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    • Found 158

      • Address
        158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Lu
        巨鹿路158号, 近瑞金路
      • Phone

      Once known as the seedy, underground bar maze Da Tong Mill, this development just off Julu Lu has sprung back to life with a boatload of venues; restaurants, bars, lounges, live music venues, a pretty decent pizza place, a little performance theatre in a bar, the... Read more

    • Bar Rouge

      • Address
        Bund 18, 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu
        中山东一路18号外滩18号7楼, 近南京东路
      • Phone
        6339 1199

      Open since 2004, Bar Rouge is far and away the most famous club in Shanghai, and sets the standard for Bund nightlife. Terrace view, classy sleek interiors and a French-Shanghai identity. They went through a renovation in January 2019, reopening with a razzle-dazzle... Read more

    • The Pearl

      • Address
        471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu
        乍浦路471号, 近武进路
      • Phone
        137 6488 9962

      This historic theater up in Hongkou was once a temple, then it was Chinatown, now it's a bubbling club/lounge/bar regularly hosting cabaret theater shows. It's a really beautiful old space with a gallery and theater boxes, with a real feeling of history in the wood,... Read more

    • Lost Heaven (Bund)

      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        17 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Sichuan Nan Lu
        延安东路17号, 近四川南路
      • Phone
        6330 0967

      This is the flagship location of Yunnan restaurant Lost Heaven. They do relatively authentic Yunaan food, and if you wanna do pre- or post-dinner drinks they have a really nice terrace on the roof. Prices are reasonable for the location and views. Definitely a good... Read more

    • Kartel

      • Address
        5/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu
        襄阳北路1号5楼, 近巨鹿路
      • Phone
        5404 2899

      Well-designed, casual French bar and lounge with a great rooftop that has one of the best views in town. The guy who started this used to be with Dr. Wine, then broke off to start his own spot. The place is warm, with wooden floors, exposed bricks, and long, communal... Read more

    • Candor

      • Address
        3/F, 57 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu
        茂名南路57号3楼, 近长乐路
      • Phone
        183 2189 5998

      Tucked into the velvety loft of the Lyceum Theatre (take the stairs up to the right immediately inside the doors), Candor is a cocktail bar with a small/intimate stage. It leans heavily on... Read more

    • TAXX

      • Address
        B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu
        巨鹿路158号B1楼, 近瑞金一路
      • Phone
        3330 7988

      One of the biggest nightclubs in Shanghai, it has two floors, 3,000 square meters of partying space with an industrial look. TAXX is owned by Shanghainese actor Zheng Kai, a high-profile celeb among younger Chinese audience and frequently spotted on many popular... Read more

    • M1NT

      • $
      • $
      • $
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      • Address
        24/F, 318 Fuzhou Lu, near Shandong Zhong Lu
        福州路318号24楼, 近山东中路
      • Phone

      This is one of the poshest clubs in Shanghai. It's on the top floor of a skyscraper near the Bund and affords nice views of the city. Inside, there are shark tanks and lots of luxurious decor, plus a high-end restaurant, a club and a lounge area. Drinks are pricey... Read more

    • Manhattan

      • Address
        154 Nanyang Lu, near Xikang Lu
        南阳路154号, 进西康路
      • Phone
        6247 6656

      One of Shanghai's oldest bars, which used to be on Tongren Lu before that street was cleaned up. Manhattan remains popular with that Tongren Lu type of crowd. How do we put this... It's very popular with foreign men and friendly Filipino, Thai and Vietnamese girls.... Read more

    • The Captain

      • Address
        6/F, 37 Fuzhou Lu, near Sichuan Zhong Lu
        福州路37号6楼, 近四川中路
      • Phone
        6323 7869

      Hidden on the roof of Captain's Hostel, The Captain sportingly provides a cheaper alternative to some of its neighboring bars along The Bund. Comes with a roof terrace and a very nifty view. Nautical-themed decor and a drinks menu averaging in the 70rmb range. Food... Read more

    • Zeitgeist

      • Address
        537 Haifang Lu, near Xikang Lu
        海防路537号, 近西康路
      • Phone
        3220 5986

      The result of a couple of German dudes and a roughly 5-day window to convert Bubbly Nation into a genuine Bavarian pub, they serve beer. They serve German food. They've got shelves of beer steins. They don't have lederhosen or Alpine hats hanging on the walls.... Read more

    • Speak Low

      • Address
        579 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu
        复兴中路579号, 近瑞金二路
      • Phone
        6416 0133

      This busy Japanese-style speakeasy is hidden behind a secret door in a bartending equipment shop on Fuxing Lu. It spans four floors, each with its own concept. The lively second floor recalls a house party and they serve classic cocktails like Corpse Reviver No.2 and... Read more

    • The Nest

      • $
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      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        6/F, 130 Beijing Dong Lu, near Huqiu Lu
        北京东路130号中实大厦6楼, 近虎丘路
      • Phone
        6308 7669

      Super popular bar / restaurant / lounge by nightclub brand Muse Group and Grey Goose vodka, right by the Rockbund Art Museum. Good design, good drinks, great food. They specialize in vodka-based cocktails (60-80rmb) and high-end bar food like oysters and steaks.... Read more

    • The Spot

      • Address
        152 Tongren Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu
        铜仁路152号, 近南京西路
      • Phone
        6247 3579

      Cheap and cheerful legacy bar chain providing the basic grease for the veteran expat's engine. In terms of decor, The Spot is slightly nicer and more spacious than other options for sports bars in Shanghai, and caters well to larger groups. With an emphasis on gastro... Read more

    • Monkey

      • Address
        2/F, 145 Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu
        五原路145号2楼, 近乌鲁木齐中路
      • Phone
        6416 1678

      Intimate (read: tiny) cocktail bar from the fellows behind Monkey Champagne, located just above Diner on Wuyuan Lu. Read more

    • CÉ LA VI

      • Address
        8/F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu
        中山东路一路27号8楼, 近北京东路
      • Phone
        6333 5877

      Three-in-one nightlife hub on the Bund. Dining, lounge cocktail bar and club with its own dedicated entrance, kind of like M1NT, its nearest comparison. Nice terrace on the dining and lounge side. Food is pan-Asian or modern Asian fusion. Think burrata with XO sauce.... Read more

    • UP Shanghai

      • Address
        2/F, 688 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Kangding Lu
        陕西北路688号2楼, 近康定路
      • Phone

      A fast-paced cocktail bar with a uuuuge bar, but also an urban-chic nightclub, UP has the determined party-vibes of a Latin lounge minus the soundtrack, and it has a terrace. And a kitchen that stays open till 2am. And Sunday brunch. Yeah, it's hard to pin... Read more

    • Revolucion Cocktail

      • $
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      • $
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      • $
      • Address
        98 Yanping Lu, near Xinzha Lu
        延平路98号, 近新闸路
      • Phone
        187 1778 2230

      Casual, colorful cocktail bar and danceclub in the heart of Jing'an, with Latin-style vibes, good sound and proper drinks. Popular spot. So popular, in fact, it's spawned locations in Bangkok, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Kunming and Xiamen. It's spacious, ideal... Read more

    • The Fellas

      • Address
        7/F, 7 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
        延安东路7号7楼, 近中山东一路
      • Phone
        6316 9119

      Formerly Shen, this rooftop bar just off the Bund is now part of the Goodfellas family. Since they've taken over, little has changed, other than the name and the fact that pizzas are now on the menu. Drink offerings remain roughly the same: cocktails, wine, and beer,... Read more

    • V Spot

      • Address
        5/F, 218 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu
        新乐路218号5楼, 近东湖路
      • Phone
        3424 9003

      Described as a sex-positive adult toy store, it's also a wine bar, a dance studio and an art gallery. Read more

    • Cages (Jiangning Lu)

      • Address
        3/F, 428 Jiangning Lu, near Wuding Lu
        江宁路428号3楼, 近武定路
      • Phone
        5299 5273

      The new Cages is absolutely massive. More than just batting cages, they also have squash courts, a full field for five-a-side soccer and dodgeball, an area for professional darts, a private space for events, more TV screens than a Best Buy, and just everything else... Read more

    • Shake

      • Address
        3/F, 46 Maoming Nan Lu, near Jinxian Lu
        茂名南路46号3楼, 近进贤路
      • Phone
        6230 7175

      Opened by the owners of Heyday and Chef Danyi Gao, Shake is based on New York supper clubs from the 1960s, where patrons would spend an entire evening at the venue for food, drinks, and entertainment. Shake's dinner menu features fusion dishes like honey cheese tofu,... Read more

    • Liquid Laundry

      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        KWah Centre, 2/F, 1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Donghu Lu
        淮海中路1028号, 嘉华坊2楼, 近东湖路
      • Phone
        6445 9589

      Popular gastro-pub / lounge by serial restauranteur Kelly Lee, the woman behind Sproutworks, iiiiit, Boxing Cat, and Cantina Agave. This one has a fully-functional brewery and they usually have a dozen of their brews on tap, which change constantly and can get quite... Read more

    • Dada

      • Address
        115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu
        幸福路115号, 近法华镇路
      • Phone
        150 0018 2212

      Dada is a classic Shanghai dive bar / small-club that has local DJs spinning house and underground dance music Thursday-Saturday. Situated in the middle of Xingfu Lu, it caters to a younger Chinese and expat crowd in a comfortable, pretentious-free environment.... Read more

    • Highline

      • Address
        6/F, 282 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
        淮海中路282号雅诗阁公寓6楼, 近黄陂南路
      • Phone
        6333 0176

      Highline is a contemporary American and cocktails from a trio of F&B veterans. The plan: All-day and late night California classics cuisine. The look: mid-century Miami-fornia minimalist chic sunken living room batch pad. The price points: Cocktails from 68rmb to... Read more

    • Blue Note Jazz Club

      • Address
        3-5/F, 867 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Haining Lu
        四川北路867号3-5楼, 近海宁路
      • Phone
        139 1870 6076

      Branch of the acclaimed international jazz club, opened in mid 2019 up in Hongkou. The first one in Shanghai and the tenth worldwide. It is 1,700 square meters, with the main room sitting 300 people at once, but it feels a bit... spare. Like a grey box with a stage.... Read more

    • The Cannery

      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • $
      • Address
        1107 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu
        愚园路1107号, 近江苏路
      • Phone
        5276 0599

      Beautiful lounge with great food at good prices. This one is by the same team as popular Rockbund venue The Nest, but located far west of there on mellow and historic Yuyuan Lu. One of the main themes here is the sea, so fresh seafood is all over the menu. Go for the... Read more

    • Columbia Circle

      • Address
        1262 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu
        延安西路1262号, 近番禺路
      • Phone

      A historical compound that used to house, among other things, the old Navy Club, the Columbia Country Club--a popular hangout for Americans in the 20s and 40s--and a mansion built for Sun Ke, the son of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, by Hungarian architect Lazlo Hudec. After the... Read more

    • VUE (Bar)

      • Address
        Hyatt on the Bund, 32-33/F, 199 Huangpu Lu, near Wuchang Lu
        黄浦路199号, 外滩茂悦大酒店32-33楼 近武昌路
      • Phone
        6393 1234 ext 6348

      VUE Bar atop the Hyatt on the Bund is a great place to sip on some after work cocktails, or lounge after a long Sunday Brunch. With amazing views of the Bund, wood interior and jacuzzi on the outdoor terrace, it's a beautiful and equipped place to enjoy a mellow... Read more

    • Funkadeli (Fumin Lu)

      • Address
        A Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu
        富民路291号, 近长乐路
      • Phone
        6170 1318

      Relaxed atmosphere and plenty of seating inside and outside, but with enough room left to stand if it gets crowded. The food menu is quite extensive. Cold cuts and cheese platters are 120rmb, and lasagna, salads, wraps, panini, focaccia, and even some vegetarian... Read more

    • Skrillex China Tour

      Skrillex on a Wednesday! The international posterboy of dubstep and acclaimed producer is in Shanghai as part of his China Tour to help mark the opening of a new club near People's Square.
      • Nightlife | BEEHIVE | on Wed Dec 18 2019
    • Woken Monday

      DJ Airtem plays Latin, hip-hop, house and Top 40, with BOGO on Moscow Mules until 11pm. Free entrance.
    • Blue Man Group 2019

      Blue Man Group is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. This wildly popular phenomenon delivers an unforgettable, multi-sensory experience. It’s an outrageous evening of entertainment. See the show that has...
    • BRETT China Tour

      Los Angeles by-way-of DC band BRETT began releasing music in 2013. Their catalog consists of dreamy pop songs that showcase a range of thematic topics such as love, loss, regret, and rebirth. They have shared the stage with the likes of...
    • Luke Thompson 2019

      Independent musician Luke Thompson, always full of poetic fantasies about the distance, has set foot on the Chinese mainland, bringing folk songs to fans who've only known his music online. Think American folk and country music. Bob...
    • Bianca Gismonti Trio

      A trio of music veterans. Bianca Gismonti, Piano and Vocal, began her music career and set foot on the stage all over the world at age fifteen. In 2013, she released her first original album, “Sonhos de Nascimento”, and has since...
    • Wonder Women: The Pearl's Pole Competition

      Expect to see some true pole dancing athletes and talents all coming together for just one night. When done correctly, pole dancing combines benefits of strength training, endurance training, cardio and flexibility. Besides just building...
    • The Last Tuesday Tunesday: Christmas Edition

      The last Tuesday Tunesday for the foreseeable future. After a year and a half, the Elevate crew need more time to focus on their other events, and fewer Wednesdays hungover, so here it is, the last hurrah. Christmas is the theme,...
      • Community, Nightlife | TY7 | on Tue Dec 10 2019
    • LÉON You And I Tour Part II

      Swedish singer-songwriter LÉON is bringing her “You and I Tour Part II” to Shanghai for the very first time! Born to musician parents in Stockholm, Sweden, LÉON is quite the name, and quite the voice, doing what she knows best: pop....
    • Paellas Farewell Concert

      PAELLAS are a 4-piece band based in Tokyo, Japan. Their sound, created by interpreting all kinds of genres through their own unique filter, could be best described as sexual and romantic.Their live performance embodies the melancholic...
    • John Escreet Quartet

      Over the course of his career, John Escreet has earned a reputation as one of the most active and diverse pianist/composers working in jazz and improvised music. His prolific output is reflected over the course of 8 diverse and...
    • XIA | 下

      XIA | 下 has been the city's only night dedicated to the more ambient side of musical genres celebrates one spectacular year of laid-back vibes and down tempo tunes. Having brought together some the finest alternative musicians off the...
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Thu Dec 12 2019
    • Caspian China Tour 2019

      New Noise proudly end this year with an eight date China tour for American instrumentalists Caspian, presenting new work from their upcoming album. After a sold-out tour in 2016 the band has cemented itself as stand-alone leader of...
    • Frank Bray Performs: A Sinatra Big Band Christmas

      Ol’ Blue Eyes is back on stage with Shanghai’s favorite Sinatra Tribute act, Frank Bray at the 17-piece Pearl Big Band, conducted by Antonio Ximenez. A one night only tribute, dedicated to the sound and songs of the greatest voice of the...
    • Florent Mothe

      Florent Mothe is a French pop singer, musician, and actor. Born in 1981, he began formal musical studies in elementary school at the age of seven. A multi-instrumentalist, he is fluent on flute, guitar, bass, piano, and synthesizer, but...
    • Paul Gilbert BEHOLD ELECTRIC Tour

      Paul Brandon Gilbert, co-founder of Mr. Big and star guitarist of Racer X, is coming to Shanghai as part of his Behold Electric Guitar Asia Tour! Voted the fourth greatest shredder of all time by GuitarOne magazine and up there with...
    • Monday Night Laughs

      Comedians of all levels come together every Monday to try out new material and polish tried and tested bits. Join the audience for a free look into how the Stand Up Comedy Sausage is made. If you'd like to try performing stand up, just...
    • 2019 Christmas Eve with Jazz at Lincoln Center Shanghai

      Shenel Johns, described as "history in the making" by the The Boston Globe, will team up with other 4 artists and present a Christmas Eve performance. Celebrate the holidays with some enchanting jazz, and get into the spirit of love with...
    • Midnight Lab: Dusty Kid

      Dusty Kid, born "Paolo Alberto Lodde" in the first half of the 80s was a natural prodigy. At age of 10, he was admitted directly to the 6th grade at the conservatory of music in his native city. Following his academic studies, Pablo...
    • Happy Hour at Cantina Agave

      Happy Hour at Cantina Agave from 5pm to 8pm Monday to Friday. House Wines RMB35, Sangria 35rmb, Prosecco 35rmb, four different flavors of Margaritas 40rmb, all House Spirits 45rmb, Goose Island IPA 45rmb, Draft Asahi 30rmb, Dos Equis...
    • Nobody Has To Know

      Weekly party created by SOUND OF SHANGHAI, including DJs S.Kiv, Kadwell, Ton Kaya, CYR, and Djazz, playing everything from hip hop and urban electro to pop and funky house. Free entry.
    • Mi Casa Es Su Casa

      A big Latin party with salsa dance classes, live percussionist Thomas Dyani, and Latin music all night long. Mojitos are BOGO until 11pm too.
    • Unicorn Party

      Are you a unicorn? Every Wednesday free selected cocktails for all ladies till midnight. This night deserves a special treatment transforming Revolucion into a magical mystical Unicorn. Decorations and surprises for all ladies. Resident...
    • Tropical Happy Hour

      50rmb on select tiki cocktails at the modern tiki bar from Yao Lu and Austin Hu, every day from 3-8pm. Frozen Pina Coladas for the win.
    • Disco Heaven New Year's Eve Party

      MVP Events is hosting a New Year’s Eve party at Park Hyatt Shanghai, farewell to year 2019. On Dec 31, from 8pm till 4am, on the 91st floor of Park Hyatt Shanghai, for a night of great food, drinks, and music on one of the highest towers...
    • #Don't Stop# Beer Challenge

      Every Friday in December, Zapfler teams up with AMORELIE, the sex toy producer, for a couple-themed night of challenges that will, we're guessing, involve both beer and sex toys. Eight couples will be contacted on Thursday, letting them...
    • Gold NYE 2020

      Bar Rouge Shanghai suits up in gold to usher in 2020 with upbeat vibes by resident DJs Keint, Antyflex & Doggy. Dress up in your finest attire with a touch of gold, glitter up and sparkle. Make sure to get down there before 10.30pm to...
    • The CUT Rooftop New Year’s Eve

      Celebrate a very disco New Year’s Eve with many, many drinks, all night long.! Open bar free-flow from 10pm till late, including sparkling wine, red and white wine, beer and mixed drinks. Dress like you’re in the 80’s. Pre-sale ticket...
    • New Year’s Champagne Shower at Kartel

      For the last day of 2019, Kartel follows its yearly traditions: CHAMPAGNE SHOWER! Dinner and a party, with a countdown on Kartel’s rooftop terrace. Disco funk rhythms by Catchoumi. Free-flow Champagne, Wine and Mixers for 548rmb...
    • Tomatito Sexy Hour

      Buy-One-Get-One-Free on house wine, beer, cava and gin & tonic.
    • Aura Jazz Night

      Take a sip while overlook the breathtaking night view of The Bund from the 52nd floor. Immerse in the glamour of the live Jazz performance after a long day at work with six new cocktails for you to try. 8:30pm to 11.30pm every Monday to...
    • King Louie Launch & Dessert Party

      In celebration of the limited release of King Louie Imperial Stout bottles, Boxing Cat is throwing a TREAT YO’SELF dessert party at our Xintiandi Flagship location on December 8th. They’ll have 68rmb Blackout Baby Beer Floats (King Louie...
    • Miko Fukuhara

      Fukuhara debuted under independent Yumecha Records in Sapporo Japan debuting with single and mini-album, “The Roots” and “Step Out”. After the local success of the records, Fukuhara was soon Signed to national label Sony Music Japan in...
    • Stand Up Comedy Open Mic

      See some of Shanghai's best comedians try out their material at a free comedy show with a great atmosphere and sense that anything could happen. Fancy performing yourself? All are welcome, whether you just want to tick it off the bucket...
    • Stand Up Comedy Open Mic

      See some of Shanghai's best comedians try out their material at a free comedy show with a great atmosphere and sense that anything could happen. Fancy performing yourself? All are welcome, whether you just want to tick it off the bucket...
    • Hogchoker, Faux Fighters and Deku

      Three Shanghai rock bands play a free show at the original rockhouse, Yuyintang.
      • Nightlife | YYT | on Wed Dec 11 2019
    • Trivia Night

      Every Thursday, Abbey Road hosts a Trivia Night. Join in on the fun as a team member or just a regular customer. You can form a team together with your friends and family to compete against the others... ...And fight each other all night...
    • 12/12 Promotion

      Online and in the Tap Room from 12PM-12AM this 12/12, score all crowlers for 48rmb.
    • John Shanghai Live Jam Session

      John Shanghai Live Jam Session plays up on The Fellas Terrace. Free entry.
    • Gipsy Folk Gig with Ekram & Hwo

      Voice, guitar and trumpet for this duo: from classic melodies of the Spanish guitars, to the folk songs of his native Xinjiang, to the gipsy and jazz melodies, Ekram repertoire is wide. The addition of the Hwa's trumpet give a jazz touch...
    • Very Open Mic

      The concept of VOM is to open its stage to all wanna-be performers, and nurture free art expression. VoM is open to all. Register by scanning QR code to perform. Free.
    • China Social Club presents Vibrating Colour

      Inspired by the phenomenon of vibrating colour in print design wherein the edges of two adjacent colours appear to blur and move, China Social Club brings a night of high intensity sound and visual motion. Free.
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Fri Dec 13 2019
    • Gala JEF Roaring 20's

      very year, the JEF - the organisation for Young French Entrepreneurs - in Shanghai organizes its own Gala, and this year celebration on the 13th December is all about "Shanghai in the Roaring 20s". 490rmb. Scan QR code in flyer for tickets.
    • Sarah McKenzie

      After enchanting jazz fans with her 2015 Impulse! Records debut, We Could Be Lovers, Sarah McKenzie returns with the follow-up, Paris in the Rain. Like before, the 28-year-old, Melbourne, Australia-born singer, pianist, composer and...
    • Bridget

      A Friday showcase featuring two British bands DaHaHa and The Floor, and two Shanghai local bands Tang Trio Plus and Weekend Project. 60rmb pre-sale, 80rmb on the door.
      • Nightlife | YYT | on Fri Dec 13 2019
    • Herrensauna x Elevator

      Herrensauna means liberation, expression, beauty, sweat. The Berlin queer rave's co-founders and main residents CEM and MCMLXXXV take over Elevator for a night of pushing bodies and tempos. Support from Everlast Phantom b2b Yinan,...
      • Nightlife | Elevator | on Fri Dec 13 2019
    • Up A Tree Pop Weekender

      Three indiepop bands from Tokyo and Osaka: Pictured Resort, Luby Sparks and Still Dreams. 140rmb pre-sale or 180rmb on the door.
    • Till Bronner

      Till Brönner is Germany’s leading jazz trumpeter. While he is known for his virtuosity, he is also referred to as a ‘German Chet Baker’. 200-380rmb.
    • CAC Annual Christmas Party & Reggae Dancehall Afterparty

      Caribbean Association China throws their Christmas party from 6-10pm with a big buffet of Caribbean eats and games. Afterwards it's the afterparty at CAZA. 348rmb for the dinner, including entrance to the party. For just the afterparty,...
    • FoS x Curfew Christmas Giveaway Party

      Big Christmas partay at Curfew with "gifts for everyone" including cashmere scarves. 150rmb pre-sale.
      • Nightlife | Curfew | on Sat Dec 14 2019
    • JACK 4 JACK

      JACK 4 JACK is a monthly gathering of Shanghai heads who love true house music. What is true house music? "True house music consists of four main ingredients. A cup of spirituality, a tablespoon of love, a dash of togetherness, and a...
      • Nightlife | Elevator | on Sat Dec 14 2019
    • Sharpshooters 3rd Anniversary

      After 3 years as a successful tag team, DJ Reaper and Big Kerm are throwing a huge anniversary party, filled with free gifts and surprises all night. Free entry before 11:30pm. 100rmb with a drink afterward.
    • Beer University: Porter vs. Stout

      Fall into the darkness while comparing the different brewing techniques that distinguish porters, stouts, dark ales, schwarzbiers, and other midnight-colored beers. For 198RMB, sample six of the roastiest, complex (5oz) pours, including...
    • Stand Up Comedy Showcase

      Featuring among others 2019 Bangkok International Comedy Competition winner Eric Alexander and as seen on Craig Ferguson Barney Rivera. Tickets include 1 free drink and are 70rmb presale or 80rmb at the door.
    • Anthony Strong

      10 years, 4 albums and over 300 shows since his debut release, British singer-pianist Anthony Strong has established a reputation as a charismatic singer, a swinging pianist and, above all, a consummate performer. His new album, ‘Me And...
    • 30/60 Comedy Sketch Show: Christmas Special

      The 30/60 Christmas Special delivers 30 hilarious sketches in 60 minutes, with the audience deciding what comes next, be it a sketch, song, mime or magic trick. Win/win. Tickets come with one free drink and are 70rmb presale or 80rmb at...
    • Exotic Robotic ● Sal Hawk

      From Popasuda founder Skinny Brown comes the new night Exotic Robotic. Sourcing House and Techno from around the world for the past 9 years, Dj Sal Hawk hits the decks with a tribal salute to dance music. Expect Ugandan techno, afro...
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Sat Dec 21 2019
    • Wallace Roney Quintet

      Wallace Roney earned the admiration and respect of his colleagues and his elders since age 16. He has been an integral part of the band with Tony Williams, Ornette Coleman, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Walter Davis Jr.,...
    • Mojito Tuesday

      Every Tuesday, this lounge does mojitos for 60rmb from 7pm-2am.
    • Space Disco Christmas

      Future House Funk Disco Synth-wave Tech-House and select exclusive private brewed Christmas Dance music. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Tue Dec 24 2019
    • Mr. Miss

      Mr. Miss is a jazz vocal group formed by two Peking University students. Founded in 2009, They have received lots of praise from several industry seniors on TV shows such as 《Song of China》 and《Summer of the Band》. Their first...
    • Ladies Night

      House wine and cocktails buy one, get one free for ladies.
      • Nightlife | Cypher | Wednesdays
    • Come Correct

      The Come Correct Crew hosts the OG weekly hip hop and urban music night every Wednesday. Come Correct has been running since 2011 and has been a platform for many of the cities aspiring DJ’s and rappers. DJ Caution, MaoMao Q, Allay...
      • Nightlife | Dada | Wednesdays
    • Good Vibes Only

      A mixture of tropical house, funky house and Afro house and much more. 50rmb including a drink.
    • BOGO Cocktail Night

      Jump start your weekend with BOGO cocktails at Cages on Thursday nights, starting at 9pm (right after Smoked BBQ Thu).
    • Champagne Thursday

      Bottles of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque 2008 Buy 1 Get 1 free before 11pm.
    • RnV presents SPECTRUM

      Dubstep, Jungle, and Drum & Bass. Mind-bending visuals, primo local artists and special guests. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Thu Dec 26 2019
    • Avishai Cohen Quartet

      A year after his impressionistic, award-winning and critically-lauded ECM debut Into The Silence, Avishai Cohen’s Cross My Palm With Silver (May 5th, 2017) introduces a program of new pieces which put the focus on the ensemble, on...
    • Cages Karaoke

      A night of western-style karaoke at the massive Cages space. Choose from any song you want and sing in front of everyone. All singers get a free BrewDog beer or a glass of wine. Winner chosen at 11pm, with top three singers getting more...
    • Crafties Christmas Boogie

      Exiled DJs from the now-defunct Craft bar get together to play house, disco, acid and whatever. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Sat Dec 28 2019
    • Joe Louis Walker

      Joe Louis Walker, a Blues Hall of Fame inductee and four-time Blues Music Award winner, is a guitar virtuoso, unique singer and prolific songwriter. 260-460rmb.
    • Morton’s Filet Day

      Monday and Tuesday, small steak sandwiches are 8rmb each (plus 10%) from 5-7pm. Maximum 12 sandwiches per person.
    • Comedy Open Mic

      Ever thought about trying standup comedy?! Sketch out 5 minutes and hop on one of Comedy UN's weekly open mics and give it a go. Open mics are a night for new & seasoned comics to try out new material in a friendly, supportive...
    • The Blarney Stone Quiz Night

      Test your trivia knowledge and win a 250rmb bar tab on Thursday at the Blarney Stone.
    • Happy Hour

      From 17:00 to 19:00 daily, 50% off on selected Italian wine, by the bottle or served by the glass.
    • Terrific Tuesday

      Tuesdays are discount drink day at Abbey Road, with standard cocktails, beers and wine going for 25rmb each.
    • Happy Hour

      It's happy hour from 10am-8pm at Abbey Road every day, with drink specials on beer, cocktails and wine.
      • Nightlife | Abbey Road | Daily until Dec 31 2019
    • Jameo Dogs

      Daily deal on a shot of Jameson whisky and a bottle of BrewDog craft beer for 60rmb until the end of 2019.
      • Nightlife | TY7 | Daily until Dec 31 2019
    • Happy Hour

      Every day from 5pm until 8pm, selected drinks are 25rmb per glass.
    • Happy Hour

      Daily happy hour from 3-7pm on all draft beers, house wines, prosecco, spritz and on all Gin & Tonic’s
    • Happy Gin Hour

      From 5-7pm daily, Glam does a deal on a range of gin-based cocktails.
      • Nightlife | Glam | Daily
    • Happy Hour

      Funkadeli has a daily happy hour that runs from 4-8pm on Monday to Friday and 4-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Get prosecco, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, and Estrella lager for 30rmb, Shanghai Love IPA, Baladin Rock'n'Roll for ¥45,...
    • Happy Hour

      It’s happy hour all day, everyday at el Bodegon. Drinks are 30rmb, which includes: vodka tonic/cranberry/orange, sangria, Cuba Libre aka rum and coke, Quilmes beer, and house red or white wine.
    • Mojito Monday

      Various fruit flavored mojitos at 68rmb for two, every Monday.
    • Throwback Thursdays

      Classic old school music videos take over all of the TV's and throwback tunes playing all night long, plus drink specials.
      • Nightlife | The Rooster | Thursdays until Dec 31 2019
    • Be My Thai

      A weekend happy hour that includes Urban Thai Lager, Chang Beer, Thai Iced Tea, and Mango Sticky Rice for only 20rmb each. 2-5pm.
    • Free Flow Deal

      Stretch it out from 11am to 3pm with free flow Corona and house Frozen Margaritas. 160rmb.
    • Russian Stand-up Comedy Open Mic

      Russian language stand-up comedy open mic. Every Wednesday, 8:30 pm, free entrance. Are you’re interested in Russian language, Russian culture or maybe you’re a Russian language native speaker? If there is at least one “yes” - welcome to...
      • Nightlife | Masse | Wednesdays
    • Wednesday is Ladies Night

      Every Wednesday is Ladies Night at UVA Wine Bar: all ladies get wine free flow from 7pm to 9pm with a minimum food consumption of 100 rmb/person.
    • Saturday BOGO

      Buy a summer cocktail, get one for free at this Breton crepe place in Reel Mall.
    • Bubbles Day

      Buy one get one sparkling wine all day on Fridays.
    • Happy Hour A La Creperie

      BOGO on cocktails and house wine from Monday to Thursday at the Breton creperie in Reel Mall.
      • Nightlife | La Creperie | Daily except Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Super Hour

      Soak up the booze with two hours of free-flow wine, beer and cocktails for 150rmb at Abbey Road, every day.
    • Margaritaville

      Each and every Thursday from 6pm frozen margaritas are on happy hour prices all evening (40rmb). The selection changes every week.
      • Nightlife | Tacolicious | Thursdays until Dec 31 2019
    • Happy Hour

      Cocktail bar and lounge Curfew has a daily happy hour from 5-8pm, offering up buy-one-get-one craft beer and wine; 58rmb each.
    • Enjoy 69 Time Happy Hour

      V Spot has a daily happy hour that runs from 6pm to 8pm everyday at the sex positive store where you can shop the toys and join the pole dance. Buy one get one free special on selected drinks.
    • The 1515 West Chophouse & Bar New Happy Hour

      New at The Shangri-La's steakhouse and bar. From 5-8pm every day, drinks start at 40rmb each and all come with two free Angus Beef Sliders.
    • Friday Sexy Social Night

      A sexy Truth and Dare Game breaks the ice at this weekly gathering in the sex positive store. 69rmb cover including a drink.
      • Nightlife | V Spot | Fridays
    • Buy 4 Get 1 Free

      After 8pm, buy four of the same drink and get one free.
      • Nightlife | Abbey Road | Daily until Dec 31 2019
    • Rainy Day BOGO

      BOGO on Mexican Mules when it rains, every day but Monday.
    • Exquisite Moment Free-Flow

      Whoa. Five-star hotel St. Regis turns their bar into an inexpensive free-flow option, with unlimited (selected) cocktails, sparkling wines, wines and spirits from 6.30-8pm, for 188rmb (net!) per person. Note, the bar staff tend to call...
    • Sexy Hour

      Tomatito Sexy Hour will run from Monday-Friday, 4–7 pm. Buy 1 Get 1 Free on house Wine, Beer, Cava and Gin & Tonic to go along with the new bar menu.
      • Nightlife | Tomatito | Daily until Dec 31 2019
    • Sibarita Happy Hour

      Three Spanish tapas and free flow beer for 98rmb at Le Meridien Shanghai's casual Spanish restaurant.
      • Nightlife | Sibarita | Daily until Dec 31 2019
    • Revo Deep

      Leo Chiodaroli and guests play funky house and house with a Latin twist. BOGO on Moscow Mules until 11pm. Free entry.
    • CHAMPAGNE - Free Flow Apéro

      Free Flow Apéro Daily 5pm to 8pm. Champagne Apéro from sunset on the Bund. 200rmb per hour.
    • Gin & Tonic BOGO

      Grill Republik has more than 50 different gin brands, and all gin & tonics are BOGO deal on Tuesday.
    • Succubus Night (Ladies Night)

      The sweet succubus, the darkess of creatures that has slain many a man. How metal thou are! INFERNO has revived the ritual of pleasing the succubi, by every Thursday offering them the blood of Dionysus, in a sacred 2 for 1 covenant....
    • Cocktail, Wine & Beer Happy Hour

      From 4-8pm, Jobu has Happy Hour pricing on cocktails, wine & beer. Cocktails for 35rmb, beers for between 35-50rmb.
      • Nightlife | Jobu | Weekdays
    • First (Couple) Rounds Happy Hour

      It's 25rmb on pours before 8pm, then it's 30rmb.
    • Happy Hour With A Slice

      Buy a slice of pizza and get half-off on a beer or a spritz (25rmb), from 4-7pm Mon-Thu.
    • Happy Hour

      30rmb on beer, 40rmb on mixed drinks, 15rmb on shots, starts at 8pm (if they open on time), stops around 10pm.
    • Cocktail Thirstday

      Three cocktails for 100rmb every Thursday until the end of 2019.
      • Nightlife | STYX | Thursdays until Dec 31 2019
    • Happy Hour

      Happy hour at Pistolera Jinqiao now goes all week, with 25% off drinks from 4pm.
    • SENSO Happy Hour

      All cocktails and wine by glass are 39rmb (comes with complimentary cicchetti). Special prices for bottles of wine. Every day from 4-7.30 pm.
      • Nightlife | SENSO | Daily until Dec 31 2019
    • All Week Happy Hour

      Extended happy hour into the weekend, meaning 25% off on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Jazz Fueled Masquerade Count Down Party

      Jazz night for New Years on the 53rd floor, with vintage classics from 8pm to late. 388rmb including free-flow Mumm Champagne, and other drinks.
      • Nightlife | Piano | on Tue Dec 31 2019
    • The Countdown Celebration

      Witness the release of 10,000 balloons in the atrium as the New Year rings in, with a live band to keep it all moving along. 588rmb including free-flow Mumm Champagne and other drinks.
      • Nightlife | Patio | on Tue Dec 31 2019
    • Sky High Heat Countdown Party

      Party it up at Cloud 9 with guest DJ, dress up in your most fun attire and say goodbye to 2019. 588rmb including free-flow Mumm Champagne, selected sparkling wine, red and white wine, beer and soft drinks. Price doesn't include 15%...
      • Nightlife | Cloud 9 | on Tue Dec 31 2019
    • La Boum NYE Party

      Sashay into a shining 2020 with the Bund's disco house party. 150rmb pre-sale or 300rmb on the door, with a glass of Champagne.
    • Countdown Masquerade

      Ring in 2020 right with champagne, cocktails, and live entertainment. 288rmb including a glass of Champagne.
    • Happy Hour

      BOGO on any drink from 5-7pm all week long.
    • Galaxy New Year’s Eve Party

      Enjoy your last evening of 2019 in a ‘Galaxy’ themed party with unlimited food, a live band and a lucky draw. 688rmb per person including two hours of free-flow sparkling, red and white wines.
      • Nightlife | Jazz 37 | on Tue Dec 31 2019
    • Stanley Jordan Plays Jimi

      This is a tribute show, but it’s not pure imitation. Instead Stanley builds on Jimi’s legacy in a creative way. As Stanley explains it, “This is my fantasy Jimi Hendrix concert if Jimi were still alive and playing today. By re-imagining...
    • A Glitzy Night

      New Year’s Eve celebration in an opulent 1920’s Ye Shanghai theatre featuring mystical dark aesthetic performances with acting, dancing, singing, acrobatic tricks and games, accompanied by live music performance by DJ Naomi with classic...
    • Wonky Kong Does NYE

      Armed with a battalion of groovers, shakers and expert party starters including veteran bass ambassador DJ Siesta, Blanca, Resinate, and MC Rvee on mic duty, Wonky Kong rings in the new year with that bassssssssssss. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Tue Dec 31 2019
    • NEC 2020 New Year’s Eve Yacht Party

      Party on a 300-capacity multi-level yacht. Boat leaves the dock at 10pm and comes back at 12.30am. Tickets include 5.5 hours on the yacht with a full bar and VVIP room. First floor, 388rmb with free-flow drinks. VIP Ticket, 488rmb...
    • Live Music

      New weekly live music special with Soul Urge every Friday and Saturday. Free entry.
    • La Folie Deus

      Deus transforms their outdoor terrace into the perfect après-ski fun lounge, inspired by LA FOLIE DOUCE of Alpine fame. Deals on food and drink.
    • Come Correct

      The Come Correct Crew hosts the OG weekly hip hop and urban music night every Wednesday. Come Correct has been running since 2011 and has been a platform for many of the cities aspiring DJ’s and rappers. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | Dada | from Jan 1 until Jan 29 2020
    • Happy Hour

      Happy hour daily from 5-8pm.
    • Happy Hour All Week Long

      25% off drinks from 4-7pm all week long, including weekends.
    • Happy Hour All Week Long

      BOGO drinks from 4-7pm all week long, including weekends.
    • Uptown Girls

      Every Thursday at UP Shanghai is their ladies night, with free flow on signature cocktails from 10pm to midnight for ladies.
    • Going UP

      Hip Hop night at UP with free selected drinks from 10pm to midnight and then a happy hour all night long. Free entry.
    • Inked Up

      From 9pm till late, all night house, funk and disco music. Take a selfie at their famous neon wall, and get a free tattoo before midnight. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | UP Shanghai | Wednesdays until Feb 26 2020
    • Gluhwein Monday

      Gluhwein buy one get one refill for 68rmb on Monday, available at both two Cotton's branches.
    • Ladies Night

      50% off on selected drinks for ladies every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 10:30pm.
      • Nightlife | The Tandoor | Wednesdays until Feb 29 2020
    • German Beer Tour

      Different beers are featured for a free flow deal from 4pm to 7pm. for 98rmb. Rotates between Wheat Beer, Koelsch, Alt, Smoked Lager and Black Lager.
    • Happy JOJO

      Pinot noir or Sauvignon blanc for 48rmb a glass, a Chez Jojo beer of the month for 58rmb and many fresh cocktails at 35rmb. Plus a lovely terrace overlooking the leafy intersection. Daily from 3pm-6pm.
    • BOGO Pitchers

      BOGO deal for margarita and sangria pitchers. Stick to one drink or mix & match.
    • Ladies Flight

      Ladies get half off on beer flights, and deals on standard beers and beer cocktails.
    • Every Thursday All Night Happy Hour

      All night happy-hour at Little Creatures from 3pm to midnight.
    • Saturday Happy Hours

      Daytime happy hour! From noon to 3pm, drinks are on happy hour prices.
      • Nightlife | Tacolicious | Saturdays until May 31 2020
    • Signature Cocktails

      Signature strong, sour, sweet and bourbon based cocktails are all night 50% off.
    • Boardgame Meet-Up

      Regular boardgame meet-up by Game Time Shanghai . Mainly they play boardgames, from popular stuff like Settlers of Catan to things you've never heard of. Some of the regulars are games designers who bring their own projects for...
    • Weekly Meet Up

      Regular boardgame meet-up at The Cactus. Mainly they play boardgames, from popular stuff like Settlers of Catan to things you've never heard of. Some of the regulars are games designers who bring their own projects for playtesting....
    • Oyster Night Wednesday

      Half price on oysters: 65rmb for six, 120rmb for a dozen, and 100rmb for two glasses of wine. Also available at the Anting Lu location.
    • Weekday BOGO

      Weekday BOGO happy hour, 55rmb for two draft beers. 5-7.30pm.
    • Aperol Ladies Night

      Free aperol spritz for ladies from 6-10pm on Wednesdays. After 10pm, spritzes are 50rmb for everyone.
      • Nightlife | Bohemia | Wednesdays until Dec 31 2020
    • Half-Price Drinks

      The Shed gets sheddy right after work with their popular happy hour deal for the cadre of inner circle Shanghai expat lifers. The Shaanxi Bei Lu drinking hole / sports bar / general hole is doing half-off select drinks from 6-8pm. Games...
    • Happy Hour

      Cheap booze every day of the week at this small local Yanping Lu pub. 15rmb draft beers from 3pm to 8pm; 25rmb cocktails. Saturday sees the deals extended from 8pm to 11pm.
      • Nightlife | Sword Bar | Daily until Dec 31 2019


    • Knopha's Seasonal Select: Yu Su

      As the saying goes, "eat seasonal ingredients for happiness and health." Seasonal Selects is the fresh new quarterly party series from Elevator resident Knopha. According to his extremely sensitive palette, he will invite some of the...
      • Nightlife | Elevator | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Old School vs. New School Vol. 3

      SHAKE's six-piece band mixes the raw funk & soul with brand new sounds. Expect the music of James Brown, and Stevie Wonder melting together with jams from The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Anderson .Paak and more. Dress Code: Digital vs....
      • Nightlife | Shake | Daily until Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-05 Finished
    • Live Music by Studio 188 & Mark

      High energy, totally danceable, and fun loving band Studio 188 and the talented eclectic singer/songwriter Mark Wengelewski this Saturday. 7pm-late.
    • DJ Dopey b2b Mambo No. 5

      DJ Dopey is coming out of her summer hibernation to make you sweat in winter, while Mambo No. 5 will spin afrobeat, reggaeton, and whatever else will make your body move. Free.
      • Nightlife | C's | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • PLEASURES x YETI OUT Shanghai Takeover

      Kicking off the “Yeti & Friends” party series this Saturday, Yeti Out teams up with cult Los Angeles label PLEASURES to throw down an afterparty for Innersect weekend. From the energizing sounds of Flow-Fi’s Maximus MMC, Tokyo Vitamin’s...
      • Nightlife | FALLOUT | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Ran Music Label Showcase

      Ran Music does an autumn showcase featuring DRANQ, Negative 808 and Radiax. 60rmb pre-sale, 80rmb on the door.
      • Nightlife | ALL Club | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • MetropoliTime pres. Fab D Verse

      Fab D. Verse has blazed a celebrated trail across Europe, North Africa, Canada and Asia for almost two decades, polishing his skills and developing his own eclectic and expansive style over the years. 100rmb including a drink.
    • Italo Grand Opening

      Funkadeli people open a "gastro lounge", ie, restaurant with a funk soundtrack and Italian menu. Grand opening dinner, 488rmb. Add 200rmb for wine pairing. Party starts at 10pm and is 100rmb including two drinks.
      • Nightlife | Italo | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Wine Free Flow Night

      Free flow Italian wines for three hours for 99rmb.
      • Nightlife | Uva Wine Bar | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Grinch Cirque and Cabaret Soirée

      Get coal in your stockings? The Grinch Cirque and Cabaret soirée returns to The Pearl, back by popular demand, for one night only. Prepare yourself to wind up on Santas naughty list: this is not your mama’s Christmas story! Expect a...
      • Arts, Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Shanghai Secret Techno

      Elevate's Shanghai Secret Disco crew convert one of the most famous theatres into a techno paradise for one night. DJs CFP, Bonzo, 超Fun and Lev Zep spin tunes, while Lev and his team live-paint a neon mural. The stage becomes your dark,...
    • Comedy UN Saturday Night Showcase

      This week's line up includes the founder of Suzhou Comedy Club, Sarah Peng, Bangkok international comedy competition 2019 winner Eric Alexander and Comedy Central Asia star Storm Xu. Early bird tickets 70rmb, on the door 90rmb - both...
      • Nightlife | Comedy UN | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Italian Dance Wave Asia

      "ITALIAN DANCE WAVE Asia" promote the new Italian sound from overseas in Asia hosting name like Fabrizio Mammarella, Francisco, Rodion, Franz Scala, Dj Rocca, Brioski and so on, plus new and exciting artists around Asia. Free entry.
      • Nightlife | Dada | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • Pervert and Sodoma

      For one night, the prohibited becomes suggested. Mandatory dress code: pervert or total black outfit. Free entrance from 10pm till midnight if you rsvp to, otherwise 150rmb cover charge.
      • Nightlife | M1NT | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
    • FriskMas - Dragon Burn’s Favorite Theme-Camps

      Dragon Burn’s favourite theme-camps are back with a huge winter party. 3 bands 3 rooms and more DJs than you can count. There will be a rollerdisco, BDSM activities, secret rooms and burner friendly high jinks.
      • Nightlife | 3NTRY | on Sat Dec 7 2019
      • 2019-12-07 Finished
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