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    • 2019 Shanghai Design Week

      An annual week of design in Shanghai Exhibition Center, celebrating everything from interior design to contemporary art to food. 9am-7pm, 60rmb on the door.
    • Shanghai Design Week 2018

      From August 31 to September 2, the annual Shanghai Design Week - a Creative Life design experience exhibition - will be hosted at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. As with previous years, it's set to be packed with all kinds of wacky,...
    • Talk: RenewMaterial - Straw-based Wood Alternative

      Join XinFab and the founder of RenewMaterial Wang De Shan for a talk about how and why he started his company RenewMaterial, what is RenewMaterial and what is the impact it has on the environment. He will also the applications it has and...
    • Kumpan Launch Party

      A German brand vintage electric scooter "KUMPAN" will launch in the Asian market. There will be a pop up store in 17T Bicycle. During the launching party, they will have a test ride and limited 8pcs scooters for sale. The party will...
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | 17T Cycle Cafe | on Sat Jul 21 2018
      • 2018-07-21 Finished
    • 16th Madness: 'Futurescapes'

      "Futurescapes are usually present in the format of video games, movies, and other nerd-friendly pop culture, manifesting itself in concepts such as futuristic cities, virtual worlds, and cybernetics — ideas that feel just a little too...
    • 'Critica: Arts for People' Fundraising Party

      "CRITICA: Arts for People" is coming to Shanghai on July 19-22, in M50. To support the festival and to give you a sneak peek of what will happen organizers are having a fundraising party at The Mansion. "There will be interesting...
      • Arts, Community, Nightlife | The Mansion | on Sat Jul 7 2018
      • 2018-07-07 Finished
    • Mobile World Congress Shanghai

      Over 600 exhibitors will gather in Shanghai to showcase the most innovative products & services and the big ideas that will influence the future of the mobile industry. Big conference for technology people. More details at their website...
      • Community | SNIEC | Daily until Jun 29 2018
      • 2018-06-27 Finished
    • Designers AA Speaker Series

      Designer AA provides a platform to showcase and socialize some of the trend-setters from the Shanghai community. "In this first event, we share personal stories told through three great speakers from Innovation, Technology and Social...
    • Asia CES 2018

      Big trade event showcasing the newest products from major tech companies, such as 3D printing, mobile phones, household appliances, sports and fitness trackers, and VR gear. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been...
      • Community | SmSh Territory | Daily until Jun 15 2018
      • 2018-06-13 Finished
    • Jaime Hayon - Funtastico

      Spanish designer/ artist Jaime Hayón is known for his crazy ideas and passion for traditional craftsmanship. This solo exhibition at Modern Art Museum Shanghai occupies the 4th floor and looks over a nice riverfront on Bingjiang. It...
      • NOT TAGGED | MAMSH | Daily except Mon until Jun 1 2018
      • 2018-04-14 Finished
    • Discussion with Architect Jérémy Cheval

      From 7pm, ADFE-FDM partnering with the Francophone book store "l'Arbre du voyageur" hosts a discussion with the architect Jérémy Cheval about his thesis "Transformations sociales et spatiales des shikumen lilong de Shanghai" at un Caffe...
      • Community | un Caffe Bar | on Tue Apr 17 2018
      • 2018-04-17 Finished
    • Smart City Hackathon: 2018 Shanghai

      The Smart City Hackathon is a series of hackathons in different cities that bring entrepreneurs and select university students to discuss the intersection of technology and urbanisation. In 2018, the hackathons will take place in...
    • Shavin in the Dark Character Design Workshop

      Character design is a decisive but fun step in the comic-drawing process. After working out your story, it's time to figure out, y'know, who's going to play it out. The main character needs to be consistent and lively. This 4-hour...
    • Design Shanghai 2018

      Some 300 home design brands set up shop in the Shanghai Exhibition Center in March for this annual showcase. As ever, the fair is divided into three main sections: contemporary, classic and collectibles, with big brands including Vitra,...
    • The Art Salon

      Club 3 1/3 hosts an arts & design industry night. Industry movers and shakers getting a champagne deal on The Bund. Buy-one-get-one-free champagne bottles for people who bring their business cards. Elegant dress code at the door. Every...
      • Nightlife | Club 3 1/3 | Thursdays
      • 2018-01-11 Finished