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    • Yushan Adventure

      RunnersHai has planned a getaway daytrip to hike/run a scenic mountain route. Experience great views and beautiful scenery, while getting some fresh air and exercise. This time they’re going to Yushan Mountain in Changshu for a 10k hike...
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | SmSh Territory | on Sat Feb 16 2019
      • 2019-02-16 Finished
    • RunnersHai Thursday Series

      Compete against yourself, friends and a field of running enthusiasts every last Thursday of the month. 6.5K around Century Park without crossing traffic or city obstacles - every last Thursday of the month from February to May. Results...
    • Yangcheng Lake Relay

      Organized by RunnersHai, the 2015 Yangcheng Lake Relay is 5km long and includes a five star lunch buffet afterwards. You'll need a team of 2-5 people to participate in the 5x5 challenge. It'll be going down at the Fairmont Yangcheng Lake...
    • The Rat Run

      RunnersHai does another crazy-ass themed race. This time it's a rat race, where runners have to use the clues and hints provided to make their way around Shanghai and find "rat holes." Post-run celebration includes a BBQ. Signup is...
    • Zombie Run

      RunnersHai do a Halloween zombie run in the Kerry Center mall. Participants can either play zombies or runners in the indoor course. You can sign up on the Runners Hai website; it's 40rmb per person or 30rmb per person if you're in a...
    • Halloween Weekend Run

      This 5.5K halloween costume run will take place on Sanshan island. There'll be the run then best costume prizes, a bonfire, partying, the whole she-bang. Tickets are 950rmb (group discounts available) and this includes travel,...
      • Community, Nightlife, Sports | SmSh Territory | Daily until Oct 26 2014
      • 2014-10-25 Finished
    • Yangcheng Lake Run

      RunnersHai have arranged a day of nature and activities on the Fairmont property along Yangcheng Lake. The running routes features options of 10K, 5K, or the 2.5K family run, all on safe trails. Price: 150rmb presale , 50rmb for kids up...
    • Running Practice

      Tuesday running practice on the Bund organized by RunnersHai. Join the pack of 40 joggers at the South Bund River Park for a one hour run at 7.15pm. More info about other meetings here . e.g. address: 3222 Longteng Avenue near Dong'an...
      • Sports | SmSh Territory | Daily until Aug 1 2014
      • 2014-06-17 Finished
    • RunnersHai 24 Hour Challenge

      This first edition of the RunnersHai 24 Hour Challenge takes place on the Fairmont Property on Yangcheng Lake . The complete route is within the Fairmont organic farm and has no exposure to traffic. This scenic setting is the perfect...
      • NOT TAGGED | SmSh Territory | Daily until Jun 15 2014
      • 2014-06-14 Finished
    • The Rat Run

      Here's a race to attain the most honored title in the city, "Rat of Shanghai." During this "open course" run, several clues will be provided to runners to locate waypoints or "Rat Holes" in the area. Make your own course through the...
      • Community, Sports | SmSh Territory | on Sat May 3 2014
      • 2014-05-03 Finished
    • Sheshan Hill Run

      Runnershai is back with another edition of the popular hill challenge. Once again we will conquer the 120m hill located just south of Shanghai. The race takes place on 22nd March at Sheshan Forest Park right by Metro line 9. The run is...