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    • Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain: A Beautiful Elsewhere

      This group exhibition features a selection of 100 key works from the 1,500 artworks that make up the Collection of the Fondation Cartier: photography from Daido Moriyama and Raymond Depardon, painting from Chéri Samba, film from David...
    • 'Critica: Arts for People' Fundraising Party

      "CRITICA: Arts for People" is coming to Shanghai on July 19-22, in M50. To support the festival and to give you a sneak peek of what will happen organizers are having a fundraising party at The Mansion. "There will be interesting...
      • Arts, Community, Nightlife | The Mansion | on Sat Jul 7 2018
      • 2018-07-07 Finished
    • Christian Boltanski: Storage Memory

      This is China’s first major solo exhibition from acclaimed French artist Christian Boltanski. Born in 1944 and widely considered a key figure to the post-WWII art scene in Europe, Boltanski has been exerting profound impacts on the...
    • Discussion with Architect Jérémy Cheval

      From 7pm, ADFE-FDM partnering with the Francophone book store "l'Arbre du voyageur" hosts a discussion with the architect Jérémy Cheval about his thesis "Transformations sociales et spatiales des shikumen lilong de Shanghai" at un Caffe...
      • Community | un Caffe Bar | on Tue Apr 17 2018
      • 2018-04-17 Finished
    • Shavin in the Dark Character Design Workshop

      Character design is a decisive but fun step in the comic-drawing process. After working out your story, it's time to figure out, y'know, who's going to play it out. The main character needs to be consistent and lively. This 4-hour...
    • Shaving in the Dark Comic Script Workshop (Sold Out)

      Storytelling. It's a critical part of the alchemical process that results in great comics, whether you're an artists, a writer or both. In this workshop, Shaving in the Dark, Shanghai's own indie comic, shares theory and techniques on...
      • Arts, Community | Jiashan Market | on Sat Mar 17 2018
      • 2018-03-17 Finished
    • Commune Market DESIGN

      This October's edition of the Commune Market is at naked HUB with a design driven creative market. Start on Saturday 11am until Sunday evening. Look for designer items, food and drinks, it's also good for the kids. Free Entry
    • Lettering Workshop & Open Mic

      Shanghai's two hottest new indie publications, The Shanghai Literary Review and Shaving in the Dark, are doing a night dedicated to the art of writing that's "syntactically and visually deliberate." From 6-8pm, they'll be teach how to...
    • Photo Exhibition: 'BLOCK'

      French photographer Aurelien Marechal's series BLOCK casts an eye on the tremendous speed of urbanization in China, and what it means for the real estate infrastructure throughout the country. The photo exhibition tries to expose the...
    • ad:tech Shanghai

      This event has been postponed . ad:tech Shanghai is a two-day conference and exhibition designed to provide an audience of smart marketers with “actionable insight” they can take back to their desks and use. ad:tech is managed by...
    • Reading & Open Mic | The Shanghai Literary Review

      The Shanghai Literary Review (TSLR, sometimes known as ShLit), is hosting its second open mic night this Friday at 8 Art Hotel on the Bund. They're also going to try breaking up the readings a bit with some "literary-themed games" that...
      • Arts, Community | Eight Art Hotel | on Fri Mar 24 2017
      • 2017-03-24 Finished
    • 'Hello Spring' Commune Market

      The popular Commune Market welcomes in the new season. The hosting vendors trading in "Spring Discoveries" -- designer jewelries and clothes to vintage, accessories, art pieces, decorative housewares, hand crafted beer, body products,...
    • Beyond Rubik's Cube Highly-Interactive Exhibition

      "Beyond Rubik’s Cube celebrates the innovations and insights inspired by 40 years of playing with the world’s most popular puzzle. It combines highly interactive physical and digital challenges with authentic artifacts to create an...
    • Graduation & Launch - SLP Batch 5 Demo Day

      Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is a highly selective, world-class training program and lifetime network for entrepreneurs, startup founders and innovators. Started back in 2006 in Boston, SLP has grown to a truly global organization,...
    • 'The Rise of the Entrepreneurial Class' Talk

      Futurists of Shanghai hosts Ian Bennick, co-founder of London-based furniture design company OpenDesk, to speak about how automation and other technologies will change the future, and the rise of a new workforce -- the entrepreneurial...
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