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    • Mandarin City Pool

      • Address
        Mandarin City Rear of Club House, 1129 Guyang Lu, near Shuicheng Nan Lu
        名都城 古羊路1129号, 近水城南路
      • Phone
        138 1843 4391

      Long-time favorite out in Hongqiao right here. On the weekends it's usually packed with a rowdy, often boozed up laowai crowd drinking beers and listening to EDM on cheap speakers. During the week, it's a haven for hungover DJs and underemployed English tutors.... Read more

    • Dino Beach

      • Address
        78 Xinzhen Lu, near Gudai Lu
        新镇路78号, 近顾戴路
      • Phone
        6478 3333

      As Shanghai's only water park, Dino Beach has the distinction of being one of city's top summer destinations. The park boasts a huge wave pool (apparently Asia's largest), numerous water slides, kiddie pools, concession stands serving Western fast food fare, and a... Read more

    • Palace IMAX Cinema (IAPM)

      • Address
        IAPM Mall, 6/F, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
        淮海中路999号6楼, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        5109 3988

      As of 2016, this is one of the nicest and most futuristic places to see a movie in Shanghai. It's big: 6 halls and 1046 seats total. Facilities are great, with comfortable theater areas, and clean and comfortable 3D glasses. They've got RealD technology, if you're... Read more

    • Grand Plaza Club House

      • Address
        568 Julu Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu
        四方新城俱乐部 巨鹿路568弄, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        6289 4835

      This is the pool in the Julu Lu compound where you find Maya Mexican restaurant. The location is excellent, and they let in non-resident shitbirds like us, too. And they're open year-round. Okay, the pool's not huge, but it's good enough for a dip. Busy on weekends,... Read more

    • Playa Maya

      • Address
        888 Linhu Lu, near Linyin Da Dao
        镇林湖路888号, 近林荫大道
      • Phone
        3355 2222

      One of two big water parks in Shanghai, located right next to Happy Valley. The park design is world class, with a dozen full-sized water slides, kids areas, cute stone sculptures of dragons and worms, a giant Mayan god who dumps water on everyone, "scuba diving" in... Read more

    • Mr.X

      • Address
        Bldg 1, 550 Jumen Lu, near Quxi Lu
        局门路550号1号楼, 近瞿溪路
      • Phone
        3304 1233

      Mr.X (same name, same concept as the one near Zhongshan Park, but in no way related) is an escape room/room escape center. It works like this: You and a group of friends are locked in a room together––no smartphones, no cameras––and your task is to get out. How?... Read more

    • Ambassy Club

      • Address
        1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
        淮海中路1500号, 近乌鲁木齐路
      • Phone
        6437 9800

      They say it's "only for members", but you're allowed to show up and "try it" for 150rmb during the week. That's meant to be a one-time deal, but who's going to know? On weekends it's members only. Membership gets you a year in the gym and use of the indoor and... Read more

    • Shanghai Disney Resort

      • Address
        310 Shendi Xi Lu
      • Phone
        2099 8002

      The wonderful, fabulous land of the Mouse, it's Shanghai's own slice of the Disney universe. This is the greater area, inside which you'll find Shanghai Disneyland Park, featuring the largest Disney castle in the world, as well as the hotel, and Disneytown, the... Read more

    • Oasis Riviera Pool

      • Address
        883 Shuicheng Lu, near Tianshan Lu
        水城路883弄, 近天山路
      • Phone
        3203 5811

      This pool’s got nice space for lounging and a small slide for the kids. It used to cost 70rmb a person for the day, and children under 1 meter would get in for free, but they've recently been put under new management and it seems like the details are a little iffy. Read more

    • V Spot

      • Address
        5/F, 218 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu
        新乐路218号5楼, 近东湖路
      • Phone
        3424 9003

      Described as a sex-positive adult toy store, it's also a wine bar, a dance studio and an art gallery. Read more

    • Jump 360 (Baoshan)

      • Address
        Area C4, 258 Changjiang Lu, near Jungong Lu
        长江路258号城智谷园C4区, 近军工路
      • Phone
        5182 8806

      A massive trampoline park in a 6000 square meter building with basketball and volleyball courts, a water slide, an obstacle course, and of course, a ton of trampolines. Price to get in is 198rmb for two hours or 118rmb for one hour. They require a 100rmb cash deposit... Read more

    • Shanghai Tower Observation Deck

      • Address
        501 Yincheng Zhong Lu, near Lujiazui Huan Lu
        银城中501号, 近陆家嘴环路
      • Phone

      The newest and tallest -- as of August 2016 -- architectural statement in Shanghai, the Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the entire world (only the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is taller). It houses the highest... Read more

    • Sega Joypolis

      • Address
        3300 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Jinshajiang Lu
        中山北路3300号, 近金沙江路
      • Phone
        6256 9108

      Joypolis is a big, indoor Sega arcade and amusement park. It’s spread out over two entire floors of this mall in Changning, and features a whole bunch of Sega’s most cutting edge arcade technology, which, these days, is state-of-the-art virtual rides, driving... Read more

    • Cathay Theatre

      • Address
        870 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Maoming Lu
        淮海中路870号, 近茂名路
      • Phone
        5404 0415

      Old-school cinema built back in 1930 right on Huaihai Lu, then renovated in 2003. Screens are 3D and 4K. Nice staff, some English speakers. Ticket prices depend on time of day: morning 30/40rmb, afternoon 70/80rmb, evening 80/90rmb. These are readily available at... Read more

    • Jump 360 (Minhang)

      • Address
        1408 Jidi Lu, near Jizhan Lu
        纪翟路1408号, 近纪展路
      • Phone
        131 6625 0458

      Read more

    • Shanghai Zoo

      • Address
        2381 Hongqiao Lu, near Yingbin Yi Lu
        虹桥路2381号上海动物园, 近迎宾一路
      • Phone
        6268 7775

      Shanghai Zoo was once named Xijiao Park when it was built in 1954. It is the second largest city zoos of China, the home of over 6,000 animals, including pandas, Yangtze alligators and other rare breeds. Conditions are... let's say they're not exactly world-class. In... Read more

    • Happy Valley

      • Address
        888 Linhu Lu near Linyin Da Dao,
        林湖路888号, 近林荫大道
      • Phone
        3355 2222

      Surprisingly well run and managed theme park about an hour out of downtown Shanghai. It's huge and features four large roller coasters. On the weekends in the summer, expect long lines for the best rides, but there's plenty to see and do, even if you don't want to... Read more

    • Shanghai Wild Animal Park

      • Address
        178 Nan Liu Gong Lu, near Xiayan Gong Lu
        南六公路178号, 近下盐公路
      • Phone
        6118 0000

      Tourists wanting to get outside the city can make the 22 mile trip to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Southwest of the Airport off the S32 Highway. The park features over 200 species and two different options for viewing them. Visitors can walk through the exhibits... Read more

    • Decathlon Sports Store (Changning)

      • Address
        88 Xianxia Xi Lu, near Jianhe Lu
        仙霞西路88号, 近剑河路
      • Phone
        6238 5511

      Read more

    • X Club

      • Address
        B1/F, 366 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu
        肇嘉浜路366号B1楼, 近襄阳南路
      • Phone
        3356 1255

      Don't let the facade fool you, X Club is a family-friendly lazer tag place near the Jiashan Lu metro station. The vibe is a mix of cyberpunk and college dorm room, with Robocop and Blade Runner posters on the wall and a dayglo lazer tag maze. They've also got a full... Read more

    • Ringside Boxing & Beyond (Nanjing Xi Lu)

      • Address
        3/F, Momao 580, 580 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu
        南京西路580号魔贸580商场3楼, 近成都北路
      • Phone
        185 1612 5622

      Ringside Boxing & Beyond is a new boxing gym & wellness concept, located in the heart of Shanghai. With a wide array of group classes taught by a close-knit team of local and international coaches, the gym offers a great atmosphere and community that welcomes... Read more

    • UME International Cineplex

      • Address
        Xintiandi, South Block, 5/F, 123 Xingye Lu, near Madang Lu
        兴业路123号5楼, 近马当路
      • Phone
        6373 3333

      This cinema in a Xintiandi mall is where stars often come to walk the red carpet for Hollywood premieres. George Clooney was here in 2015. They show English and Chinese movies in big rooms with jewel toned velvet decor. Tickets are 100rmb or 110rmb for 3D. On... Read more

    • Mofamen VR

      • Address
        4/F, 2600 Xietu Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu
      • Phone
        6417 0720

      Quite excellent VR facility in Xujiahui. Good location with HTC Vive Pro equipment and helpful English-speaking staff. Prices aren't too bad either - 119rmb for an hour perusing their wide range of games. This location has 4 rooms with two headsets in each, while... Read more

    • Pongo Climbing Gym

      • Address
        No. 26, Lane 833 Zhizaoju Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu
        制造局路833弄26号, 中山南一路
      • Phone
        6333 5612

      PONGO Climbing Gym is one of the few climbing gyms in Shanghai that specializes in bouldering. Currently the only climbing gym in China that has walls designed by IFSC Route Setters (International Federation of Sport Climbing). The majority of holds are imported from... Read more

    • Bund Bowl

      • Address
        B1/F, 575 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Dongmen Lu
        中山东二路575号B1层, 近东门路
      • Phone
        6335 3285

      A not-so-traditional bowling spot covering 1,800 square meters under the Shiliupu Pier. This is probably the only bowling place in town that has an American-style dining room, a proper bar and a conference room. The vibe is a mixture of sports bar and a clean-looking... Read more


      • Address
        Shanghai International Circuit, 2000 Yining Lu, near Anxiao Lu
        伊宁路2000号, 近安晓路
      • Phone
        6956 9434

      Drive around like a maniac (safely, of course) at Shanghai's largest race track, which is also host to the famous Shanghai Grand Prix. Unfortunately F1 cars unavailable to the general public. 200RMB gets you an 8 minute session of go karting, and also, if you are an... Read more

    • Shanghai Stadium Rock Climb Sports Centre

      • Address
        Shanghai Indoor Stadium, Bldg 6, 666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu
        天钥桥路666号, 上海体育馆6号楼, 近零陵路
      • Phone
        6426 6666

      Shanghai Stadium Rock Climb Sports Center offers a number of great climbs with varying levels of difficulty. Built directly into the walls of the Shanghai Stadium, the center offers shoe and harness rentals for 10rmb each and daylong climbing tickets for 70rmb. It... Read more

    • Shanghai International Motocross Circuit

      • Address
        338 Haiwan Lu, near Haima Lu
        海湾路388号, 近海马路
      • Phone

      A 336-acre closed-circuit off-road dirt track. Read more

    • Pulupulu

      • Address
        139 Miaojiang Lu, near Bansongyuan Lu
        苗江路139号, 近半淞园路
      • Phone
        6323 3213

      One of the more expensive escape room options in Shanghai, but it’s worth it — Pulupulu is known for the immersive experience. The space is large and well-decorated, with an impressive Harry Potter-esque main hall. They currently have 13 different rooms with a wide... Read more

    • Party King

      • Address
        B1/F, 221 Renmin Dadao, near Wusheng Lu
        人民大道221号B1楼, 近武胜路
      • Phone
        3177 5136

      An underground sports center with bowling, archery, pool, darts and axe throwing. Read more

    • WWE Live

      WWE brings violence, mayhem, and outrageous clothing to the Mercedes Benz Arena for the fourth year running! The likes of Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Finn Bálor, Xavier Woods, The IIconics, Shinsuke...
    • CETA Elite Tennis Academy Summer Camp

      CETA Elite Tennis Academy will be running tennis summer camps in 3 fantastic venues to offer the best indoor facilities for your children to enjoy themselves and be protected from the extreme sun in Shanghai during summer time. Price...
    • 2019 China Squash Open

      The 2019 J.P. Morgan China Squash Open will take place on the bank of the Huangpu River and is the first PSA World Tour event of the 2019/2020 season. 48 top professional squash players from 16 countries and regions will compete on the...
    • Rolex Tennis Masters

      Shanghai's biggest tennis event returns. The annual Shanghai Masters is a pro knockout tournament played on hard outdoor courts down in Minhang. Part of the ATP World Tour Masters, the tournament sees the world's greatest players...
    • Shanghai Marathon (TBC)

      42km around Shanghai's roads in late fall — the Shanghai Marathon. The spots are capped by a quota system (usually 8,000 people for the main race), so early registration is a good idea if you want to get out there and test your endurance.
    • Daily Happy Hour

      Every day, down at Bund Bowl. 3pm to 7pm, they're kicking out a buy-one-get-one-free special on selected beer.
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Daily until Nov 29 2019
    • Salsa Night

      Show up and burn the dance floor with your salsa moves. Get your Latin steps right while seep refreshing drinks and eating chips and salsa. No partner needed, no experience required - just follow the crowd and have fun with the music....
    • IconX Summer Skateboard Camp 2019

      Based at the West Bund indoor skatepark, Iconx are hosting several three-day summer camps helping kids aged 6-15 years old learn how to skate like a pro, with a side of character development, health and nutrition. A three-day course...
    • Shanghai City Ballet Kids Summer Camp 2019

      From June to August, Shanghai City Ballet are offering week long courses of ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance camps with a performance at the end. A week of half-days costs 1,800rmb, full days is 3,600rmb. Children aged between 3 and 12 can...
    • Royal Dutch Riding Summer Camp

      Royal Dutch Riding Summer Camp is organizing 11 four/five day summer camps, dedicated to equestrianism. They do two M&RB riding courses and a lecture on riding safety and the basic concepts of equestrianism per day, and a final...
    • 2019 Freesoul Summer Camp

      Freesoul brings kids an eight-week summer camp with themed weekly activities for kids including drama, art, water, and sports.
    • Yoga

      On-going yoga classes every Thursday of the week at Sugarmat's downtown yoga studio. Join the class and get 10% off Sugarmat merchandise. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | Thursdays
    • Rooster Run Thursdays

      The Rooster organizes a 5-km fun run through Jing'an every Thursday, starting at 7.30pm. Everyone who finishes gets a free pint of Vedett White.
      • Community, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | The Rooster | Thursdays until Sep 12 2019
    • World Snooker Shanghai Masters 2019

      You can almost hear the crack of balls going into pockets! The Shanghai Masters Snooker Championship is coming soon, bringing the finest the discipline has to offer. It's an all-star roster of 25 players, including none other than...
    • Yoga in the Park

      Weekly Yoga Brunch designed for all levels. 88rmb for the yoga, and 15% off brunch.
    • Yoga Happy Hour

      Every Monday is a power yoga class. Every Wednesday is a hip opening yoga class. After class, there is dinner, at 15% off. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | TRIBE | Every Mon, Wed until Aug 31
    • Magic Jungle Full / Individual Tickets

      If you're a fan of monkeying around 60ft in the air, Magic Jungle is something worth looking into. Their North Bund location right near the International Ferry Terminal is a 400m² high ropes course with over 90 elements like swinging...
    • Tango and Bachata

      The Argentine Tango is a 'non-verbal' dance embodying a high degree of consciousness. This highly complex, sensual and passionate art form is a dance style like no other. This style is danced with a partner in an embrace that can vary...
      • Sports & Recreation | Shang Wu | Saturdays until Aug 31 2019
    • aham Yoga Weekly Practice

      Sunday evening ‘workouts’ where the focus will be on getting you to connect with yourself, your body and your environment. Seven session for 500rmb or 10 sessions for 700rmb. Single sessions 80rmb.
    • Unlimited Bowling

      Bund Bowl offers an all-you-can-play deal from 9pm to midnight every Monday and Tuesday, including bowling (shoe rental included), billiards & darts. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Every Mon, Tue until Dec 31
    • Free Tango and Bachata Trial Class

      Free trial tango and bachata classes for new students.
      • Sports & Recreation | Shang Wu | Saturdays until Sep 10 2019
    • MXGP - Motocross World Championship 2019

      The world's premier motocross racing event, the highlight of closed-course, off-road motorcycle racing, is coming to Shanghai! FIM MXGP 2019, which starts in Argentina, will be holding its finals at Shanghai's 336 acre Motocross Circuit...
    • Detox Yoga Flow + Tea Tasting

      Do flow yoga followed by a tea-tasting. 268rmb per person or 350rmb for two people.
      • Sports & Recreation | Vita | on Sun Aug 25 2019
    • Rooftop Detox

      Vinyasa flow yoga class on the rooftop of Xintiandi Mall followed by a discounted brunch at Rye & Co. Mats provided by Nuvana, an eco-friendly handmade cotton yoga mat. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Rye & Co | on Sat Aug 31 2019
    • Weekend Beer Free Flow

      Every Saturday and Sunday, Bund Bowl offers free-flow on selected beer from 6pm to 10pm. 100rmb per person.
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Every Sat, Sun until Oct 31


    • Boxing + Yoga

      While this may sound like a strange mixture, yoga actually complements your martial arts practice quite well through offering enhanced flexibility, endurance, and balance. 200rmb including a protein shake.
    • Outdoor Yoga at Ferguson Lane

      The class (10-11am) is in a semi-private location and will have deals for brunch from the courtyard tenants. Please B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Mat). 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Ferguson Lane | on Sat Aug 17 2019
      • 2019-08-17 Finished
    • Dulwich Summer Swimming Camp

      Dulwich College Pudong is dedicated to providing young swimmers with the opportunity to reach all their swimming goals through commitment and hard work in an environment that fosters a life long love of swimming. All sessions in the...
    • Yoga at Yong Ping Lane

      An outdoor class (10-11am) in a semi-private location followed by deals from the courtyard tenants! Bring Your Own Mat. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Yong Ping Lane | on Sun Aug 11 2019
      • 2019-08-11 Finished
    • Krav Maga + Yoga

      Part 1: Krav-Maga, a unique self-defense technique designed by the Israeli army to manage risks. Part 2: Gentle stretch, pranayama and meditation. This session will teach you practical ways to defend yourself in street attacks. 200rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Aboro Academy | on Sat Aug 10 2019
      • 2019-08-10 Finished
    • Tango Summer Deal

      The Argentine Tango is a 'non-verbal' dance embodying a high degree of consciousness. This highly complex, sensual and passionate art form is a dance style like no other. 10 classes for 968rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Shang Wu | Daily until Aug 10 2019
      • 2019-07-30 Finished
    • Vinyasa at La Terraza

      This edition of Vinyasa will practice opening the shoulder and hips. Vinyasa has a lot of variability for practitioners to stretch their bodies. This course is based on smooth asana sequences and is streamlined and dynamic. Held on the...
    • MultiSport Summer Camp 2019

      Multisport is hosting a camp at The British International School Puxi, with activities like gymnastics, dodgeball, dance, basketball, and more for kids 4-12 (split into 3 groups: 4-6, 7-8 and 9-12). Runs from 9.15am-3pm from July 1 to...
      • Sports & Recreation | BISS | Daily until Aug 9 2019
      • 2019-07-01 Finished
    • MultiSport Summer Camp 2019

      Multisport is hosting a camp at The British International School Puxi, with activities like swimming, gymnastics, soccer, trampoline, tumble track, dance, dodge ball, basketball, fitness ABC, obstacle course, athletics, team and tag...
      • Sports & Recreation | BISS | Daily until Aug 9 2019
      • 2019-07-01 Finished
    • Worldstrides Global Camps

      For the past three years the Wellington College campus has hosted a Summer Camp operated through Ivy League Summer Camps, now known as Worldstrides Global camps, using the Wellington College International Shanghai facilities. For Summer...
    • Dulwich Earthquakes Summer Camp 2019

      Dulwich Earthquakes Summer Soccer Camps are designed for kids aged 5-12. Players will compete in small sided games that will progress their soccer skills whilst interacting with teammates and making new friends. All camp coaches are...
    • Neon Partner Yoga on the Terrace

      BYMB brings an immersive neon yoga party with teacher Andrew in Lujiazui. Fluorescent yoga clothes are recommended. This event will be held at the garden terrace of L+Mall. Male-female groups are recommended as this is a partner yoga....
      • Sports & Recreation | L+ Mall | on Fri Aug 9 2019
      • 2019-08-09 Finished
    • Community Yoga

      Weekly practice by certified yoga teachers, open to beginners and experienced practitioners. Confirm your attendance by 5pm on the Friday before via the email address on the flyer. Free or by donation.
      • Sports & Recreation | Fuxing Park | Sundays until Aug 4 2019
      • 2019-07-07 Finished
    • aham - Soul, Body and Environment

      A special series of Sunday evening ‘work-ins’ where the focus will be partially on working on your body but mostly on working on your inner self - hence 'work-in'. 80rmb with rsvp, 100rmb without....
    • Yoga in the Park

      Arrive before class at 9:50am by Moka Bros entrance (101C, 108 Xiangyang north road, near Huaihai road) If it's nice weather they'll be amongst the trees in Xiangyang park, otherwise at Moka Bros outdoor and covered patio. Bring Your Own...
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