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    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Pride10 Anniversary Gallery Opening

      "The Gallery is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of ShanghaiPRIDE. It showcases the changes of the Shanghai city, social opinions, LGBTQ culture, a sense of community, and self-identity over the past 10 years. You will also see various...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE

      Founded in 2009, Shanghai PRIDE is the first and only LGBT Pride season in mainland China, celebrating diversity for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community and friends. The week-long festival features numerous events and...
      • Arts, Community, Dining, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | SmSh Territory | Daily until Jun 18 2018
      • 2018-06-08 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Well-Being Panel

      ShanghaiPRIDE's Well-Being Panel from 11am-1pm, it's all about happiness, asking 'what prevents LGBTQ from happiness?' And the panel will discuss topics on physiological and psychological health of the LGBTQ community. Free entry, but...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival

      ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival (ShPFF) returns June 10 to June 17. The festival’s cinematic component has come a long way, evolving from a single film night to a full-blown festival that supports emerging Chinese filmmakers while also...
      • Community | SmSh Territory | Daily until Jun 17 2018
      • 2018-06-10 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Rainbow BBQ

      Rainbow BBQ that will conclude Pride10 in the same place Pride1 ended, Cotton's from 1 to 5pm. You can pick from a grill set, steak, sausage, lamb, shrimp, and grilled vegetables for 198, or the 'light set' for 148rmb that comes with 1...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018 - Pride Talk

      The third annual Pride Talk is set to returns to Glam. "This year we will talk about diversity, stories within the lesbian community in Shanghai, bisexuality, the discrimination chain, being transgender, and LGBTQ in 2nd- and 3rd-tier...
      • Community | Glam | on Sat Jun 16 2018
      • 2018-06-16 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Theatre Festival VI - 'I Am Nezha' Script Reading

      “I Am Nezha” uses individual experience as an entry point into queer narratives from the Chinese world. The first script reading event during ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival will precede performances after August. The piece takes the...
      • Arts | Happiness 42 | on Sat Jun 16 2018
      • 2018-06-16 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Official Closing Party - Red Dragon Party

      ShanghaiPRIDE closes off another year with their big closing party at Riink. "In order to celebrate Pride in China and the Dragon Boat Festival, the Closing Party will be full of Chinese elements. Chinese Red, lanterns, lion dance, qipao...
      • Nightlife | RIINK | on Sat Jun 16 2018
      • 2018-06-16 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Out & Equal Roundtable

      ShanghaiPRIDE presents the 'Out & Equal Roundtable' the first of its kind, it'll be a one-day gathering of LGBTQ and Ally leaders from Chinese and Multinational orgs. Participants will attend main sessions and then meet in smaller...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Ladies Party

      ShanghaiPRIDE presents 'Ladies Party', the summer's 'hottest lady party..a night of raffles, entertainment, and sexiness.' Free entry, ladies only (men in drag are most welcome) doors open to everyone after midnight, party starts at...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Trivia Night

      Lucca is hosting the 2018 ShanghaiPRIDE Trivia Night. You're invited to spend an evening in teams of 5 (or less) with friends or strangers, and compete for prizes. Question'll be about LGBTQ culture and general knowledge, starts at 8pm...
      • Nightlife | Lucca | on Wed Jun 13 2018
      • 2018-06-13 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival: 'The Absence of Reason: Extracts From The Heart'

      'The Absence Of Reason: Extracts From The Heart' produced by Theatre Anon is a pop-up theatre show about "how our foolish hearts rule over our heads, and make us think and act irrationally." Dates: June 7, 8, 9, 10 at 8pm. 180rmb in...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Official Opening Party - ShanghaiPRIDE Bling Party

      ShanghaiPRIDE kicks off with a big blow-out at The Pearl. Classic theme from the mid '00s: BLING. Get your fanciest bling on and celebrate your pride. Glitter, bubbles, laughter. 100rmb entry fee, includes a beer. Starts 9pm. More info...
      • Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Jun 9 2018
      • 2018-06-09 Finished
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Andaz Pink Brunch

      ShanghaiPRIDE presents the Pink Brunch at Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai. "A delicious buffet brunch awaits you on the first floor of the lovely hotel. Enjoy the summer with performances and raffles! " More info at the website:...
    • ShanghaiPRIDE 2018: Rainbow Family Forum

      "Family is of paramount importance in Chinese culture. We will discuss the concept of “Rainbow Family”, which is about same-sex parents raising children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies." Free entry/ RSVP required. More...