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    • Wanna Travel

      • Address
        1401 Kangding Lu, near Yuyao Lu
        康定路1401号, 近余姚路
      • Phone
        137 6488 4661

      Competitively priced travel agency specializing in Shanghai weekenders for expats. English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese-speaking guides available for getaways like Moganshan, Anhui hikes, and adventure sports like paragliding and white water rafting.... Read more

    • Le Cafe des Stagiaires (Found 158)

      • Address
        B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu
        巨鹿路158号B1楼, 近瑞金一路
      • Phone
        158 2147 7495

      This confident storefront is the fourth edition of Shanghai's unofficial French Consulate, from a crew of ex-hospitality interns who decided they wanted to open their own bar. The focus continues to be a chilled, nice-looking place to get quietly hammered on imported... Read more

    • Shanghai Library

      • Address
        1555 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Gao'an Lu
        淮海中路1555号, 近高安路
      • Phone
        6445 5555

      This is Shanghai's largest library and China's second largest. The International Reading Room is on the fourth floor and there’s a great bookstore in the basement of the Library (attached to the Shanghai Library Metro Station) if you need to pick up supplies. You... Read more

    • Chinese Cooking Workshop (Wulumuqi Lu)

      • Address
        370 Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu
        乌鲁木齐南路370号, 近肇嘉浜路
      • Phone
        158 2161 8151

      Chinese Cooking Workshop is an expat-oriented cooking school that teaches dumpling making, wok cooking, wet market shopping, and the like. It's in the maze of rooms and artists studios that make up the factory-cum-creative-studios in the 696 Weihai Lu building.... Read more

    • Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum

      • Address
        79 Fenyang Lu, near Taiyuan Lu
        汾阳路79号, 近太原路
      • Phone
        6437 0509

      Live craft demonstrations make this museum a popular choice for tourists with children. Watch traditional jade carving, lantern making, paper cutting and embroidery. There is an overpriced gift shop on the ground floor for visitors convenience. Read more

    • Shi Liang Jiang Ceramic and Flora

      • Address
        No.23, Lane 126 Ruijin Yi Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu
        瑞金一路126弄23号, 近淮海中路
      • Phone
        181 2133 5745

      Tucked inside an old lane, this little ceramic workshop is cozy and homey. The ceramics room is furnished with wooden tables and bamboo chairs, plus a small patio area outside of its front door. You can go and make pottery, which is held regularly at the studio, or... Read more

    • MORE (Yuyuan Lu)

      • Address
        11/F, 315A Yuyuan Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
        愚园路315A号11层, 近北京西路
      • Phone
        139 1879 8980

      MORE is part pet café, part adoption agency, and they moved to this new address in December, 2019. You can pay a small fee to hang out with the fluffy cuteness, then, maybe, take it home. All of the cats living there are from a local animal rescue called PPAR. Read more

    • The Master Handmade

      • Address
        6/F, Phase II, 198 Xizang Bei Lu, near Qufu Lu
        西藏北路198号大悦城2期6楼11号, 近曲阜路
      • Phone
        6073 5273

      The Master Handmade is a big studio where customers can create crafts, accessories, leather goods, and DIY notebooks. They sell all these handmade goods as well. A simple satchel bag will cost around 399–599rmb and requires 3–4 hours of work time. Materials and tools... Read more

    • Mahota Farm

      • Address
        Chongming Town, Beiqiyao Modern Agriculture Park
      • Phone
        3966 6039

      A self sustainable farm covering 43 acres with a piggery (a couple thousand pigs), and farm tours where you can pick your own vegetables. Day trip visits to the farm are 280rmb and include a hotpot meal. They also have done-up Mongolian yurts to stay in overnight. Read more

    • Craft'd Shanghai (Fuxing Zhong Lu)

      • Address
        1/F, No. 3, Lane 1288 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu
        复兴中路1288弄3号1楼, 近襄阳南路
      • Phone
        186 1679 9167

      Craft Studio dedicated to all things handicrafty. Friendly staff and very quick responses from official WeChat account.  Read more

    • M.Y. Lab Woodwork

      • Address
        1/F, Bldg 2, 1205 Kaixuan Lu, near Yangzhai Lu
        凯旋路1205号2号楼1层, 近杨宅路
      • Phone

      Make woodwork pieces from scratch. You can also choose to make your own ukulele or Kalimba. Read more

    • Huijia Board Game Cafe (Shanghai Stadium)

      • Address
        2899 Xietu Lu, near Yingye Jie
        斜土路2899号, 近影业街
      • Phone
        3356 1165

      A board game place which offers private rooms. Read more

    • FC Club

      • Address

      • Phone
        5694 9093

      FC Club is one of the biggest English speaking professional networking organizations in China. It serves a rapidly growing community of over 200,000 active members, dedicated to bringing together business professionals, business managers and directors and expatriates... Read more

    • Pippa Studio

      • Address
        Studio M, 11/F, 831 Xinzha Lu, near Simen Er Lu
        新闸路831号11楼M, 近石门二路
      • Phone
        137 0160 7704

      Pippa studio is a creative fashion workshop for kids, they use Fashion as a channel in order to develop imagination, critical and logical thinking, drawing artistic and manual skills among others. The use multiple skills in order to build up a look for each workshop.... Read more

    • Hengwei Cooking School

      • Address
        19/F, 966 Gonghe Xin Lu, near Zhongshan Bei Lu
        共和新路966号19层, 近中山北路
      • Phone
        152 2155 4872

      The school offers many courses teaching how to make different popular Chinese dim sum, hot dishes and street snacks, from xiao long bao(soup dumpling), to la mian, to Shanghainese. Read more

    • Glass Island Crafts and Cafe

      • Address
        1250 Yuyuan Lu, near Anxi Lu
        愚园路1250号, 近安西路
      • Phone
        135 8572 8236

      Make your own brooch, necklace, and a variety of other ornaments with glass. The staff will lead you through the entire process, starting when the glass is still a blob of melted liquid. Book your session one or two days in advance. Read more

    • The Hungover Games

      • Address

      • Phone

      The group is primarily foreigners from all over (Australia and Italy to name a few). It is essentially dodgeball, but with bows and arrows instead of rubber balls. Read more

    • Birdman Leatherware Workshop

      • Address
        No.6, 241 Huashan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
        华山路241弄6号, 近延安西路
      • Phone
        135 8587 1612

      An artsy little shop hidden in the back of a lane. They teach you how to make your own leather purse, wallet, and other leather ornaments from scratch. Read more

    • Shanghai Healing Home

      • Address
        Xin Sheng Ming Zhi Jia No. 35, Xujia Zhai Road, Cao Lu town,
      • Phone

      Shanghai Healing Home assists local Chinese Children Welfare Institutes by providing pre and post-surgical care to abandoned Chinese orphan babies with surgically correctable deformities. They also povide a home-like environment that meets not only the babies'... Read more

    • Mu Yu DIY

      • Address
        1/F, Bldg 2, 459 Wulumuqi Bei Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
        乌鲁木齐北路459号2号楼1层, 近延安西路
      • Phone
        188 1758 8054

      This studio is located inside the Jing'An Cultural Center. Apart from making your own wood ornaments, the studio offers sessions where you can make your own ukulele or Kalimba. Read more

    • Art Space for Kids

      • Address
        3F, Block 5, 1898 Gong He Xin Lu
      • Phone

      Small theatre catered towards performances for kids Read more

    • The Place Shanghai

      • Address
        Unit 407, Bridge 8 Phase IV, 457 Jumen Lu, near Quxi Lu
        局门路457号407室, 近瞿溪路
      • Phone
        185 1212 3599

      Collaborative venue and networking platform. Read more

    • ABC Cooking Studio

      • Address
        APM Mall, B2/F, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
        淮海中路999号B2楼233座, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        6126 9586

      Read more

    • Shanghai Hockey Club

      • Address
        201 Yunlian Lu, near Liuhe Lu
        云莲路201号, 近浏河路
      • Phone
        136 0171 9841

      The Shanghai Hockey Club is one of China's biggest premiere amateur hockey leagues. They've got two divisions of play, competitive and recreational, so players of all backgrounds and experience are welcome. They use the Read more

    • Stepping Stones

      • Address
        NGO Centre, 12/F, No. 6, 1279 Zhongshan Xi Lu, near Wuzhong Dong Lu
        中山西路1279弄6号国峰科技大厦12楼公益中心, 近吴中东路
      • Phone
        3209 0516

      This Shanghai based NGO works with expat and Chinese volunteers to bridge the gap between kids in rural areas and migrant schools and kids in well-funded urban schools. They focus on providing English teachers and materials but also run other projects for... Read more

    • Comedy UN

      • Address
        Rm C107, The Golden Banks, 610 Hengfeng Lu, near Chang'an Lu
        恒丰路610号C107室, 近长安路
      • Phone
        139 1651 0942

      Comedy UN's a comedy club, putting on stand-up shows seven nights per week in English, Mandarin, and Shanghainese. International mix of talent, hence "UN." The English shows consist of roughly 20 comedians on rotation and the occasional international headliners.... Read more

    • Harry's Kitchen (K11 Artmall)

      • Address
        K11 Art Mall, B230-C, 300 Huaihai Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
        淮海路300号地下B230-C, 近黄陂南路
      • Phone
        6373 1327

      Harry's Kitchen has baking classes for kids from 3 years Old. Kids can learn the basics of baking from the instructors. Read more

    • Ju' Roshine Arts & Crafts Centre

      • Address
        169 Jinxian Lu, 56 Maoming Nan Lu
        进贤路169号, 茂名南路56号
      • Phone

      Read more

    • Neoroll's Glamping

      • Address
        Entry by Gate 1, Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park South Hangzhou Highway 1677 Suitanghe Lu, Fengxian District
        上海市奉贤区随塘河路1677号, 上海海湾国家森林公园1号门
      • Phone
        400 865 2770

      Neoroll's Glamping at Haiwan Park has 27 huge tents permanently set up for a very extra camping experience. Each 45m² tent has a bedroom with with either a twin or king-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom. Gone are the days of waking up in a tent with your head in a... Read more

    • Feiy

      • Address

      • Phone

      Feiy is a platform for purpose-driven individuals, entrepreneurs and companies that want to make work more meaningful and sustainable. is their online platform where people can find high-impact companies from China, events, jobs and stories. They also do... Read more

    • Design Shanghai

      Some 300 home design brands set up shop in a massive exhibition center. As ever, the fair is divided into three main sections: contemporary, classic and collectibles, with big brands including Vitra, HAY and Swarovski all sharing their...
    • Photofairs

      Big exhibition dedicated strictly to the photographic medium, now in its seventh year. Expect 50+ contemporary photo galleries from around the region displaying their artists' work.
    • Lantern Festival at Guyi Garden

      The Guyi Garden lantern festival returns after six years away. Apparently, it got too popular, drawing more than 100,000 people in 2014, and the authorities shut it down. Expect 18 lanterns from Zigong, Sichuan, which is famous for them....
      • Community | Guyi Garden | from Feb 3 until Feb 9 2020
    • 3D Blacklight Indoor Miniature Golf

      Lilalicht 3D Golf Club is a 18-holes miniature golf course, but not just a standard one. It has three 3D rooms with different themes: Space, Underwater World, and Dinosaurs Age. All the rooms are adorned with black light, 3-D effects...
    • Tuesday Bingo Night

      Sports palace Cages teams up with Boxing Cat Brewery to do a bingo night, with grand prizes sponsored by Boxing Cat. The more food and drink you buy, the more bingo boards you get. Starts at 9pm.
    • Free Open Chinese Classes

      Free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical and popular topics, get a chance to perfect your...
    • iStage Winter Camp: Winter Musical

      iStage put on productions where students age 9 years and up learn a musical from start to finish and then perform it by the end of the camp. This winter, the production is "Beauty and the Beast." It takes place from January 20-24,...
    • Disappearing Old City - Xiaonanmen

      This Chinese New Year, Historic Shanghai is doing a series of walks in historic neighborhoods that will soon be redeveloped out of existence. The streets of this exceptionally atmospheric part of the ancient Chinese city are emptying, as...
    • Laoximen at Chinese New Year

      Is this Laoximen’s final Spring Festival? Two years since the final push to move all the families out we’ll explore one of the last swathes of pre-Concession Shanghai. With many residents gone now, Laoximen is a different world, yet one...
    • Three Cities of Old Shanghai

      Historic Shanghai is doing three walks over the Spring Festival holiday, each one in atmospheric neighborhoods that will soon be redeveloped out of existence. Old Shanghai wasn't just one city - it was a cosmopolitan brew of three...
    • Super Bowl Party

      The Pudong Ballroom at Kerry Hotel, Pudong will be transformed into a fully interactive football zone with a giant LED screen for broadcasting the tailgate party. Family-friendly activities will be led by NFL player, Mr. Ed Wang, and the...
      • Community, Dining, Sports & Recreation | Kerry Hotel | on Mon Feb 3 2020
    • Chinese Movie Night

      "The Mermaid" is a comedy from 2016 directed by Stephen Chow. It tells the story of a playboy business man, Liu Xuan who falls in love with a mermaid who is sent to assassinate him after learning how to walk on her fins and hide among...
    • Ruby for Beginners

      Write your first lines of Ruby, a back-end programming language used by many tech companies - among them AirBnb, Slideshare, Evernote, Groupon, Basecamp and GitHub.

 Here's what you'll do:
 You will be guided through the basics of Ruby...
    • Movie Night - Eat Drink Man Woman

      GoEast's movie night, showing this classic Ang Lee movie (rated 7.8 on imdb): A senior chef lives with his three grown daughters; the middle one finds her future plans affected by unexpected events and the life changes of the other...
    • Majiang Night

      Mandarin Community teachers will coach you on how to play Majiang according to Shanghai rules, along with the Chinese vocabulary you need to play the game. Beer is provided. People are welcome to bring their own food and drinks as long...
    • Slow Motion Technique Workshop

      When learning Chinese, beginners are often overwhelmed by the language’s grammar and rules. To make matters worse, traditional methods used to explain Chinese grammar can be confusing. Silk Mandarin's self-developed Slow Motion Technique...
    • Survival Chinese Class

      Mandarin Community teachers will teach the basics you need for daily life in Shanghai. They will guide you in proper pronunciation and there will be time to practice and receive one on one feedback. Learning materials will be provided....
    • Singles Party

      Monthly singles' party, just before the big couples' holiday.
      • Community | TY7 | on Tue Feb 11 2020
    • ColorJam Winter MiniMuseum

      ColorJam brings world famous museums to Shanghai so children can learn about the history, culture, architecture and paintings housed there-in. February 3-7 features the Hermitage Museum and February 10-14 showcases the Paris Orsay...
      • Community | ColorJam | from Feb 3 until Feb 14 2020
    • Calin Fashion Academy Fashion Winter Camp 2020

      Calin Fashion Academy is a Shanghai based training center, providing the quintessential learning experience for makeup art and fashion design for teens and adults. "Get ready for a super creative week, and enjoy developing your sketching...
    • Valentine's Day Single's Mixer

      Never give up. Spend your Valentine's networking, er, at this "Single's Event Mixer", and see if you can find a last-minute spark. 250rmb on the door.
    • That’s Mandarin Tailor-Made Winter Camp

      That's Mandarin runs Chinese Winter Camps from November to January with a variety of Chinese lessons, cultural activities and field trips to famous landmarks in Shanghai. While the standard Winter Program this season has already...
    • Murder Mystery

      There was a victim, and you can help find the killer. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer, meanwhile, tries to avoid detection!) Everyone becomes involved in an evening of...
      • Community | FOGO | on Sat Feb 15 2020
    • Chinese Tea Culture Workshop

      Mandarin Community has invited a tea expert to come and explain the history of tea, different types of tea, the production process and customs/etiquette. The event will include a tea tasting. This event is meant to be informal and will...
    • Murder Mystery

      There was a victim, and you can help find the killer. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer, meanwhile, tries to avoid detection!) Everyone becomes involved in an evening of...
      • Community | FOGO | on Sat Feb 29 2020
    • Shanghai International Literary Festival

      Literary pursuits and diversions on the Bund with a full schedule of international writers.
    • Peach Blossom Festival

      Get out of downtown and into the city suburbs to see the first buds of spring — and about ten million other people with the same idea. Happens around the middle of March.
      • Community, Sports & Recreation | SmSh Territory | on Sun Mar 15 2020
    • Shanghai Fashion Week

      The Spring iteration (it also returns in fall) of Shanghai Fashion Week (SFW) takes over Xintiandi, with loads of domestic brands and a few foreign ones. Most of the events are invite-only but it's a fine opportunity to hang around...
    • ResearchED Conference

      Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is delighted to host the first researchED conference in Asia. Attending a researchED conference gives educators the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s leading thinkers, and to find out what...
    • Shanghai Pride

      Founded in 2009, Shanghai PRIDE is the first and only LGBT Pride season in mainland China, celebrating diversity for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community and friends. The week-long festival features numerous events and...
    • Shanghai International Film Festival 2020

      Highlight of the year for movie nerds. Hundred of international movies and films screened in over 40 cinemas across Shanghai, as well as a few big-time movies stars popping around to Shanghai to say hello. Information on the specifics of...
    • Consumer Electronics Show

      Big trade event showcasing the newest products from major tech companies, such as 3D printing, mobile phones, household appliances, sports and fitness trackers, and VR gear. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been...
      • Community | SNIEC | from Jun 10 until Jun 12 2020
    • China Joy 2020

      Shanghai's big gaming exhibition returns with showgirls, cosplayers, otaku, fanboys, photographers, and companies running their games on the latest hardware. It's not as sleazy as it used to be, but that's good if you're coming for the...
      • Community | SNIEC | from Jul 31 until Aug 3 2020
    • Zero Experience Paint & Sip

      What to expect: • Step-by-step painting instruction, no experience required • 2+ hour course lead by an expert artist to teach you the art of mixing colors, blending and painting techniques. • a completed art at the end of the night •...
    • Boardgame Meet-Up

      Regular boardgame meet-up by Game Time Shanghai . Mainly they play boardgames, from popular stuff like Settlers of Catan to things you've never heard of. Some of the regulars are games designers who bring their own projects for...
    • Weekly Meet Up

      Regular boardgame meet-up at The Cactus. Mainly they play boardgames, from popular stuff like Settlers of Catan to things you've never heard of. Some of the regulars are games designers who bring their own projects for playtesting....
    • Free Mandarin Open Class

      Free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical and popular topics, get a chance to perfect your...
    • Free Open Chinese Classes

      Free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical and popular topics, get a chance to perfect your...


    • 2020 CNY Calendar Workshop

      Make a calendar for the Chinese New Year, 2020, the year of the rat! The workshop will be guided by Prince & Big Fish, two local woodcut artists. They’ll provide you the stamps, instructions and the inspiration. 30rmb per person.
    • Free Open Chinese Classes

      Free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be introduced to phrases and sentences related to practical and popular topics, get a chance to perfect your...
    • Build Your Self-Esteem

      This event aims to help individuals boost their self-esteem. With higher self-esteem, comes more confidence, value, and self-respect. THE WORKSHOP INCLUDES: 1) An overview of facts, science, and findings that show the current level of...
      • Community | BUILD550 | on Tue Jan 21 2020
      • 2020-01-21 Finished
    • Green Escape Night Market

      The Anyi Lu nature-themed night market is back! After launching in late October, and taking a break for the Import Expo, it returns with more than 50 vendors. Expect stalls from DODU, RouRou, Charlie's, The Odd Couple and more....
    • Book Walk: Shanghai Faithful - 150 Years of a Chinese Shanghai Family

      The story of 150 years of a Chinese family comes to life in this walk, as you walk in the footsteps of the Lin family, as recounted in Jennifer Lin’s tour-de-force of a book, Shanghai Faithful. This is the story of 150 years of...
    • NTS Radio x China Social Club

      NTS Radio back on Yongfu Lu bringing in the Rat year. For this months edition, China Social Club welcomes back Xiamen superstar, Knopha. Rochaos, from The Melting Pot record store will be joining for his first show and Japanese Fourth...
    • Jiashan Saturday Market

      Shanghai's longest running food and crafts market starts its 8th year featuring artisanal foods, fine crafts and lifestyle goods. Hosted in the courtyard of a repurposed factory complex in the heart of the FFC area that creates a...
    • Sin City Murder Mystery Dinner

      A sinister night of sleuthing, scandals and secrets in the city of sin... "There was a victim, and you can help us find out the killer. During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer,...
      • Community | FOGO | on Sat Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-18 Finished
    • Winter Wine & Whisky Walk

      Wine, whisky, architecture, and Shanghai history, all in one fabulous walk! This walk will take you through some of Shanghai’s loveliest architecture, revealing the myths, legends, and landmark buildings, the great families and humble...
    • Upcycle Plastic

      Upcycle plastic bags and bubble wrap into the Chinese character for fortune. 220rmb per person.
      • Community | Xin Che Jian | on Sat Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-18 Finished
    • Jiashan Saturday Market

      A selection of fine crafts and artisanal foods will be on hand to satisfy your shopping urge. Slightly shorter business hours are the only concession to the season: 11:30-3:30. Final market for the season, will return in March.
    • Deutscher Stammtisch | German Night

      Networking and socializing event with a German flavour. Meet and greet expats from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries of the world. Special beer and finger food deals for the night. English speakers welcome too. RSVP at...
      • Community | The Twins | on Sat Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-18 Finished
    • Elevate Art Lunch with Keith Hall

      Elevate presents Art Lunch. Each month a new artist is featured, setting up a selectin of their artworks, giving a presentation about their life as an artist, and sharing lunch with whoever comes along. This month is British painter...
      • Arts, Community | 1900Loft | on Sat Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-18 Finished
    • Atomic Sketch: Live Painting

      Elevate's Atomic Sketch is back. Six artists, each with a table, painting, drawing, sculpting, live in a bar. Every time a work is completed, it's pinned up on a wall with an affordable price tag. There’s also a lucky draw – every time...
      • Arts, Community, Nightlife | 1900Loft | on Sat Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-18 Finished
    • Book Swap

      Book Swap this Saturday at Here Cafe. Bring the books you would like to swap and join a discussion of what you have been reading lately. Scan QR code to add the host. Please note this event is not a book deposit. It's a swap. They're not...
      • Community | Here Cafe | on Sat Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-18 Finished