakers, a wonderful charity turning factory workers and other young Chinese into professionally-trained pastry chefs and bakers. 500rmb plus 100rmb for lunch (free lunch...
    • Women Who Run With The Wolves - Study Programme

      The Study Programme is an exploration of stories from different traditions and the archetypes of the female soul. The course is based on the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. During each meeting they will...
    • The Work That Reconnects

      The ‘Work that Reconnects’ is a series of experiential practices pioneered by Joanna Macy drawn from systems theory, deep ecology, Buddhism, Indigenous wisdom and other sources, which aims to: ● Provide people with opportunities to...
    • Free Open Chinese Classes

      Open classes are for students of all levels from total beginners to elementary and intermediate students. All month every Tuesday at 7pm and every Thursday at 12pm.
    • Free Open Chinese Classes

      Open classes are for students of all levels from total beginners to elementary and intermediate students. All month every Sunday at 3pm and every Wednesday at 12pm.
    • Time Management Workshop

      The British Chamber of Commerce puts on a training session for busy people. In this workshop, Jamie Dixon will guide you through a Time Management Methodology called CORD (Collect, Organise, Review, Do). He will help you build your own...
    • Kids Classes

      This spring, The Pottery Workshop Shanghai is offering its popular children's classes in an eight-week series - bring in your budding artists, sculptors and creative kiddos! Kids 6-13 can take individual classes or sign up for the full...
    • CRITICA Storytelling with Unravel

      Sharing personal stories can be a very powerful tool to bring visibility to issues or to generate understanding of people's lives, but how do you present your story in a captivating and connective way? Storytelling platform Unravel will...
      • Community | 1900Loft | on Sat Jun 1 2019
    • CRITICA Illustrate for Visibility

      How much goes unseen? How many go unnoticed? In the Illustrate for Visibility workshop you will engage in a conversation about how to represent people fairly through illustration. Afterwards, you will be taken on a tour; not to...
      • Community | 1900Loft | on Sat Jun 1 2019
    • CRITICA Theatre Workshop with Grass Stage

      In this workshop, different basic acting exercises will guide you in creating short plays which explore inclusion, and in discovering the empowering role that acting can bring to all of us. It will specifically focus on the "body" of...
      • Arts, Community | The Pearl | on Sat Jun 1 2019
    • Workshop Social Ecology & Ecofeminism

      Social Ecology & Ecofeminism Murray Bookchin was a leading theoretical progenitor of the many currents of left ecological thought and action that emerged from the 1960s. The session will explore the common routs of oppression that cause...
    • Turn Plastic Waste into a Tangram Game

      Don't know what to do with your plastic waste? Transform plastic into a precious Tangram Toy. Learn about the different types of plastic that we can easily recycle and those we should stop using. Precious Plastic Shanghai gives waste a...
    • Nature Connection & Indigenous Ways of Being

      Indigenous people have a tradition of conservation. In this session we will explore the traditions of indigenous tribes and how their way of being is intertwined with the natural world. Participants will be offered nature connection...
    • The Power of Storytelling

      Explore how stories transform our world and participants will gain tools to share their own story in an authentic form. We will explore the different narratives we live by and think creatively and collectively on how we can share a new...
    • Sacred Activism & Spiritual Ecology

      The session explores the integration of spiritual values with practical action in activism and environmental work. We will discuss the role of reverence for the earth into today’s ecological debate.To create a truly sustainable future...
    • Woodworking Workshop

      Sunday woodworking workshop for beginners. Learn the differences between wood, cutting 101, with hand tools and a machine, drilling 101, and sanding 101. Use your skills to then make a wooden serving board. 350rmb including all materials.


    • A Paw-Fect Saturday

      Bring your four-legged best friend for a fun-filled morning to bond with your dog while socialising with fellow participants. Your pooch will get an one hour of agility exercises, followed by a Q&A session with our experts where you will...
      • Community | The PuLi | on Sat May 18 2019
      • 2019-05-18 Finished
    • Prosecco Masterclass

      Learn about prosecco while getting bubbly-drunk, with the four types of the sparkling wine and the famous Sbagliato cocktail. 268rmb on the door.
      • Community, Nightlife | Ai Fiori | on Sat May 18 2019
      • 2019-05-18 Finished
    • WEB2.0 & Blockchains: Make the Bridge

      Workshop explaining how to connect blockhain and data. Victor Bonhomme, Asset Manager at iExec, explains why you should build your DApp on Ethereum technology. 50rmb including small snacks.
      • Community | Agora Space | on Thu May 16 2019
      • 2019-05-16 Finished
    • Stone Beer University: Barrel Aged Beers

      At this fifth edition of Stone Beer University, learn about the history of barrel-aging, the benefits of barrel-aging, and the styles of barrel-aging used around the world. Sip your way through six different barrel aged brews (5-ounce...
      • Nightlife | Stone Brewing | on Wed May 15 2019
      • 2019-05-15 Finished
    • Workshop on Balance

      Have you ever felt out of balance in China? Feeling stressed, overwhelmed with too many projects going on? This is very common. Most executives tend to thrive in a few areas of their life but neglect other parts they feel are less...
      • Community, Executive | Fish+ | on Tue May 14 2019
      • 2019-05-14 Finished
    • GoEast Culture: Songs For China

      Ever heard Chinese patriotic songs? These were all the rage in China from about 1950 to the 1980s. Learn all about these songs and even sing a few with GoEast's teacher. 50rmb for non-students.
    • Build Your Own Wechat Mini Program 2.0

      Learn how to build your own Wechat mini program in less than 2 hours. All you need to bring is a laptop and a little curiosity. 100rmb including a drink.
      • Community | Agora Space | on Tue May 14 2019
      • 2019-05-14 Finished
    • Build a Wechat Bot

      A hands-on coding workshop led by Wenlin, using simple coding to program a bot that can modify (auto-reply, message record, etc) your personal Wechat account. 10-11am. 40rmb. No prior knowledge needed. Beginners are welcome
      • Community | Agora Space | on Sat May 11 2019
      • 2019-05-11 Finished
    • Mandarin Night

      Cultural exchange on the top of wedding traditions at Mandarin Inn on Thursday night. Talk about weddings in your country, your customs, and learn about others. 30rmb.
      • Community | Mandarin Inn | on Thu May 9 2019
      • 2019-05-09 Finished
    • Accent Training 101 for Non-Native English Speakers

      Did you know when you pronounce words incorrectly, often it can be perceived as incorrect grammar? In her presentation, "Get Your Message Heard", speech-language pathologist, Kimberley McKenna explains the importance of intelligibility...
    • DKNSTRKT Drag Workshop: Lip Art + Lip Sync

      A free introductory workshop with Shanghai drag performers and makeup artists, Erica Balenciaga and Fantasia Valentina. Open to people of any gender. In this free* introductory workshop taught by two Shanghai drag performers everyone...
      • Community | The Pearl | on Sun May 5 2019
      • 2019-05-05 Finished
    • GoEast & Kaixin: Healthy Chinese Cooking Class

      Chinese school and cooking school team up to teach healthy Chinese cooking and a dash of language. 250rmb.

      5 teams leaded by 5 ‘Superhero’ —— Spider-Man, Hulk, Black widow, Deadpool and Scarlet Witch, will Gather together at BiM-GB, starting their adventure at the same time from specified locations. During that time, each team will meet...
    • How to Successfully Socialize & Network

      Learn how to communicate thanks to the help of life design and career coach Janine Jakob. She will share successful concepts on how to boost your self-confidence and network successfully to achieve your goal. 198rmb.
      • Community | un Caffe Bar | on Fri May 3 2019
      • 2019-05-03 Finished
    • Free Open Chinese Classes

      Open classes are for students of all levels from total beginners to elementary and intermediate students. Wednesday at 12 noon and Friday at 7pm.