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    • More Than Eat

      • Address
        758 Julu Lu, near Fumin Lu
        巨鹿路758号, 近富民路
      • Phone

      Part of the massive Lost Heaven complex on Julu Lu (which we wrote about here), More Than Eat was shut down in 2017 and reopened in 2018 with about half a dozen F&B concepts on the first floor of... Read more

    • AP Plaza

      • Address
        Inside Metro Line 2, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, 2000 Shiji Da Dao, near Yingchun Lu
        地铁2号线上海科技馆站内, 世纪大道2000号, 近迎春路
      • Phone

      AP Plaza is Pudong's biggest "fake market", located underground in Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum station. The northern half of AP Plaza, called Xinyang, is a collection of stalls, touts, and greedy salespeople out to rip-off unsuspecting tourists with... Read more

    • Baker & Spice (Anfu Lu)

      • $
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      • Address
        1/F, 195 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
        安福路195号1楼, 近乌鲁木齐路
      • Phone
        5404 2733

      Artisanal bakery and deli from the Wagas Group, in a striking wood-grained marble storefront. Baguettes, bagels, cakes, jams, pates, granola, coffee, etc... One rough-hewn communal table for seating, reasonable prices. Read more

    • Century Link

      • Address
        1192 Shiji Da Dao, near Weifang Lu
      • Phone
        6859 8881

      Located in Lujiazui above Century Avenue Station, Century Link was designed by the renowned architectural firm SOM and has a range of shopping, entertainment, and dining options. Read more

    • Luneurs (Huashan Lu)

      • Address
        888 Huashan Lu, near Wukang Lu
        华山路888号, 近武康路
      • Phone
        177 2123 4052

      Second location of the popular bakery and ice cream shop. Their special Luneurs’ salted caramel ice cream is very, very good. Another flavor to look out for is the apricot thyme sorbet. Also delicious. Read more

    • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu)

      • Address
        99 Dongqinlian Lu, near Dajing Lu
        东青莲路99号, 近露香园路
      • Phone
        6733 7866

      Clean, friendly, and high-end full-service vet clinic on Dongqinlian Lu. They can handle check-ups, surgeries, vaccines, lab tests, advice on relocating your pet, behavioral advice, even grooming and dentistry — basically everything you need to keep your animal... Read more

    • Specialized Bikes (Jianguo Lu)

      • Address
        221 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Jiashan Lu
        建国西路221号, 近嘉善路
      • Phone
        6431 9313

      This store rolled its goods all the way from California to Jianguo Xi Lu banking on the biker enthusiasts in China. Contained within is every conceivable bikery gadget and gismo you could imagine not to mention mountain bikes, kids' bikes,... Read more

    • Sinan Books (Gaolan Lu)

      • Address
        16 Gaolan Lu, near Sinan Lu
        皋兰路16号, 近思南路
      • Phone
        138 1619 4657

      This is the famous poetry-themed bookstore inside the 85-year-old St. Nicolas Orthodox Church. Its main hall is sleek and modern but doesn’t detract from the lofty beauty of the church. They have lots of rare Chinese poetry books and a section (about 20% of the... Read more

    • Yasmine's (Pudong)

      • Address
        178 Biyun Lu, near Heisong Lu
        碧云路178号, 近黑松路
      • Phone
        5030 7886

      Yasmine's is a chain that's been around for ages: it started out as a butchershop carrying a variety of local, imported meats, sausages, and more, and then added a steakhouse serving all of the above at friendly prices. Now, Yasmine's is a butchers, steak and burger... Read more

    • Beer Union (Nandan Lu)

      • Address
        168 Nandan Lu, near Yishan Lu
        南丹路168号, 近宜山路
      • Phone
        6468 9834

      Not a lot of seating, but plenty of beer. Read more

    • La Parisienne (Zhangyang Lu)

      • Address
        88 Zhangyang Lu, near Puming Lu
        张杨路88号, 近浦城路
      • Phone
        5897 9725

      A small French bakery and deli just south of Lujiazui, carrying pâtés and imported French cheeses like roqueforte, and the soft cheese standards. The bakery serves breakfast sets, and baguette sandwiches, pastries, and salads for lunch. Read more

    • Giant (Changning Lu)

      • Address
        1475 Changning Lu, near Qiuyi Lu
        长宁路1475号, 近遒义路
      • Phone
        5273 1684

      Giant has a vast, sprawling network of franchises in Shanghai, and they vary wildly in size and quality of service, but they all stock Giant bikes. This one, near Zhongshan Park, is the best one we know about. They stock bikes in all shapes, sizes and configurations,... Read more

    • Shanghai Outlets Mall

      • Address
        2888 Huqingping Lu, near Jiasong Zhong Lu
        沪青平路2888号, 近嘉松中路
      • Phone
        5975 6060

      Read more

    • Yasmine's (Minhang)

      • Address
        Unit 156-157, 569 Yunle Lu, near Huaxu Gong Lu
        运乐路569弄丰尚国际广场156-157号, 近华徐公路
      • Phone
        5472 5330

      Yasmine's is a chain that's been around for ages: it started out as a butchershop carrying a variety of local, imported meats, sausages, and more, and then added a steakhouse serving all of the above at friendly prices. Now, Yasmine's is a butchers, steak and burger... Read more

    • 2Wheels

      • Address
        699-4 Julu Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu
        巨鹿路699-4, 近襄阳北路
      • Phone
        185 1619 0124

      Little bustling bike shop on Julu Lu with shiny customized bikes and bike accessories. Store owner Danny and his dad are there every day, willing to show you around or offer up a quick bike repair. Customized bikes start at 1,680rmb (sizes from 44-61cm) and repairs... Read more

    • Decathlon Sports Store (Jinqiao)

      • Address
        Green Sports & Leisure Center, 600 Lantian Lu, near Yangao Zhong Lu
        蓝天路600号碧云体育休闲中心, 近杨高中路
      • Phone
        5030 7558

      This sporting goods and equipment megastore offers the overall greatest variety. From camping, to boxing, to biking and even snorkeling you can fill your cart in a fitness frenzy at Decathlon. Read more

    • Luneurs Boulanger & Glacier (Panyu Lu)

      • Address
        381 Panyu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu
        番禺路381号, 近法华镇路
      • Phone

      A chic but approachable modern bakery and ice cream shop from Shanghai's resident baker's manager, Son Quach. He's hosting a succinct and delectable line of frugally priced baked goods, as well as that trendy WIYF ice cream, which remains staggeringly great. This... Read more

    • Ferguson Lane

      • Address
        376 Wukang Lu, near Tai'an Lu
        武康路376号, 近泰安路
      • Phone

      Ferguson lane is a cute complex comprised of restaurants, cafes, shops, and galleries, all set in a lovely outdoor setting. It's a good stop on an afternoon walk through the area and offers a nice escape weather in the form of coffee at Coffee Tree, cocktail at Le... Read more

    • ALDI (Jing'an)

      • Address
        Jing'An Sports Center, 1/F, 428 Jiangning Lu, near Wuding Lu
        江宁路428号1楼, 近武定路
      • Phone

      ALDI is an international retailer with German roots, 100 year history and more than 10,000 stores around the world. In China, they carry a range of products spanning across 15 categories, including both locally sourced and imported products. Categories include Wine &... Read more

    • Tock's (Fengsheng Li)

      • Address
        1/F, Bldg F, No. 16, Lane 281 Maoming Bei Lu, near Wujiang Lu
        茂名北路281弄16号F栋1楼, 近吴江路
      • Phone
        6346 3735

      Tock’s Montreal Deli's second location, in Fengsheng Li serves the same Canadian deli menu as the original; Reubens, smoked beef, smoked chicken, and smoked duck sandwiches and platters, poutine, and matzoh ball soup, plus a couple new menu items, including a burger.... Read more

    • MixC

      • Address
        1799 Wuzhong Lu, near Baizhang Lu
        吴中路1799号, 近白樟路
      • Phone

      Read more

    • Global Harbor

      • Address
        3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Jinshajiang Lu
        中山北路3300号, 近金沙江路
      • Phone
        5108 0888

      Shanghai's biggest mall, Global Harbor is a palatial complex that houses just about everything you could want, including a VR theme park. Read more

    • Giant (Jianguo Xi Lu)

      • Address
        743 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Hengshan Lu
        建国西路743号, 近衡山路
      • Phone
        6437 5041

      Taiwanese bike company Giant has stores sprinkled liberally across Shanghai and are one of the most popular bike shops. They sell mid-range bikes in various permutations - commuters, folders, mountain - and some accessories. The franchising of the stores means the... Read more

    • Legoland Discovery Center

      • Address
        2/F, 168 Daduhe Lu, Parkside Plaza near Yunling Dong Lu
        大渡河路168号长风景畔广场室内二楼, 近云岭东路
      • Phone
        2287 2188

      This is China's first Legoland Discovery Center, and the only place in China where you can purchase lego products in bulk. It's a 30,000 square-meter designed for kids age 3-10 years old, and sadly, adults are not allowed in without children. There are 10 theme zones... Read more

    • Snow51 (MixC)

      • Address
        The MixC, LG178-179, 1799 Wuzhong Lu, near Hongxin Lu
        吴中路1799号LG178-179室, 近虹莘路
      • Phone
        4008 513 351

      Indoor Skiing and snow boarding training center, at this location there are 7 large-scale Alpine Skiing Simulators, Dry Ski Slope, climbing wall, fitness area, indoor spinning, VR spinning, water rower and other training and fitness facilities. Read more

    • 3 Ye Optical Glasses Market

      • Address
        Shanghai Train Plaza South Square 4-5/F, 360 Mei Yuan Lu near Moling Lu
        梅园路360号 近抹陵路
      • Phone

      One of the bigger glasses/sunglasses markets close to the Shanghai (north) Railway Station. Large variety of frames and bargain friendly. Read more

    • Nike House Of Innovation (Shimao Festival City)

      • Address
        Shimao Festival City, 829 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu
      • Phone
        6333 2888

      Part museum, part shop, part lab, part preview-of-the-Matrix 12, the futuristic Nike House of Innovation aka Nike 001 is perhaps the most impressive Nike store in the world. The 40,000+ square foot space on Nanjing Dong Lu is a wonderland where shoes move around on... Read more

    • Uptown Records n' Beer

      • Address
        131 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Lu
        永福路131号, 近复兴路
      • Phone
        135 2462 8450

      Uptown Records n’ Beer is the bodega version of the Pingwu Lu basement music space Uptown Record Store. This tiny vinyl record store doubles as an imported beer bottle shop, with prices ranging from 15–30rmb. Selections include Brooklyn, Rogue, Boddingtons, and other... Read more

    • ALDI (Xuhui)

      • Address
        381 Wanping Nan Lu, near Xietu Lu
        宛平南路381号, 近斜土路
      • Phone
        400 820 1973

      ALDI is an international retailer with German roots, 100 year history and more than 10,000 stores around the world. In China, they carry a range of products spanning across 15 categories, including both locally sourced and imported products. Categories include Wine &... Read more

    • Pudong Kerry Center

      • Address
        1378 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu
        花木路1378号, 近芳甸路
      • Phone
        5033 8155

      This 45,000sqm shopping center is packed with F&B venues, a high-end supermarket and international retailers including H&M, GAP, Muji, Mothercare and World Health Store. Kerry Parkside alongside the Kerry Hotel, Residences at Kerry Parkside, and Offices at Kerry... Read more

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    • Sizzling BBQ sets up to 15% OFF

      Fields is doing 15% off their summer BBQ sets, with free delivery for orders 200rmb and up. They have packages for 2–3, 4–5, and 5–6 people, with options like burgers, steaks, beef cubes, and Spanish black pig spare ribs. All available...
      • NOT TAGGED | Fields China | Daily until Sep 1 2015
      • 2015-06-01 Finished
    • July Bastille Day Wine Promo

      Really decent Bastille Day deal on French wine right here. Vins Descombe on Dagu Lu is doing buy-one-get-one on their 150-strong list of French wines. Offer good until July 18.
      • Promotions | Vins Descombe | Daily except Mon & Sun until Jul 18 2015
      • 2015-07-13 Finished
    • Morning Raving: Yeh! Frozen Yogurt Grand Opening

      Best way to celebrate a froyo opening? A 10am rave, apparently. On Sunday morning this new froyo shop has free, amped up zumba and yoga sessions, with a juice bar, coffee, and of course, frozen yogurt. The first 100 people to register...
    • KTGA Vintage Tribal Fest - 4th Grand Bazaar

      Tribal inspiration at this market celebrating Gypsy, Maori, Yunnan, and other global nomads. Kick the Gong Around (KTGA) always does a good job putting together these markets, now with over 100 vendors for vintage hunters and foodies,...
      • Promotions | Datong Mill | Every Sat, Sun until Jul 5
      • 2015-07-04 Finished
    • Summer Sales & Free Beer

      Fashion distributor / marketing agency WardrobeK has another big sale. For two days only, they're offering up to 95% off brands like Cheap Monday, Whyred, Enter, 5Preview, Elvine, A Question Of, and Marshall Artists. Free beer, because...
    • Sunday Brunch & Father's Day Market

      Not to be outdone by the other Father's Day brunches, Light & Salt is adding a designer market to their Sunday brunch. New brunch dishes are on the menu, and the market will have men's accessories from brands like YCB and Primalist....
    • Daily Vinyl Vol. 4: Music Magic (奇兵突袭)

      Super cool, laid-back, family friendly afternoon vinyl market with live acts and DJ sets, put on by the friendly kids who run the Daily Vinyl Taobao shop . Anyone can bring records to sell or play, just email Music...
      • Community, Nightlife | On Stage | on Sun Jun 21 2015
      • 2015-06-21 Finished
    • Summer Block Party & Sale

      Sundowners, sales, a DJ, and free snacks happening at this Xuhui fashion boutique. SHOKAY makes socially responsible knits made of yak down, which apparently you can turn into summer-friendly blends, not just wooly sweaters. They also...
    • Farmer's Market

      This is Shanghai Centre's last farmer's market for a couple months, where you can get organic fruits and veggies, gourmet sauces and oils, all things all natural and fancy imports. This is from 10am-5pm, free entry. It'll be back the...
    • Table Life's 99rmb Surf & Turf Promo

      Brand-new premium online grocer Tablelife has a solid dinner deal for those who cook at home. While supplies last, they'll send you two Australian steaks and one frozen, cooked lobster for 99rmb (plus 20rmb shipping). Here's the deal...
      • NOT TAGGED | SmSh Territory | Daily until Jun 14 2015
      • 2015-06-03 Finished
    • Custom Designer's Market

      Small, low key market going on in a lane behind Plaza 66. Customization is the theme here. It's focused on just a select, small amount of high quality accessories and clothing designers, most of whom do custom work. There's custom summer...
      • Community, Promotions | Bonne | on Sat Jun 13 2015
      • 2015-06-13 Finished
    • Hidden Stash

      Stylists, designers, photogs, artists, "creatives" -- unite. There's a flea market where you can buy and sell supplies, equipment and samples. Good way to unload old equipment and buy second hand, put on by experienced market organizers...
    • The Great Sale: Charity Bookfair

      A market that's different from the rest. Boutique agency and community builders Creative Collective are hosting this market on behalf of local NGO Shanghai Young Bakers . Donate or buy books in any language. To donate books ahead of...
      • NOT TAGGED | Kulou | on Sat Jun 6 2015
      • 2015-06-06 Finished
    • Project Aegis Friends & Family Sale

      Menswear boutique Project Aegis is throwing in huge discounts and a bunch of new treats. Inventory is up to 80% off, and the cafe is serving Westwood Ales and Reberg craft beers on tap. They also have PomPom cookies and alcohol...
    • Spring Party Pack!

      Spring Party Pack from First Cellars comes with 4 different kinds of premium spirits including a bottle of vodka, whisky, rum and gin AND a case of Asahi for 550rmb.
      • NOT TAGGED | First Cellars | Daily until May 27 2015
      • 2015-04-27 Finished