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    • MIDI Taihu Festival Camp

      • Address
        Gelin Park, Taihu Lake, Wujiang province, Suzhou
      • Phone

      Located about 80km from Shanghai, Camp MIDI Taihu is the location of the 2015 MIDI Taihu Festival (May 1–3) and the 2015 MIDI Electronic Festival (May 15–17). It's in Suzhou, so getting there will require either a trip to the Suzhou rail station, a bus from Shanghai,... Read more

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    • MIDI Taihu 2016

      MIDI is China's oldest, rawest rock music festival. With no more MIDI in Beijing or Shanghai, they've been relegated to an old amusement park / campsite by Lake Taihu in Jiangsu Province. Cool place, sketchy rides. Unlike last fall's...
    • MIDI Festival [Electronic]

      Originally scheduled for early September, this is The Mansion's second big festival out in Suzhou -- about two hours from Shanghai. The area has several stages, a mini-water park, some amusement park rides, and several after-party...
    • MIDI Electronic Festival Warm-Up Party

      The Mansion x Lola?? Indeed. It's 2015! This is the warm-up party for the upcoming MIDI Electronic Festival, happening in Suzhou from Oct 1-3. At this warm-up, you can find out info about the fest. Music by MIDI Fest DJs Allan Marshal...
    • Midi Festival After-Party

      Here's the official after-party for MIDI Festival's electronic stage. Just a bunch of DJs from the festival playing sets. Cover is 100rmb including five drinks. Basically a big house party at a villa in Hongqiao. Starts around 11pm and...
      • NOT TAGGED | The Mansion | on Fri Oct 3 2014
      • 2014-10-03 Finished
    • Midi Festival Pre-Party

      The Mansion leave their home base to invade Arkham again. This time it's a pre-party for the Changjiang MIDI Festival, with music by Catchoumi, Verse@ille, Shanghai Ultra, Rainbow High, The Uhhh, Electronail, and T-Meum. Expect...
      • NOT TAGGED | Arkham | on Sat Sep 27 2014
      • 2014-09-27 Finished
    • Midi Festival Pre-Party

      The Mansion party villa out in Hongqiao does a pre-party for the 2014 MIDI Festival out in Chang Jiang, a.k.a. tha' mud. They're running the electronic stage again and this pre-party features a few of the nine million DJs they've got on...
      • NOT TAGGED | The Mansion | on Fri Sep 26 2014
      • 2014-09-26 Finished
    • Midi Festival Pre-Party

      Warm-up party for this year's 2014 MIDI festival and its "reduce horn honking" theme. You know the deal, The Mansion is a villa in Hongqiao that parties all night on two floors. Music by Dexter, Luce, Heatwolves, Ivan Oliva, Renjah,...
      • NOT TAGGED | The Mansion | on Sat Apr 19 2014
      • 2014-04-19 Finished
    • 2013 Chang Jiang MIDI Festival

      The second Midi Festival of 2013 takes place out in Chang Jiang, about 10km north of Pudong Airport. The good news: it's on the beach and you can camp. The other good news, nine stages and about 100 bands. Most are your usual festival...
      • NOT TAGGED | SmSh Territory | Daily until Oct 4 2013
      • 2013-10-02 Finished
    • 2012 Shanghai Midi Festival

      Midi Festival returns to Shanghai with two days (and two stages) of music from local, Chinese, and international acts. For the full line-up, click here . Tickets are available at the gate on each day for 120rmb. Runs 1pm to 10pm both...
      • NOT TAGGED | Century Park | Daily until Apr 22 2012
      • 2012-04-21 Finished