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    • Bar Rouge

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Clubs
      • Address
        Bund 18, 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu
      • Phone
        6339 1199

      Open since 2004, Bar Rouge is the most famous club in Shanghai, and sets the standard for Bund nightlife with its terrace view, classy, sleek interiors and iconic French-Shanghai identity. Bar Rouge kicks off the weekend early with themed parties on Thursdays and... Read more

    • Barbarossa

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        Inside People's Park, 231 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu (Entrance between Starbucks and Shanghai Art Museum)
        南京西路231号, 人民公园内 近黄陂南路
      • Phone
        6318 0220

      Barbarossa is a Shanghai icon: a Moroccan-styled lounge, in the middle of a pond in the middle of People's Park. It attracts a steady crowd to its three floors for cocktails, hookahs, dinner, DJs, and its serene, oasis atmosphere. Read more

    • M1NT

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        24/F, 318 Fuzhou Lu, near Shandong Zhong Lu
        福州路318号24楼, 近山东路
      • Phone

      This is one of the poshest clubs in Shanghai. It's on the top floor of a skyscraper near the Bund and affords nice views of the city. Inside, there are shark tanks and lots of luxurious decor, plus a high-end restaurant, a club and a lounge area. Drinks are pricey... Read more

    • Yuyintang

      • Nightlife
      • Live Music
      • Outdoor Seating
      • Address
        851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance behind the Metro Station)
        凯旋路851号, 近延安西路口
      • Phone
        5237 8662

      Yuyintang is one of the oldest underground live music houses in Shanghai, and has become a staple in the city. Featuring regular gigs every weekend, it brings in underground rock acts both worldwide and local. Read more

    • Lost Heaven (Bund)

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        17 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Sichuan Nan Lu
        延安东路17号, 近四川南路
      • Phone
        6330 0967

      This is the flagship location of Yunnan restaurant Lost Heaven. They do relatively authentic Yunaan food, and if you wanna do pre- or post-dinner drinks they have a really nice terrace on the roof. Prices are reasonable for the location and views. Definitely a good... Read more

    • VUE (Bar)

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Good View
      • Address
        Hyatt on the Bund, 32-33/F, 199 Huangpu Lu, near Wuchang Lu
        黄浦路199号, 外滩茂悦大酒店32-33楼 近武昌路
      • Phone
        6393 1234 ext 6348

      VUE Bar atop the Hyatt on the Bund is a great place to sip on some after work cocktails, or lounge after a long Sunday Brunch. With amazing views of the Bund, wood interior and jacuzzi on the outdoor terrace, it's a beautiful and equipped place to enjoy a mellow... Read more

    • Zapata's

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        11 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu
        东平路11号 近衡山路
      • Phone
        6433 4104

      As one of Shanghai's most popular bars, Zapata's holds court over the entire Hengshan Lu nightlife scene from their outdoor terrace and multiple venue complex. Usually packed any given night of the week, especially their Wednesday ladies night, crowds groove to... Read more

    • M2 (Hong Kong Plaza)

      • Nightlife
      • Clubs
      • KTV
      • Address
        Hong Kong Plaza, 4/F, 283 Huai Hai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
        香港广场, 淮海中路283号, 近黄陂南路
      • Phone
        6288 6222

      One of the most well-known and popular mid-to-high end clubs in Shanghai, M2 caters to the moneyed and hip segment of the local population, along with a healthy group of expats who embrace "Chinese-style" tables and bottles clubbing. Music rotates between hip hop /... Read more

    • Dada

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Clubs
      • Address
        115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu
        幸福路115号, 近法华镇路
      • Phone
        150 0018 2212

      Dada is a classic Shanghai dive bar / small-club that has local DJs spinning house and underground dance music Thursday-Saturday. Situated in the middle of Xingfu Lu, it caters to a younger Chinese and expat crowd in a comfortable, pretentious-free environment.... Read more

    • Windows Too (Jing'an)

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Sports Bars
      • Address
        2/F, City Plaza, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu (next to Haagen Dazs)
        南京西路1618号 久光百货X楼, 近华山路
      • Phone
        6288 9007

      Equally loved and despised by much of Shanghai's partisan nightlife public, Windows has stood by its formula of cheap drinks and blaring commercial hip-hop with years of continued success. Nearly always jam packed with a mix of young locals and expats and open very... Read more

    • The Camel (Puxi)

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        1 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu
        岳阳路1号, 近东平路
      • Phone
        6437 9446

      The Camel joins the bustling bar street at Yueyang Lu, as that areas most massive sports bar.Australian management makes sure there's an Australian bent to the sport shown on the various televisions therein (Australian Rules Football is shown on direct feed). After... Read more

    • Cotton's (Anting Lu)

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        132 Anting Lu, near Jianguo Xi Lu
        安亭路132号, 近建国西路
      • Phone
        6433 7995

      Cotton's chilled-out villa atmosphere is also the place to go if you're not used to Chinese food and don't plan on becoming acclimated. They've done a good job of creating a pretty spot where foreigners can feel like they are in any city. The outdoor dining area... Read more

    • The Spot

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        255 Tongren Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
        铜仁路255号, 近北京西路
      • Phone
        6247 3579

      The Spot is a popular sports bar / restaurant catering to a diverse group of expats looking for food, drinks, bar games, and international sports on the TV. In terms of decor, it's slightly nicer and more spacious than other options for sports bars in Shanghai, and... Read more

    • Windows Scoreboard

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Sports Bars
      • Address
        11/F, 527 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Chengdu Lu
        淮海中路527号11楼, 近成都路
      • Phone
        5382 7757

      Windows Scoreboard is the newest addition to the Windows bar chain, and this one takes their tried and true formula of rock-music-sports-pub and splashes it out in a big beer hall on the 11th floor of an office building. The huge room is split into smoking and non... Read more

    • Jade on 36

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        Pudong Shangri-La, 36/F, Grand Tower, 33 Fu Cheng Lu, near Lujiazui Xi Lu
        浦东香格里拉酒店, 富城路33号36楼, 近陆家嘴西路
      • Phone
        6882 8888 ext 6888

      Jade on 36 is the flagship restaurant and bar of the luxe Shangri-La Hotel group's flagship hotel. Once a rarefied fine dining experience, Jade has recently made inroads to a broader audience with a more affordable and diverse menu. It modish, drawing inspiration... Read more

    • Sasha's

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        11 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu
        东平路11号, 近衡山路
      • Phone
        6474 6628

      Sasha's serves a variety of Continental European dishes with a few Southeast Asian delicacies as well. Equally spacious indoor and outdoor portions of the restaurant with a patio that is renowned throughout town. Cocktails rotate on a seasonal basis. They also... Read more

    • Maya

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Mexican
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        Grand Plaza Club House, 2/F, 568 Julu Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
        巨鹿路568弄 四方新城俱乐部2楼, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        6289 6889

      Maya is a popular, upscale Mexican restaurant whose slightly odd location on the second-floor of an apartment clubhouse is a reminder that good food trumps weird locations. The cooking is contemporary Mexican, with a few concessions like tacos and quesadillas, but if... Read more

    • Unico

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        Three on the Bund, 2/F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu
        中山东一路3号外滩三号2楼, 近广东路
      • Phone
        5308 5399

      Popular Bund lounge. They get busy at night, with live latin music parties, salsa nights, ladies nights, and weekday events like their Tuesday salsa party. It's a good, casual-but-impressive destination for friends and guests. The quiet window seats in the back are... Read more

    • People 7

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Lounge
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        805 Julu Lu, near Fumin Lu
        巨鹿路805号, 近富民路
      • Phone
        5404 0707

      People 7 is a large, low-key cocktail bar with a full Asian-fusion food menu. It's on the pricy side but the place is nicely designed, with visual tricks scattered around to beguile guests. Just finding the way to open the front door is a puzzle in itself. It's... Read more

    • Phebe Club

      • Nightlife
      • Clubs
      • Xuhui
      • Address
        10 Hengshan Lu, near Gao'an Lu
        衡山路10号, 高安路
      • Phone
        6555 9998

      One of the most popular clubs in Shanghai with young, well off locals, Phebe is ostentatious and over the top. It's filled with screens and bling, costumed waitstaff and, at times, models hired to play mini golf and pretend to play the piano. It's suitably ridiculous... Read more

    • Cantina Agave (Fumin Lu)

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        A Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu
        富民路291号, 近长乐路
      • Phone
        6170 1310

      Cantina Agave serves up basic mexican dishes such as tacos, what is impressive is the long list of Tequila and Frozen margaritas. It's small and gets busy late at night and on weekends when the weather is good. Read more

    • Kartel

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • Address
        5/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu
        襄阳北路1号5楼, 近巨鹿路
      • Phone
        5404 2899

      Well-designed, casual French bar and lounge with a great rooftop that has one of the best views in town. The guy who started this used to be with Dr. Wine, then broke off to start his own spot. The place is warm, with wooden floors, exposed bricks, and long, communal... Read more

    • Boxing Cat Brewery (Yongfu Lu)

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        82 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu
        复兴路82号, 近永福路
      • Phone
        6431 2091

      A project from serial restaurateur Kelley Lee, Boxing Cat is an American-style brew pub featuring Pilsners, lagers, stouts and a rotating cast of others. This one, their first in downtown Shanghai, opened in 2008. The menu features southern 'Merican comfort food with... Read more

    • Sichuan Citizen

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        30 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Lu
        东湖路30号, 近淮海中路
      • Phone
        5404 1235

      Sichuan Citizen is the Sichanese restaurant/ cocktail bar/ tea house expansion of the popular Citizen Cafe. A sizeable Sichuanese menu accompanies this sizeable restaurant, and they offer everything from simple "twice-cooked" stir fry and diced dishes, to steamed... Read more

    • 100 Century Avenue

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Japanese
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        Park Hyatt Shanghai, 91-93/F, 100 Shiji Dadao, near Dongtai Lu
        上海柏悦酒店, 世纪大道100号91-93楼, 近东泰路
      • Phone
        3855 1428

      Spanning floors 91 through 93, 100 Century Avenue is the world's highest bar, restaurant and private dining room. Serving Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, the multiple show kitchens include a charcuterie; a western kitchen with four dramatic wood-fired ovens; a... Read more

    • Big Bamboo (Nanyang Lu)

      • Nightlife
      • Dining
      • Bars
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        132 Nanyang Lu, near Tongren Lu
        南阳路132号, 近铜仁路
      • Phone
        6256 2265

      One of Shanghai's most popular and longest running sports bars, The Big Bamboo is the first place to go if you're looking for beer in a bar and sports on TV. They host live feeds of virtually all championship games in virtually all sports, as well as offer daily... Read more

    • MAO Livehouse

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Live Music
      • Address
        3/F, 308 Chongqing Nan Lu, near Jianguo Zhong Lu
        3/F, 重庆南路308号, 近建国中路
      • Phone
        6445 0086

      MAO Shanghai Livehouse is a Shanghai's most active large-sized concert venue, hosting local, national, and international acts every weekend and intermittent week nights. Music ranges from pop, to rock, to large-scale electronic events and raves. Shows vary in start... Read more

    • Cloud 9

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Good View
      • Address
        Grand Hyatt, Jin Mao Tower, 87/F, 88 Century Avenue, near Dongtai Lu
        世纪大道88号 金茂大厦87楼, 近东泰路
      • Phone
        5047 8838

      Perched on the 87th floor of the Jin Mao Tower, Cloud 9, the Grand Hyatt's hotel bar, offers one of the best views in Asia. Make sure you get a table facing west for views of the Bund, Pearl Tower, and the lights of Puxi; windowscapes of its new, taller neighbor, the... Read more

    • House of Blues and Jazz

      • Nightlife
      • Bars
      • Live Music
      • Address
        60 Fuzhou Lu, near the Bund
        福州路60号, 近外滩
      • Phone
        6323 2779

      The House of Blues and Jazz moved to the Bund from its original Maoming Lu location (opened in 1995) around 2008. It's an upgrade, for sure. Big two-story space with live music nightly. Music is generally good, and includes a lot of soul and funk standards (Motown,... Read more

    • Monkey Champagne

      • Nightlife
      • Lounge
      • Xuhui
      • Address
        38 Donghu Lu, near Xinle Lu
        东湖路38号, 近新乐路
      • Phone
        6255 6000

      Once-secret bar sort of hidden down a Donghu Lane. Used to be called Monkey Lounge, now it's Monkey Champagne. Basically, speakeasy-meets-Volar, with a top 40 hip-hop soundtrack, Philip Starck-ish design, and a predominantly ABC crowd. Expensive drinks, many kinds of... Read more

    • The Happy Early Bird, 50% Off Drinks

      The Chop Chop Club present the ultimate Happy Hour on The Bund, from 6pm until 7:30pm, Monday to Saturday. “The Happy Early Bird” offers 50% off on an extensive selection of aperitifs, cocktails, wines and champagnes, to accompany your...
      Nightlife | The Chop Chop Club | Daily except Sun
    • JZ Festival 2017

      The 13th edition of JZ's Festival, taking place on seven stages, with 50 international artists and groups on the ticket. Confirmed headliners for now are Kool & The Gang, Andy Summers, Chris Dave and Jeff Lorber.
      Nightlife | Expo Park | on Oct 14 and Oct 15, 2017
    • Summer Cocktail Happy Hour

      Kathleen’s Waitan is celebrating the season of al fresco with a new menu of summer cocktails – and a great happy hour deal. Join them on the terrace, and drink in the view and their cocktails for 48rmb (normally 88rmb and up), 2pm-7pm...
      Nightlife | KW | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Against The Current ‘In Our Bones’ World Tour

      American pop rock band Against The Current make their China debut ahead of their acclaimed album “In Our Bones”. In the past few years, the group has achieved a considerable amount of fame on YouTube after posting covers of various songs...
      Nightlife | Bandai Namco Dream Hall | on Sun Sep 24, 2017
    • Ariana Grande 'Dangerous Woman' World Tour

      Pop sensation Ariana Grande brings her 'Dangerous Woman' World Tour to Shanghai, in support of her third studio album. The music and show represents a more "mature" direction for the former Nickledeon star, cementing her status as a...
      Nightlife | MB Arena | on Mon Aug 28, 2017
    • Screening: Game of Thrones Season 7

      It only took six long seasons for winter to finally come. As Ned Stark always promised #Winterishere, every Monday July 17 to August 28. They'll be airing the new episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7 at Kung Fu Komedy club at 9pm. Big HD...
      Community, Nightlife | The Kung Fu Komedy Club | Mondays
    • Ultra Festival Shanghai

      Big rah-rah music festival for the EDM kids. Details TBA.
      Nightlife | Expo Park | on Sep 9 and Sep 10, 2017
    • Unity Music & Arts Festival

      This September at the Shanghai Expo, the highly anticipated Unity Music & Arts Festival will be headlined by musical talents Ne-Yo and Tinashe. Ne-Yo is the R&B singer and producer behind hits like: ‘Time of Our Lives’, ‘So Sick’, and...
      Nightlife | Expo Park | on Sep 2 and Sep 3, 2017
    • Tomatito Turns Tres Years Old

      Tomatito turns 3 years old, a year after turning 2 years old! WIlly 's self-styled "sexy tapas bar" is celebrating another trip around the sun with a 150rmb deal that gets you 3 drinks & 5 tapas/pintxos from 6pm until late.
      Dining, Nightlife | Tomatito | on Wed Aug 23, 2017
    • Week-Long 3 Year Birthday Celebration

      Quite excellent cocktail bar El Ocho is celebrating its 3rd year in existence by having a bunch of the city's best bartenders taking turns on the bar. Sunday sees Matthew of Hakkasan and Michael Chen of The Cannery . Monday it's Daiki...
      Nightlife | el Ocho | Daily until Aug 24 2017
    • Concrete & Grass pres. Cigarettes After Sex

      Cigarettes After Sex do ambient pop, slow-burning, cinematic, hypnotic and meditative. It's nostalgic. Melancholic. They like playing in smoky dark rooms. You know, where you can stare at your shoes and think about life, man. They're...
      Nightlife | Modern Sky Lab | on Wed Aug 23, 2017
    • The Royal Concept

      The Royal Concept is an indie-rock band from Stockholm who create sunny music that makes you want to dance. They sound a lot like French indie darlings Phoenix, mixing pop and electronic elements. The band first came to popularity with...
      Nightlife | MAO LH | on Fri Sep 1, 2017
    • Carpe Noctem Mondays

      Solid Monday craft beer / cocktails deal, with two Boxing Cat locations -- Sinan Mansions and Yongfu Lu -- slinging pints and house pours for 25rmb from 5pm until close on Mondays. Nice rotating selection of craft beers; some good IPAs....
      Nightlife | Boxing Cat | Mondays
    • Martinis in the Park

      Every Thursday night at Shanghai's iconic Barbarossa, is Martini Night. Right after happy hour at 8pm, all signature martinis are half off until close.
      Nightlife | Barbarossa | Thursdays
    • El T*U*E*S*D*A*Y

      Unico on the Bund is your home base for that Latin soul vibe every Tuesday. They've got live Salsa music by La Reunion, followed by DJ S.KIV on the decks, bringing a bit of that classic pan-Latin via Cuba vibe. Salsa, bachata, merengue,...
      Nightlife | Unico | Tuesdays
    • Magic Ladies Night

      Starting in April The Parrot hosts ladies Night each Thursday. They've got a professional magician doing magic tricks among the tables from 9pm to 10pm. Free-flow of special cocktails and 3 mini tacos only for 128rmb from 8pm-11.30pm.
      Nightlife | The Parrot | Wednesdays
    • Funkadeli Happy Hour

      Funkadeli offers a daily happy hour from 4pm to 8pm on weekdays, and 4pm-6pm on weekends. Only 30rmb for house wines, Estrella draft beer and special prices for their most popular drinks -- Super Spritz, Negroni, and more.
      Nightlife | Funkadeli (Fumin Lu) | Daily until Dec 31 2017
    • Michael Learns to Rock 2017 'Eternal' China Tour

      Danish legacy band Michael Learns to Rock returns to China as part of their 'Eternal' world tour. Known all over China for their huge PRC hit "Take Me to Your Heart", expect the band to cycle through all the best-loved material, from...
      Nightlife | Luwan Gymnasium | on Sat Aug 26, 2017
    • Beer Affair Monday

      Discounts on both food and drinks are offered at Fumo on Mondays. Monday Beef Affair puts beer under the spotlight. In addition to promotional prices on Viola Live beer, all other beers are buy-one-get-one. Prices from 29rmb to 99rmb.
      Nightlife | Fumo | Mondays
    • SHFT. pres. bbno$

      bbon$'s a bit of an underground hip hop SoundCloud star. He's just recently linked up with Chinese hip hop artist Al Rocco for "How I Do," and now he's doing a China store. Presale is 100rmb (link:, door charge...
      Nightlife | Arkham | on Thu Aug 24, 2017
    • Sprtiz Wednesday at Funkadelino

      Each Wednesday from 6pm-10pm enjoy 3 Super Spritz and 6 mini Cichietti for 128rmb or 3 Estrella draft beer and 6 Chichetti for 88rmb
      Nightlife | Funkadelino | Thursdays until Sep 30 2017
    • Scorpion Prison 69 EP Release Show

      Scorpion Prisoner 69 will be releasing their EP 《四部复仇曲》at Yuyintang with support from Spill Your Guts, Dirty Fingers and Alpaca. Big one for local heavy music. Don't miss out, punk rock heshers. 50rmb cover. Starts 9pm.
      Nightlife | YYT | on Fri Sep 1, 2017
    • Budweiser STORM Music Festival

      Budweiser STORM is an outdoor EDM festival, that has been happening annually in China since 2013. The festival has grown over the years, the first event got a crowd of 20,000 and in 2016 attendance was up to 180,000. This year the...
      Nightlife | Shendi Ecology Park | on Sep 23 and Sep 24, 2017
    • Heat Wave ft. M.A.N.D.Y. (Philipp Jung)

      W Shanghai is hosting a party at their WET Bar with DJ Philipp Jung of M.A.N.D.Y. on the decks. M.A.N.D.Y. is the Berlin-based DJ duo that made their way from the underground house scene to the mainstream with ‘Body Language’ in 2005....
      Nightlife | W Shanghai | on Sun Sep 3, 2017
    • Late Night Dinner

      One of the best [high-end] late dining deals in town, modern French restaurant Mr & Mrs Bund has set menus from 250rmb per person on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11pm–2am (last order). They offer special prices on select cocktails...
      Dining, Nightlife | Mr & Mrs Bund | Every Thu, Fri, Sat
    • Jam Night

      From 8pm to midnight, every Thursday night, the mighty Inferno rock and metal club hosts a jam night for guests. Bring your bass/guitar/sticks or whatever to rawk out on stage and get access to their happy hour deal for your efforts. No...
      Nightlife | Inferno | Thursdays
    • Double Happy Hour

      Australian restaurant Kakadu has two happy hours every day from 4-7pm and 10pm-midnight. They offer 50% off on all their alcoholic drinks except bottles of wine and rum. That's a sound deal right there.
      Nightlife | Kakadu | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Trivia Night

      Shanghai's newest trivia night happens at the Rooster in Jing'an on Sundays. Quizmaster Chase Williams comes up with the questions. Top three teams get prizes ranging from Rooster vouchers, to complimentary shots and drinks, to Jameson...
      Nightlife | The Rooster (Jing'an) | Sundays
    • Happy Hour

      Logan's Punch in Jing'an (below el Ocho) has a happy hour that runs Tuesday-Friday. House beers are 30rmb, wine is 40rmb, they have a selection of food and drinks pairing deals too. Those: a meat pie with a shot of Jameson is 60rmb, or...
      Nightlife | Logan's Punch | Daily except Mon, Sat & Sun
    • Ladies Friday

      Here's something rare: lounge/restaurant Maison Camus has a ladies night that lands on a Friday. Ladies get free-flow sparkling and house wine from 9pm to midnight. No cover.
      Nightlife | Maison Camus | Fridays
    • Sundown Drinks

      The Lounge in the Banyan Tree hotel has a happy hour from 5pm-7.30pm offering buy-one-get-one on select cocktails and their own creations such as "One Night in Shanghai" and "Banana Fantasy". No cover.
      Nightlife | Banyan Tree on the Bund | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Amigo Night

      Amigo Night at Tex-Mex restaurant Pistolera means buy-one-get-one on margaritas and standard beers. Goes from 4pm-late.
      Nightlife | Pistolera (Hongqiao) | Thursdays
    • Latino Night

      Mexican restaurant on Hengshan Lu does a weekly Latin night with the latest commercial bangers mixed up with some old-school classics, by DJ Naz and K_libre5. No cover, and you can get three drinks for 110rmb and shots for 40rmb. Goes...
      Nightlife | Pistolera (Xuhui) | Mondays
    • Paulaner Happy Hour

      This Fenyang Lu location of the popular German restaurant chain has a happy hour from 4pm-7pm. Their three draft beers are 50% off. So their 500ml drafts are 40rmb instead of 80rmb, and 1 liter drafts that are usually 150rmb are 75rmb....
      Nightlife | Paulaner | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Happy Hour

      Shanghai Brewery has a happy hour with about a 30% discount on the beer, including their homemade micro brews. Pints drop down to around 30rmb, depending on which one you get. Available weekdays from 3-8pm. On weekends it goes from 4-8pm.
      Nightlife | Shanghai Brewery (Donghu Lu) | Daily
    • Draft Beer Happy Hour

      Kaiba in the Taikang Terrace by Tianzifang offers a daily happy hour from 10am-9pm on weekdays, and 10am-7pm on weekends. Their 10 draft beers get a 20-30% discount during those hours.
      Nightlife | Kaiba (Huangpu) | Daily
    • Happy Hour 50% Off

      The popular German restaurant chain Paulaner has a happy hour from 4pm-7pm. Their three draft beers are 50% off. So their 500ml drafts are 40rmb instead of 80rmb, and 1 liter drafts that are usually 150rmb are 75rmb. Glasses of wine are...
      Nightlife | Paulaner Brauhaus (Binjiang) | Daily
    • Live Music Jam Session

      Super deluxe fourth-wave coffee shop Ocean Grounds has a jam sesh at their Hong Kong Plaza shop every Wednesday night from 9pm. Live music plus beer, wine, and cocktail specials. Anyone is welcome to get on stage. No cover. Goes 9pm-late.
      Nightlife | Ocean Grounds (Hong Kong Plaza) | Wednesdays
    • Brewmeister’s Choice Mondays

      On Mondays, Shanghai Brewery's Brewmeister gives out his latest blends for happy hour prices from 3pm. Price is 25rmb for a 300ml glass or 32rmb for a pint. Pretty good prices that run all night long.
      Nightlife | SH Brewery | Mondays
    • Kilocon Takeover by High Love

      Kilocon is a record label based in that weird part of the internet, "cause variety freaks out basic people". The Thursday jam at Dada is Hungarian producer/DJ Aron Lotfi throwing it all against the wall -- the sounds and beats of...
      Nightlife | Dada | Thursdays
    • Daily Happy Hour

      Every day at every Element Fresh location in the city, the heathy casual eats restaurant hosts a happy hour deal -- from 4pm to 8pm it's buy-one-get-one-free on Tsing Tao, house wine, cocktails, and other drinks from the menu.
      Dining, Nightlife | Element Fresh | Daily
    • Burgers and Bubbles

      From 5pm to 9pm, all ladies can enjoy free flow of three selected sparkling cocktails including Gorgeous Night based on Absolut Vodka, Flowering Shrubs based on Pisco and Snow White mixed by Yakult, lime juice, syrup and sparkling wine....
      Dining, Nightlife | Xuan (Andaz) | Wednesdays
    • Thursday Oyster Happy Hour

      Xuan Bar hosts a special deal on oysters from 5pm to 9pm every Thursday. Purchase a half dozen selected oysters and get another half dozen for free. Price starts from 198rmb for half a dozen. Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive...
      Dining, Nightlife | Xuan (Andaz) | Thursdays
    • Lady Ipanema - The Carnival at Unïco

      Lady Ipanema is Unico's Thursday party inspired by the sounds of Brazil. Fusing the classics of Latin Jazz, Sambas and Soul Bossanovas with Baile Funk and other beats directly from the Favelas, their resident DJ Zulu "ensures freshness"....
      Nightlife | Unico | Thursdays
    • El Barrio

      Every Wednesday from 9pm, A2 Events hosts “El Barrio” at The Apartment. Drinks deal is buy-one-get-one-free mojito or caipirinhas cocktails till midnight. Live vibes via a South American live band and the resident DJ playing your...
      Nightlife | The Apartment | Wednesdays
    • Gimme 5 Happy Hour Deal

      Moon's Steakhouse in the Swissotel offers a drinks package happy hour deal Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm: 60rmb gets you five bottles of Tsingtao or Asahi; 100rmb gets you 6 bottles of Guinness.
    • Table Top Thursdays

      Every Thursday from 7pm till late, Roxie hosts a games night. They'll have your epic old school favorites and more modern selections too. Choose a table and play with anyone who has the same interest. Good for meeting people and striking...
      Community, Nightlife | Roxie | Thursdays
    • Wednesday's Mens & Womens Night

      Finally a little egalitarianism out there in the nightlife drinks discount world. From 9pm to 11pm at the local art dive, order a Wengweng, TKO IPA, Moscow Mule or Asian Sour Bitch and get a free single mixed drink. 9pm.
      Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Wednesdays
    • Jam Session Saturdays

      Every Saturday, stop by My Place Ruin Bar, pick up a musical instrument, and jam to your hearts' content. Starts 6.30pm and runs until they're sick of your plinking and plunking.
      Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Saturdays
    • Sundowners Happy Hour

      Fumo wine bistro is running a special on spritzes -- 1 for 39rmb and 4 for 99rmb. Deal comes with complimentary finger food. Deal is on for Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm.
      Nightlife | Fumo | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Thursday Salsa Party

      Every Thursday at the place where they invest the mojito they've got a salsa party with a live Cuban dance show. "Our dancers will also teach you hot to dance like a "Cuban"." They also run a daily happy hour with buy-one-get-one-free...
      Nightlife | La Bodeguita del Medio | Thursdays
    • Happy Hour

      Special prices on drinks every Monday to Friday from 4pm to 8pm at Tribeca bar and restaurant in Jing'an.
      Nightlife | Tribeca | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Triple Play Mondays

      Every Monday at Cages, they've got a pretty sweet deal on: a burger, a beer and a round of batting is 100rmb. Good for all day long. They open at 9am.
      Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Cages Bar and Sports (Jiangning Lu) | Mondays
    • Daily Happy Hour

      Everyday (all seven days) from 5pm to 8pm, The Caxton offers draft and bottled beers starting from 25rmb and craft beer on tap from 35rmb. Premium spirits from 30rmb. Reservations: (021) 5888 7258.
      Nightlife | The Caxton | Daily
    • Thursday Girls Night

      Dagu Lu sports pub The Caxton kicks out free margaritas and daiquiris for ladies from 9pm to midnight. Tunes are RnB hits from their guest DJ. No entry fee.
      Nightlife | The Caxton | Thursdays
    • Oysters & Wine Wednesdays

      Every Wednesday at La Bota, get a dozen Bebe Beudouse French "Kumomoto" oysters for 278rmb and get a bottle of Duqesa (Verdejo Spanish dry white) for an extra 58rmb. Meanwhile, they're also doing an oyster happy hour every day, 8...
      Dining, Nightlife | La Bota (Dagu Lu) | Wednesdays until Nov 15 2017
    • Ladies Night

      Ladies Night! LADIES NIIIIIIGHT, ladies . Half-price off La Bota's Gin Tonic & Sangria list. There're more than 12 selections, ladies , and they're sure there's something for everyone. Everyone that's a lady . Prices range from...
      Nightlife | La Bota (Dagu Lu) | Thursdays until Dec 28 2017
    • Happy Hour at Funkadelino

      Happy hour from 4pm-8pm on weekdays and 4pm-6pm on weekends. Happy hour prices are 30rmb for house wines and happy hour prices on Estrella draft beer and other popular drinks, such as Super Spritz and Negroni.
      Nightlife | Funkadelino | Daily until Dec 31 2017
    • YETI presents FKJ (Roche Musique / LIVE SET)

      French Kiwi Juice a.k.a FKJ of Roche Musique fame is making waves on the Parisian electronic scene. He’s got a unique sound and has mastered groovy house and funky hip-hop, that your head can’t help but bob along to. FKJ has played at...
      Nightlife | Arkham | on Fri Sep 8, 2017
    • The Pearl presents Magic Mike Show

      Based on the hit films ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Magic Mike XXL’, which follow the trials of a male stripper with business smarts and a heart of gold, comes the live show all you ladies have been waiting for. Guaranteed to bring the heat, the...
      Arts, Nightlife | The Pearl | on Thu Aug 24, 2017
    • Golden Summer Beer & Food Festival

      This September The Place will be hosting the Golden Summer Beer and Food Festival. It’ll have all the good festival things: food, music, and most importantly beer. Over 20 craft beer brands to try including: Dream Brewers, Fundows,...
      Nightlife | The Place | from Sep 8 until Sep 10, 2017
    • Ladies Night

      Every Tuesday night is ladies night for hard rocking babes down at metal/rock bar Inferno. Hardcore ladies get 30rmb cocktails and free shots all night. ("Men dress up or behaving like girls do not count.") No cover.
      Nightlife | Inferno | Tuesdays
    • Axé Afrolatino Forbidden Dance Night

      JZ Latino hosts weekly dance parties on Saturday night, featuring Kizomba Zouk music, bachata, salsa, reggaeton, and afrobeats. They have a free class at 9.30pm, and the party starts at 10pm. No cover.
      Community, Nightlife | JZ Latino | Saturdays
    • Brew Happy Hour

      For the after-work crowd in deep Pudong, The BREW slings pints of their house-made beer (it's good) and six other draft beers for around 80rmb a pint after the service charge. During their happy hour, you can get buy-one-get-one (refill)...
      Nightlife | The BREW | Daily
    • Happy Hour

      Kaiba on Dingxi Lu has eight beers on tap. It's a nice relaxed place to grab a beer. They offer a daily happy hour from 10am-9pm on weekdays, and 11am-7pm on weekends. The happy hour gives a 30% discount on all their draft beers.
      Nightlife | Kaiba (Changning) | Daily
    • Happy Hour 50% Off

      German restaurant chain Paulaner's Expo location has a happy hour from 4pm-7pm. They offer 50% off on all their alcoholic beverages. So that's also good on their three home brews. Available every day.
      Nightlife | Paulaner Brauhaus (Expo) | Daily
    • Free Refill Happy Hour

      Munich Beer House in Pudong offers buy-one-get-a-refill on select draft beers, including their wheat and dark beers. So you can't pass your second drink to your friend, but you do get another for free. Available daily from 3.30pm-7.30pm.
      Nightlife | Munich Beer House | Daily
    • Ladie Night on the Bund

      Every Thursday night at Italian fine dining resto Casanova, they're offering a drinks deals for ladies: buy-on-get-one-free on drinks, 10.30pm to 2.30am, replete with a Bund view terrace.
      Dining, Nightlife | Casanova Italian Dining & Lounge | Thursdays
    • Half-Price Drinks

      Nice way to start the weekend. Shaanxi Bei Lu drinking hole / sports bar The Shed is doing half-off select drinks from 6-8pm. Games on the television...
      Nightlife | The Shed (Shaanxi Bei Lu) | Fridays until Dec 27 2019
    • Ladies Cocktails Night

      Every Monday, Club Light invites all the lay-days for some well-deserved free drinks. Free flow of Champagne and selected Cocktail (Long Islands, Mai tais, etc.) from 10.30pm to 4am. Gentlemen get discounted drinks as well. This is a...
      Nightlife | LIGHT | Mondays until Sep 12 2017
    • Ladies Night

      Free drinks for females every Wednesday night in People's Park. Barbarossa dishes out sparkling cocktails for the ladies from 8.30pm to 10.30pm while a guest DJ plays some loungey tunes. Nice patio there when the weather's good. No cover.
      Nightlife | Barbarossa | Wednesdays
    • Wednesday Triva Night

      Every Wednesday, gather your team at Shanghai Brewery's Donghu location for their trivia night with quizmaster Emett Sheridan. Be one of the first three winning teams and win free bar tabs and shots. The game starts at 8pm with special...
      Nightlife | Shanghai Brewery (Donghu Lu) | Wednesdays
    • Come Correct Crew

      Every Wednesday at Dada Shanghai, the Come Correct Crew... comes correct with a night of hip hop via a strong '90s bent. Classic old school mixed with newer sounds from the long-running Shanghai party brand, plus live MCing. After The...
      Nightlife | Dada | Wednesdays
    • Cocktails Night

      Discounted drinks prices all night long, every Thursday down at Gemma. 40rmb cocktails on their own creations. Balsamic & Tonic, Olive Oil Martini, Chocolate Negroni, and more. From 5pm.
      Nightlife | Gemma | Thursdays
    • Ladies on Fire

      Every Wednesday night at Reel to Reel, the ladies get free drinks -- all night longg. Multiple rooms and genres for the floor. Hip hop funk and soul on the one side, house and techno on the other. No entry fee. Doors at 9pm.
      Nightlife | Reel To Reel | Wednesdays
    • Happy Hour

      Cages runs an all-day happy hour from 9am to 5pm every weekday with half price on their batting cages and then 15rmb off any alcoholic drink from 5pm to 8pm. No entry fee.
      Nightlife, Sports | Cages Bar and Sports (Jiangning Lu) | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Friday Ladies Night

      Every Friday night from 10pm at Jing'an mainstay pub The Spot, they host a ladies night with guest hot bartenders serving free margaritas to ladies all night. Live band and entertainment.
      Nightlife | The Spot | Fridays
    • Sharpshooters Thursday Nitro

      Listen up Jabronis. Sharpshooters are running wild Every Thursday Night with "Thursday NITRO" Live at URVC. Bringing you new school / old School hip hop. Here's an early start to your weekend with DJ Reaper & Big Kerm. Toooo sweet....
      Nightlife | URVC | Thursdays
    • Live Open Jam Night

      Every Sunday night The Spot invites guests to get up on stage and join their house band for a jam night. No entry free and open to pros and non-pros alike. The band can do a number of classics and can match you note for note on your...
      Nightlife | The Spot | Sundays until Aug 31 2017
    • Latin Dances Classes

      Every Saturday, Pistolera hosts a Latin dance class. Starts at 4pm with a different style every week. Two drinks, chips and salsa, plus the class is 150rmb. Contact them ahead to reserve your spot.
      Community, Nightlife | Pistolera (Xuhui) | Saturdays
    • Cinco De DRINKO

      On 5th of every month, El Luchito hosts 24 hours of half-price drinks. Midnight to midnight. Sounds... yeah.
      Nightlife | El Luchito | Daily
    • Ladies Night

      Every Wednesday, the French interns bar hosts a ladies night deal on a special cocktail -- free-flow from 7pm to 10pm. No cover, no questions asked.
      Nightlife | Le Cafe des Stagiaires (Wuding Lu) | Wednesdays
    • Happy Hour

      Every day of the week, Bell Bar in Tianzifang hosts a happy hour deal from 5pm to 8pm. Buy-one-get-one-free on five kinds of draft beer and select cocktails on the happy hour list.
      Nightlife | Bell Bar | Daily
    • Orange Sunset Thursdays

      Zeitgeist hosts a Thursday's weekly Orange Sunset aperitif with special deals on Spritz, Negroni and Amaretto Sour on their beautiful patio from 3pm till 11pm. No entry fee.
      Nightlife | Zeitgeist | Thursdays
    • Mexican Madness

      Windows Scoreboard Mexican Madness is 50rmb for four hours of all-you-can-eat, including a free margarita. RULES: no sharing; no take out; no left overs. Runs 5pm to 9pm, and is followed by a ladies night special, which is free mojitos...
      Dining, Nightlife | Windows Scoreboard | Wednesdays
    • Sweat Wednesday

      Hosted by resident DJ Nasty Nate and featuring frequent guest artists, the weekly event focuses on easy-access, happy, nostalgic house music from days gone by as well as contemporary works of the funky and disco varieties. If you're an...
      Nightlife | Celia by Pulse | Daily
    • Wine Free-Flow Thursday

      For 99rmb, get house red, house white, Prosecco and moscato on free-flow every Thursday at FUMO. Take full advantage of the deal by ordering a discounted charcuterie platter or cheese plate to enjoy with your unlimited supply of wine....
      Nightlife | Fumo | Thursdays
    • Wine Affair Sunday

      Every Sunday, Fumo cuts the prices on their popular wines. See the flyer below for details. Available from 6pm.
      Nightlife | Fumo | Sundays
    • Summer Happy Hours

      Every day from Sunday to Friday, 4pm to 7pm, The Long Bar is offering a complimentary second round on them. Included are local and international beers, craft beers, frozen margaritas, daiquiris and a selected range of signature summer...
      Nightlife | Long Bar | Daily except Fri & Sat
    • Craft Beer Happy Hour

      Agora Cafe offers a happy hour deal on their extensive list of craft beers from 8pm to 12am every Tuesday and Friday. Buy-one-get-one on all of their beers, priced between 30 and 50rmb.
      Nightlife | Agora Cafe | Every Tue, Fri
    • Teacher's Night Tuesdays

      Tuesday night is one for the hardworking teachers at Boxing Cat. Show your faculty ID and get their house pour for 25rmb from 5pm to midnight. Maybe don't tie too many of those on if you've gotta teach the next day. No cover.
      Nightlife | Boxing Cat Brewery (Hongqiao) | Tuesdays
    • Wednesday Ladies Night

      Every Wednesday, Crocus pub hosts free-flow on selected cocktails (margies and daiquiris) from 9pm to midnight for ladies. Music is groovy, funky, sexy, from Jamaica to Havana to Cuba from DJ Iku-Iku. No entry fee.
      Nightlife | Crocus | Wednesdays
    • Ladies Night Mondays

      Italian restaurant Take It Easy offers 30rmb cocktails, beer, and wines by the glass for 30rmb from 3pm until late for ladies.
      Nightlife | Take It Easy | Mondays
    • Cocktails Happy Hour

      Ecuadorian resto WAWAMAMA hosts a seven-days-a-week happy hour special -- buy-one-get-one on cocktails from 5pm to 8pm.
      Nightlife | WAWA MAMA | Daily
    • Wednesday Night Pool Competition

      Th Camel's social pool competition kicks off every Wednesday at 8pm, with players of all standards invited to join. New to Shanghai? It’s a great chance to meet new friends and pot a few balls. Happy hour prices for players until...
      Nightlife | The Camel (Puxi) | Wednesdays
    • Saturday Ladies Night

      Blue Marlin's Jing'an Temple branch is hosting a ladies night every Saturday from 5pm to 12pm. Ladies get a complimentary glass of house wine with any order. Concurrently, they have a daily happy hour at half price for select drinks to...
      Nightlife | Blue Marlin (Jing'an) | Saturdays
    • Aperolounge

      Popular French resto and lounge Cuivre hosts an Apero special with a selection of premium spirits at happy hour price (Belvedere, Grey Goose, Hendrick's... at 58rmb) and assorted with Chef Michael Wendling's delicious tapas to share....
      Dining, Nightlife | Cuivre | Daily except Tue, Sat & Sun
    • Champroo Sound

      Champroo Sound is the Wednesday jam at C's. Every humpday, DJ Shohei keeps it locked on heavy bass sounds. Drum and Bass, jungle, reggae, hip hop, and breaks... No cover. Starts 10pm.
      Nightlife | C's | Wednesdays
    • Live Music Every (Other) Wednesday

      Tony and Dori are back every (other) Wednesday Night by popular demand at Shanghai's rugby-oriented sports bar. They turn in a mix of the latest and greatest sing-a-long pop and rock songs from 8pm. No entry fee.
      Nightlife | The Caxton | Wednesdays until Nov 30 2017
    • Apero La Buvette de Mr & Mrs Bund

      Every evening from 5.30pm till Mr & Mrs Bund hosts an Apéro session. Vibes is spring in the south of France with French bistrot selections from 50rmb: cold cuts, oysters, escargots, olives, French tapas, casse-croûte. Ricard, rosé wine,...
      Dining, Nightlife | Mr & Mrs Bund | Daily until Sep 30 2017
    • Gossip Ladies Night Retro

      Every Thursday: RETRO is the latest Gossip Party. DJ Sonic will be playing the music from the decades past. Live music by Smokey early evening - because Girls just wanna have fun. Free flow cosmos and martinis, sparkling wine from...
      Nightlife | The Apartment | Thursdays
    • Happy Hour

      Every day of the week at the Jing'an art bar, they run a happy hour from 6pm to 9pm (except Mondays when it goes all night) -- Carlsberg, red and white wine, single mixed drinks for 30rmb.
      Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Daily
    • Happy Hour

      Neighborhood cafe and bar is offering a daily happy hour (available every day except Friday and Saturday): buy-one-get-one cocktails, wine, and beer. 10% discount on their whiskey.
      Nightlife | Into Cafe Bar | Daily except Fri & Sat
    • Fireball Fridays

      2 shots of fireball for 40rmb, all night long, every Friday. Do it.
      Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Fridays
    • Trivia Night/Pub Quiz at the Grand Yard Cafe!

      Host David Goure offers a fun trivia night covering a variety of topics. Great prizes for the top three teams. Also enjoy extended happy hour, food and drink specials, and three huge screens showing sports and TV shows. Starts 8pm. No...
      Nightlife | Grand Yard | Wednesdays
    • Happy Hour

      Every day of the week at this Ernest Hemingway approved Cuban institution is buy-one-get-one-free mojitos from 6pm to 8pm.
      Nightlife | La Bodeguita del Medio | Daily
    • Daily Draft Beer Happy Hour

      Big draft beer happy hour on at Windows Scoreboard every day of the week. From 4.30pm till close, they offer buy-one-get-one free on their 25rmb draft beer.
      Nightlife | Windows Scoreboard | Daily
    • Probably the Best Tuesday (20rmb Taco) Deal In Town

      "Probably the best Tuesday deal in town!" they say. "Eat drink and go Tequila crazy!" they say. El Luchito's got a special deal on every Tuesday; select tacos for 20rmb, Blue Demon Draft for 20rmb, Tequila shots for 20rmb, Corona for...
      Dining, Nightlife | El Luchito | Tuesdays
    • Probably the Best Tuesday (Alto Tequila) Deal in Town

      "Probably the best Tuesday deal in town!" they said. "Eat drink and go Tequila crazy!" they said. El Santo, perhaps known to you as the Tequila Temple in Found 158, has got Tuesdays deals on for Alto Tequila cocktails and 2 Tacos; 88rmb...
      Dining, Nightlife | El Santo | Tuesdays
    • Apéro Bordeaux

      All Le Bordelais Bistrots are hosting a summer special for French wine lovers trapped in Shanghai. They're hosting bottles for only 100rmb on selected labels of Bordeaux red, white or rosé. "This is how you enjoy this summer, Bordeaux...
      Nightlife | Burdigala | Daily
    • Bund Bowl Red Pin Everyday

      Bund Bowl runs a daily promotion with guests who knock down the red pin getting a voucher for 100rmb at the bar. 45rmb per game per person before 5pm. 60rmb per person after 5am. 10am opening time.
      Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Daily
    • Oysters & Champagne Summer Special

      Keep it classy this summer by pairing David Herve Fine de Claire oysters with Perrier-Jouët Champagne at the Long Bar. Three options are available at different price points: Three oysters + one glass of Champagne - 288rmb; Half a dozen...
      Dining, Nightlife | Long Bar | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Retro Gaming Night

      Palmetto breaks out the Super Nofriendos every Wednesday for a retro gaming night with prizes. It's buy-one-get-one on burgers, and 35rmb craft beers. Games and schedule breakdown on the flyer below. No entry fee. Kicks off at 8.30pm.
      Nightlife | Palmetto | Wednesdays
    • MEGA SENS Vol.2 Optical Art Party

      A 7-hour experience, Mega Sens has been described as ‘a psychedelic feast of hearing and vision.’ This event got its inspiration from the OP Art movement, which became popularized by ‘The Responsive Eye’ a 1965 MoMa exhibition. Using...
      Nightlife | Bandai Namco Dream Hall | on Fri Aug 25, 2017
    • Cocktail Night

      The deal's simple. Certain cocktails (three provisional selections, Ginger Mojito, Oriental Mule and Tiki) are buy one get on free during happy hour (5.30pm-midnight) on Wednesdays-Thursdays.
      Nightlife | Oriental House | Every Wed, Thu until Nov 30
    • Every Wednesday Bro's Night Out

      Bro. Broheim. Bruh. Wednesdays at Liquid Laundry it's 100rmb for a classic pizza and a glass of house craft beer. Offer available from 9pm to 11pm. Brah.
      Nightlife | Liquid Laundry | Wednesdays until Nov 30 2017
    • Fabulous Ladies Night

      Every Thursday, Lychee's doing a ladies night; buy one get one Lychee Martini, a magic show by Kris Yuan from 9.30pm and DJ Gigi Lee on the upper floors from 10pm.
      Nightlife | Lychee | Thursdays until Oct 26 2017
    • Mojito Mondays

      Every Monday, all mojitos at Chez Maurice are 38rmb instead of 78rmb. Which is technically less than half-price! Goes all night.
      Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | Daily until Dec 25 2017
    • Jazz Season

      Chez Maurice is teaming up with JZ for some nights of jazz. JZ has musicians. Chez Maurice has space for them to play. Match made in heaven. Live music on for Friday and Saturday, with Tokyo-based American trumpet player Neil Stalnaker...
      Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | on Aug 25 and Aug 26, 2017
    • Weekly Themed Stammtisch

      Stammtisch, Zapfler's regular meet-up, is a weekly community event with a changeable theme, like Girl's Night, Spin & Win, and Beerish. Zapfler's posting the weekly theme on Facebook and WeChat on Wednesdays.
      Nightlife | Zapfler (Found 158) | Thursdays until Jan 4 2018
    • Soul Train Greatest Hits with the band II Funk ky Shu's wit Nu Soles

      Break out your bell-bottoms and platforms, The Pearl’s hosting a Soul Train tribute concert. Starting at 9pm there will be music by ‘II Funk ky Shu’s wit Nu Soles’ a funk band that’s been jamming together for 18 years. They’ve opened...
      Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Sep 2, 2017
    • Roxie's 2 Year Anniversary

      Roxie's turning 2 years old, guys! Dorain T. Fisk, Annie Bodiescant and Ennis F.W. are on doing their dragtastic acts, DJ iku Iku's on the decks, there's no need to rsvp, just, y'know, go there. Starts at 8pm and probably goes late.
      Nightlife | Roxie | on Sat Aug 26, 2017
    • Wednesday Ladies Night

      Every Wednesday night at Zapata's ladies get free margaritas from 9pm-3am. They have a large outdoor terrace and an indoor bar, which people dance on if the night gets crazy enough. Mixed crowd here -- older business types, interns,...
      Nightlife | Zapata's | Wednesdays
    • Buy-One-Get-One-Free Happy Hour

      BarCode's got its daily Happy Hour Buy 1 Get 1 Free on from 4pm to 8pm on Monday to Saturday. On Sundays it goes from 2pm till whenever they shut the door.
      Nightlife | BarCode (Yan'an Xi Lu) | Daily
    • Daily Happy Hour

      Along with their burgers made with 100% USDA pure lean beef, Fatburger Shanghai Tower offers a seven-days-aweek happy hour deal from 3pm to 7pm -- buy-one-get-one-free on selected drinks.
      Dining, Nightlife | Fatburger (Shanghai Tower) | Daily until Dec 31 2017
    • Electropical

      Every Saturday, Unico hosts their Electropical party which is a kaleidoscope of rhythms, beats, and sensations. Music is Afro and Latin with DJs and live performers. DJ S.KIV on the decks plus 2 percussionists. No cover charge until 12am...
      Nightlife | Unico | Saturdays
    • Sunday Quiz Night

      The Quiz Night is back at the BREW every Sunday at 7pm. Featuring all-time Aussie Quizmaster Nathan Pearson for an evening of trivia, tip-top tunes and terrific prizes. Come early for the happy hour daily from 3pm to 8pm to enjoy the...
      Nightlife | The BREW | Sundays
    • Wednesday Girls Sparkling Night

      Every Wednesday at Dozo, swank Japanese restaurant and lounge, groups on four ladies get a bottle of Chandon Sparkling Wine for free with a minimum spend of 400rmb. Available from 5.30pm.
      Nightlife | Jing'an Tasting Temple | Wednesdays
    • Zapata's Happy Hour

      Mexi party place Zapatas hosts a daily happy hour, seven days a week, from 5pm to 9pm. Discounted beers and cocktails. Happy hour menu below.
      Nightlife | Zapata's | Daily
    • Happy Hour

      From Tuesday to Saturday 7pm-9pm, The Parrot low-key lounge offers 20% off on both food and drinks, no questions asked. Turns into a clubbier vibe later on.
      Nightlife | The Parrot | Daily except Mon
    • All Night Wine Night

      Arty bar MY Place Ruin hosts a Thursday night special on their house wine. All night, red and white is 30rmb a glass.
      Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Thursdays until May 10 2018
    • Monday Salsa Night

      Zapata's Salsa Nights, every Monday 9pm onwards, there's a DJ and live music. Salsa music! Free daiquiri for the ladies between 9-11pm.
      Nightlife | Zapata's | Mondays
    • Summer Happy Hour

      Celebrate summer with Fumo's happy hour -- where gin and tonics are 39rmb for one and 99rmb for three. All other drinks on the menu are buy-one-get-one. Complimentary finger food is included as well. Runs 7pm to 9pm.
      Nightlife | Fumo | Daily until Sep 1 2017
    • Bowling Package Deal

      Bowling package is includes one bowling lane, 18 chicken wings, and a tortilla with salsa or french fries for 688rmb. Available every day from 10am except Friday and Saturday.
      Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Daily except Fri & Sat
    • Pearls & Bubbles Friday

      Every Friday, guests can indulge in champagne and caviar at Fumo. Single tins for 169rmb or sample all four varieties for 888rmb. Accompanying champagne or wine will also be offered at a discounted price, starting at 129rmb for a Moet &...
      Nightlife | Fumo | Fridays
    • Happy Hour Fridays!

      Every Friday, all day long, buy 1 get 1 on all alcoholic beverages at Heat French Rotisserie & Bistro. They're straight up inviting, nay, challenging you to drink them under the table. Starts at 11am, goes until close.
      Nightlife | Heat French Rotisserie & Bistro | Fridays until Sep 29 2017
    • Wine Promo Tuesdays!

      Love wine? Heat Rotisserie loves wine. On Tuesdays, it's 50% off the price of house pour by the bottle whenever you order their cold cuts platter (parma ham, salami napoli, etc). Get some day drinking done. Available from 11am till close.
      Nightlife | Heat French Rotisserie & Bistro | Tuesdays until Sep 26 2017
    • Chick’s Night!

      Need another excuse to celebrate ladies? The answer is always no, but just on the safe side, Heat Rotisserie does buy 1 get 1 on sparkling wines for the ladies every Thursday. Available from 5pm till close.
      Nightlife | Heat French Rotisserie & Bistro | Thursdays until Sep 28 2017
    • Happy Hour Deal

      In soft open of their new and improved semi-open balcony, The Cut Rooftop will have a happy hour running daily from 5-10pm. 40rmb for all house wine by the glass and draft beers, buy 1 get 1 on bottles of Rose wine, and it's 50rmb for...
      Nightlife | The Cut Rooftop | Daily until Sep 30 2017
    • After Work Party

      Wednesdays to Saturdays, there'll be DJs playing in the Cut Rooftop's indoor space and on their semi-open air balcony. Expect the likes of SagB, Charp, Cats Sounds, Pedro and Rafa. Special offers on selected drinks, too. Goes from 7pm-2am
      Dining, Nightlife | The Cut Rooftop | Daily except Mon, Tue & Sun until Sep 30 2017
    • RMB199 Lobster & Beef Feast

      Set menu at Oriental House; ~275g half Boston lobster and ~200g Asutralian Wagyu Beef (M3), with side dishes (Chips or Salads). Runs all day, coincides with their happy hour, which is... well, here's the schedule; Happy Hour:...
      Dining, Nightlife | Oriental House | Daily until Oct 31 2017
    • All Night Happy Hour

      Liquid Laundry is offering happy hour deals from 3pm till close every Thursdays. That's a significant number of hours in which to be happy. That's draft beer for 30rmb, signature cocktails for 50rmb and GLS house wine for 50rmb.
      Nightlife | Liquid Laundry | Thursdays until May 31 2018
    • Liquid Tuesdays

      Through August, Liquid Laundry is offering a fratty deal. If you and your drinking buddies each spend 100rmb (on average) you'll get free flow beer from the featured keg of the night, from 8.30pm to midnight. That could be a lot of...
      Nightlife | Liquid Laundry | Tuesdays until Sep 1 2017
    • Daily Late Happy Hour in August

      Maybe you won't be too late for this one, Sabor is offering a late-night happy hour through the month of August. All cocktails and wine by the glass will be buy one get one from 8.30-10.30pm. They're also serving up a 3-course meal for...
      Nightlife | Sabor | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Celebrate Qixi: Long Bar

      Every Saturday Long Bar at Waldorf-Astoria is offering their Liquid Brunch for 588rmb a person. The drink package offers a welcome drink, free-flow classic cocktails, a Bloody Mary Station and a range of snacks. Runs from 3-8pm.
      Nightlife | Long Bar | Saturdays until Dec 31 2017
    • Thirsty Thursdays

      First cocktail is on the house, and there's a small French snack buffet for 88rmb. Special prices on drinks all night long, from 18-36rmb (wait is that right?). Buffet ends at 12.30am, but the rest keeps going.
      Dining, Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | from Aug 24 until Dec 28, 2017
    • Live Music Nights

      Every Thursday at Goose Island, Shanghai's second favorite DJ, B.O. is on the decks doing his eclectic mix. On Saturdays, it's Smokey serenading you through beer and food adventures.
      Nightlife | Goose Island Brewhouse | Every Thu, Sat until Sep 30
    • Happy Hour

      From 4pm to 8pm daily, Cozee cafe offers beer deals for their happy hour: 20rmb Kirin beers; 100rmb for free-flow; and / or 100rmb for three cocktails.
      Nightlife | Cozee | Daily except Sat & Sun
    • Buy-One-Get-One Free Daily Happy Hour

      Exactly what it says in the title -- buy-one-get-one free daily happy hour is on seven days a week at Fumo, from 5pm to 8pm. Deal apples to their extensive range of house wines and cocktails.
      Nightlife | Fumo | Daily
    • Men's Night

      Every Saturday at Judy's is Men's Night (wait, isn't every day men's night at The Spot?), with free tequila shots for guys, belly dancers, a "tequila mommma" (dunno) and more, more, more. 10pm till late. No entry fee.
      Nightlife | The Spot | Saturdays
    • Happy Hour

      38rmb nett on select draft beers. Simple. Neat.
      Nightlife | Kaiba (Changning) | Daily except Sat & Sun until Aug 31 2017
    • Happy Hour

      38rmb nett on select draft beers. Simple. Neat.
      Nightlife | Kaiba (Huangpu) | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Happy Hour

      38rmb nett on select draft beers. Simple. Neat.
      Nightlife | Kaiba (Jing'An) | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Evenings with Carol at the Lobby Lounge

      Liven up your evenings with live music at the Lobby Lounge, as they welcome resident musician Carol who will be performing daily from 8.30pm to 11.30pm. Expect soulful covers with generous doses of spontaneity from this multi-talented...
      Nightlife | Lobby Lounge (Pudong Shangri-La) | Daily
    • Tuesday Pub Quiz

      Weekly trivia quiz on Tuesdays at My Place Ruin Bar. Test your knowledge, have some fun, grab a drink. Winners get a bottle of Absolute and the runners-up get a 200rmb voucher to spend at the bar for the next week.
      Community, Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Tuesdays until Oct 10 2017
    • Happy Hour Mondays

      The Jing'an art bar's regular happy hour deal extends all night on Mondays. 30rmb for Carlsberg, red & white wine, and single mixed drinks.
      Nightlife | My Place Ruin Bar | Mondays
    • Happy Hour Drinks

      Every day of the week from 6pm till 8pm enjoy discounts on selected drinks on the rooftop of Kartel. 30rmb drinks. Sparkling, Red and White wine, Stella Beer, White Hoegaarden, Sangria, Margarita, Punch Aperol Spritz, Ricard.
      Nightlife | Kartel | Daily
    • Happy Hour for Foreign Students

      Every day of the week, foreign students with a valid students ID get access to 10rmb bottled domestic beer -- Tiger, Carlsberg, and Tsing Tao. This one's for the leaders of tomorrow.
      Nightlife | Windows Scoreboard | Daily until Jun 6 2018
    • L.I.P.S by S.A.G.B.

      Love in Public Spaces... your new Wednesday rendez-vous starring wine, tapas, dance, and galipettes. Funky DJ Sets by S.A.G.B from 7pm to late in the sunken city.
      Nightlife | Le Cafe des Stagiaires (Found 158) | Wednesdays

      JR Early Bird; Sunday to Wednesday 2pm-9pm, get 3 select cocktails for 120rmb. JR Summer Festival; Sunday to Wednesday 9pm-midnight, buy two get one on Steenbrugge Wit-Blanche and selected cocktails.
      Nightlife | JR Recipe (Taixing Lu) | Daily except Thu, Fri & Sat until Sep 1 2017
    • Fantasy Soiree: Cabaret Show

      To follow up on the Cabaret Soiree, the Moulin Rouge Soiree, and the Desire Soiree--the Pearl presents: the Fantasy Cabaret Show to continue their steamy summer shows. Starting August 8 this one with run through the end of the month...
      Arts, Nightlife | The Pearl | Every Wed, Fri, Sat until Aug 30
    • Ladies Night At Palmetto

      Ladies night at Palmetto, every Thursday. 30rmb on boozy teas and house wines. Starts at 5pm, goes until the clock strikes twelve.
      Nightlife | Palmetto | Thursdays
    • Summer Beer: Stella Buy 1 Get 1 Free

      Buy one get one on Stella beers. All day. All Big Bamboos. Every day. Until August 31st.
      Nightlife | Big Bamboo | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Thirsty Thursdays

      Watermelon Margaritas every Thursday at Zapata's. 40rmb if you want regular Jose Cuervo, 50rmb for 1800 Super Premium Tequila.
      Nightlife | Zapata's | Thursdays until Dec 28 2017
    • Thursday Ladies Night

      Ladies Night at this Blue Marlin location (and this one only). Sangria and actually very good Rekordelig Cider available in 5 fruit flavors for ladies, buy 1 get one from 8pm till late.
      Nightlife | Blue Marlin (Hongfeng Lu) | Thursdays
    • HipHop Fridays - DJ Big One

      Every Friday, DJ Big One's on the decks from 9pm-1am at Liquid Laundry, playing hip hop.
      Nightlife | Liquid Laundry | Fridays until Dec 1 2017
    • Happy Hours

      Daily happy hours at Chez Maurice, all week. Everyday from 6-8pm, Chez Maurice does buy-one-get-one on wines and cocktails.
      Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | Daily until Dec 26 2017
    • Daily Promotion

      Daily promotion at Chez Maurice; buy a big plate of French Charcuterie or cheese, and you get two glasses of red wine for free.
      Dining, Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | Daily until Dec 31 2017
    • Whiskey Wednesday: Half Price Single Malt

      The Blarney Stone (Yongkang Lu) is now doing a 'Whisky Wednesday' every week. All single malts will be half price starting from 10pm to close.
      Nightlife | Blarney Stone | Wednesdays until May 31 2018
    • Build Your Own Bloody Mary

      Every weekend from 10.30am to 5pm, you can try your hand as bartender at Daliah's make your own Bloody Mary station for 99rmb (usually 199rmb). There'll also be free flow wine and prosecco for 108rmb and 130rmb for free flow mimosas and...
      Nightlife | Daliah | Every Sat, Sun until Aug 26
    • Oh My Happy Hour

      Oh. My. Burger! is offering a daily happy hour from 5-10pm Monday through Friday. Buy one, get one on all beer, wine, and cocktails. Prices range from 30-55rmb.
      Nightlife | OH.MY.BURGER | Daily until Dec 31 2017
    • Wednesday Tequila Night

      Every Wednesday a cool round of tequila is only 50rmb all night. Big round, small round... who knows. Tequila. It's what's for dinner. Expect some mamasitas and crowd at Lotus bar lounge in the Cool Docks. No guarantees whatsoever....
      Nightlife | Club Lotus | Wednesdays
    • Happy Hour

      Daily happy hour at DK 1308 Brauhaus. Order any type or size of beer and they give you another one for free. Everyday 2-6pm.
      Nightlife | DK1308 | Daily until Nov 30 2017
    • Free Flow Beer

      Every Thursday, free flow beer from 7 to 11pm, for 88rmb.
      Nightlife | Grill and Chill | Thursdays until Sep 28 2017
    • Stella Beer Buy 1 Get 1 Free

      Stella beer. Buy 1 Get 1. All day. All Big Bamboos. Every day. Until August 31.
      Nightlife | Big Bamboo (Jinqiao) | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • Stella Beer Buy 1 Get 1 Free

      Buy 1 get 1 Stella. All day. All Bamboos. Every day. Until August 31.
      Nightlife | Big Bamboo (Hongqiao) | Daily until Aug 31 2017
    • G&T Tuesday

      Tuesdays at Chez Maurice's Bar, buy-one-get-one on GnT's all night.
      Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | Tuesdays until Dec 26 2017
    • Ultimate Sundowner

      Every day from Sunday to Friday, from 4-7pm, the Long Bar does a complimentary second round (sounds like a happy hour) on local and international beers, craft beers, frozen margaritas, daiquiris and.
      Nightlife | Long Bar | Daily until Sep 30 2017
    • Ladies Night

      Ladies night every Wednesday at La Cabane, buy dinner, get one free glass sparkling wine. If you a lady. Runs from 7 to 10pm till September 27.
      Nightlife | La Cabane | Wednesdays until Sep 27 2017


    • 2017-08-21 Finished

      You Paint, We Pour

      A happy hour deal at Roxie, buy one get one on beer, house wine, and house spirits from 6pm-9pm. It'll be a paint and pour event, to get your creative juices flowing. Art packs will be available to purchase or you can bring your own....
      Nightlife | Roxie | on Mon Aug 21, 2017
    • 2017-08-20 Finished

      NTS Radio Live from Shanghai

      Back again with their monthly show, China Social Club has invited YX FANG, Siesta and NMLSS to join the broadcast. Music will go from 3-7pm at Smash. Free entry.
      Nightlife | Smash | on Sun Aug 20, 2017
    • 2017-08-20 Finished

      Space Out! hosted by Endy

      Takashi Shima's a keyboardist for a funk band called Piper. The album in question was used as an advertisement for sunscreen. Elevator's playing the whole thing starting at 5pm. Lie down on mats in total darkness while Endy plays the...
      Nightlife | Elevator | on Sun Aug 20, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished


      In 2014, ZHU hit the the electronic music scene as an anonymous artist with The NIGHTDAY EP. His underground hits accumulated over a half a billion plays and earned the artist a Grammy nomination. ZHU’s follow-up EP featured a...
      Nightlife | Arkham | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      China Social Club - Three Years of Parties

      The China Social Club/Aussie Social Club pairing of Djs PCJ and Frau is turning three years old. So they're throwing a party. They grow up so quick. Soon they'll be off to party college for undergrad degrees in Party Studies they'll...
      Nightlife | Smash | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-09 Finished

      Sweet Candy Clevelander Party by I&IX

      Kuzmenko Olha's a lingerie designer who's hosting an event that’s sort-of-kind-of inspired by the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It'll be half girls in lingerie, half dinner party. Spend the evening dining with actors, who will then...
      Nightlife | Sea Wheel | Daily until Aug 19 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Squad Out! Presents: Lookas & LUMBERJVCK

      Squad Out will be a mashup of powerhouse DJs Lookas and LUMBERJVCK. Lookas is a Miami-based producer who’s making heavy trap even heavier. This year he was named one of Rolling Stones’ Top Ten Acts To Watch, and has played some of the...
      Nightlife | Modern Sky Lab | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Handle With Care

      Round 4 of Handle With Care: Shanghai's temple of breakbeat. Selectors Beardslap, Turner and Mike Ward are digging up old school hip-hop breaks, acid and '90s classics, modern house and bass breaks. Starts at 10pm, and no cover.
      Nightlife | C's | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-18 Finished

      Jazz Season

      JZ Club and Chez Maurice are teaming up for a night of jazz (that's JZ's contribution) at Chez Maurice Bar (Chez Maurice's contribution). This weekend's Alec Haavik (tenor/soprano sax) with with ensemble "Fricion Universe," melding......
      Nightlife | Chez Maurice Bar | Daily until Aug 19 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Metal Karaoke

      You read that right, it's karaoke night at Shanghai's. Inferno has decided that it's had enough of all these "bands" and "musicians" cramming up the stage, so they're instead inviting every regular headbanger, metalhead and Ripper Owens...
      Nightlife | Inferno | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Craft Beer Day

      Craft Beer day at Sasha's means all craft beers are 30rmb. It'll run from 2pm-6pm with a live band starting at 3pm. Free entry.
      Nightlife | Sasha's | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      SOUL OF ROCK feat, Olan, Double & the Tribes of Asaph

      The Pearl's putting on a night of rock with 3 local bands. OLAM, Double and the Tribes of Asaph. There'll be some rock, funk, some rap, some R'n'B, some acoustic guitar... you know, live music. 60rmb on presale, or 80rmb at the door....
      Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Love Bang: Tigerstyle w/Ceezy

      Love Bang's putting on a night of dance music and ART . This month they've gotten hip hop producer Ceezy to stop playing MMOs, and he'll be playing some early hip hop, funk and soul, followed by bass, hip hop and eccentricities from DJ...
      Nightlife | Dada | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Techno Train pres. Rada Noize (UA)

      Techno Train back with special guest Ukrainian DJ Rada Noize. DJ Lina (Techno Train's organizer) will be on as support. Things get kicked off at 1am, it's 100rmb (with a drink) to get in after 2am.
      Nightlife | Celia by Pulse | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
    • 2017-08-19 Finished

      Room 303 pres. Yoshinaga / Provoda / Ginga

      A monthly night hosted by MIIIA dedicate to outer space tripping, acid bassline, getting a little loosey-goosey with some techno. Artists showcased in the past have included Bambounou, Traumer, Rebekah, Etapp Kyle and Par Gridnvik. This...
      Nightlife | Elevator | on Sat Aug 19, 2017
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