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    • You Can't Use QR Codes on the Metro Unless You Have a Chinese ID

      2018-01-22 - By Alex Panayotopoulos

      Woof, public transport doesn't usually get this much buzz! If you've been on the internet at all the last four days, you've probably heard something about how those inconvenient plastic cards that fit into any standard wallet have been supplanted by the far superior shiny talky magic box in your pocket; just scan a QR code and breeze through the turnstiles. Unless you're a foreigner.... Read more...

    • Shanghai Metro's Enabling Late-Nighters from this Friday

      2017-04-27 - By SmSh

      Good news, late-night party people As of this Friday, the hardworking shifus on the Shanghai Metro (specifically Lines 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 16) will delay their beauty sleep by as much as 80 minutes for some lines on Friday and Saturday nights, and the last working day before national holidays, to ensure that you can get home safely and cheaply. Deets... Read more...

    • Shanghai Buses Are Easier Than Ever to Use

      2016-07-27 - By Ian L.

      Interesting new developments in the field of public transportation on four big wheels. Some of Shanghai's bus stations now have digital signs displaying arrival times, and others have QR codes you can scan to find out exactly when the bus will come. Now you don't even have to light up a cigarette anymore to will the cosmic forces to make the bus come quicker. (This really works,... Read more...

    • New Shanghai Metro Cards Will Work In Some Shops And Even Tapei

      2016-03-01 - By SmSh

      For over a decade, Hong Kong peeps have been able to use the Octopus Card for not only public transport and taxis, but also at 7-11, Starbucks, Circle K, and lots more places. The Shanghai Public Transportation card (SPTC)? Not so much. It works in some major parking lots, and in a few housing compounds for paying electricity bills, but that's about it. That little SPTC machine... Read more...

    • [Updated With Pics] Tons Of New Metro Stations Open On Saturday

      2015-12-18 - By SmSh

      Tangerine salmon sunsets and blue skies today, and here's more good news -- new stations on metro lines 11, 12, and 13 open for trial operation on Saturday. There's 27 new stations total, though the Disney Resort station on Line 11 doesn't open until the park does. For more details on all this, check Read more...