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    • Walk: Shanghai's Lost Chinese Art Deco City

      Hidden in northern Shanghai is a Chinese Art Deco city that never was. This group of 1930s buildings in the ‘Chinese Renaissance” architectural style makes up the Greater Shanghai Plan, conceived by Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalists...


    • Talk & Tour: Last Boat Out of Shanghai with Helen Zia

      In the spring of 1949 in Shanghai, the question on everyone’s lips was “stay or go”? In her new book "Last Boat Out of Shanghai" journalist Helen Zia tells the dramatic, real-life stories of four who left on that legendary last boat out...
    • Talk: The Women of Republican China

      Celebrate Women's Day with this look back at the feminist sisters of Shanghai! Early Republican Shanghai was a feminist powerhouse – indeed, the passion of the Shanghai activists inspired and frightened in equal measure. Stories of the...
    • Talk: Tess Johnston on Shanghai in the 1980s

      When Tess Johnston arrived in Shanghai in 1981 to work for the U.S. Consulate – five years after the end of the Cultural Revolution – she encountered a “perfectly preserved, totally western city with an Asian population.” Join us as...
    • Historic Walk: The Street of Eternal Happiness

      This walk takes us along the former Rue Bourgeat, today’s Changle Lu, or the Street of Eternal Happiness. Join us as we explore this microcosm of Shanghai: striking modernist architecture and some of the city’s loveliest lilongs, with...
    • The Remembering Shanghai Tour

      In the memoir "Remembering Shanghai," Isabel Sun Chao recounts a remarkable Shanghai life growing up in a wealthy Chinese Family, and Historic Shanghai is putting on a "Remembering Shanghai Tour," visiting the historic landmarks,...
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