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    • Shanghai Royal Pole Dancing Studio

      • Address
        11-52 , Jiameihui Building , Sichuan Bei Road , 1727 Nong , near DongBaoXing Road
        嘉美汇11-52, 四川北路1727弄,近东宝兴路
      • Phone
        6044 3355

      A studio on Sichuan Bei Lu specializing in pole dancing and high-energy fitness classes. Drop in class are 100RMB, and a 10+2 class package will run you 1900rmb. Read more

    • Jump 360 (Xingyi Lu)

      • Address
        4/F, Xingyi Lu, near Gubei Lu
        兴义路99号世贸展览馆4F, 近古北路
      • Phone
        8019 8834

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    • Gucun Park

      • Address
        4788 Hutai Lu, near Huandao Lu
        沪太路4788号, 近环岛路
      • Phone
        5604 5199

      Gucun Park is a large park up north in Baoshan Qu, with its own metro station on Line 7. Take Exit Two. The space gets really busy on the weekends, with families enjoying the lake, flying kites on the green space, and riding roller coasters. Watch out for the... Read more

    • Expo Park

      • Address
        1750 Shibo Da Dao, near Changqing Bei Lu
        世博大道1750号, 近长清北路
      • Phone

      One of the nicest parks in Shanghai, and once the location of JZ and Strawberry music festivals, this one's worth visiting even (or especially) where... Read more

    • Shanghai Racquet Club

      • Address
        Lane 555 Jinfeng Lu, near Baole Lu
        金丰路555弄, 近保乐路
      • Phone
        135 6494 8427

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    • Mofamen VR

      • Address
        4/F, 2600 Xietu Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu
      • Phone
        6417 0720

      Quite excellent VR facility in Xujiahui. Good location with HTC Vive Pro equipment and helpful English-speaking staff. Prices aren't too bad either - 119rmb for an hour perusing their wide range of games. This location has 4 rooms with two headsets in each, while... Read more

    • Ninebot Gokart

      • Address
        Gate 2, 1 Shiji Dadao, near Lujiazui Huan Lu
        世纪大道1号2号门, 近陆家嘴环路
      • Phone
        5879 1888

      A go-karting spot under Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The go-karts are Ninebots by Segway. Read more

    • Know Dance House

      • Address
        No. 51, Lane 103 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Sinan Lu
        建国中路103弄51号, 近思南路
      • Phone
        159 0081 9980

      KNOW DANCE HOUSE was established in December 2018. They aim to offer a home studio feel with a bright atmosphere and a modern environment. They teach different social dancing styles, including contemporary, ballet, classical ballet and ballroom latin dance, as well... Read more

    • Broadband International Cineplex

      • Address
        6/F, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Liulin Lu
        淮海中路99号大上海时代广场6楼, 近柳林路
      • Phone
        6391 0701

      Cheap modern cinema on the sixth floor of Times Square Plaza, with four halls and 714 seats. The best part about this place is that the gap between the seats is really big, so you won't bother anyone when you're trying to squeeze though. No IMAX or VIP, just 3D.... Read more

    • Shanghai Rugby Club

      • Address
        2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu, near Wuzhou Da Dao
        上海瑞可碧橄榄球运动俱乐部 张扬北路2700号, 近五洲大道
      • Phone
        159 0185 4255

      By-word for the Shanghai Community Sports Club, which is a collection of sports facilities up in Pudong that does just about everything from rugby, football, tennis, baseball and even a handful of golf holes and a driving range. It's also hosted music festivals in... Read more

    • Film Art Center

      • Address
        160 Xinhua Lu, near Panyu Lu
        新华路160号, 近番禺路
      • Phone
        6280 4088

      The cinema for the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF). This place has a '90s kinda vibe, with lots of marble flooring, massive screens, and old-school bathrooms. There's nine rooms with 1058 seats total. Tickets at normal times are 90-180rmb, or half... Read more

    • Wanda International Cinema

      • Address
        58 Guobin Lu, near Zhonghuan Lu
        国宾路58号, 近中环路
      • Phone
        5566 0926

      Biggest draw for this cinema is the massive 400 seat IMAX screening room. They have ten rooms total, including a small VIP theater with luxury seats. Very comfortable place, welcoming to the 18-25 crowd. IMAX tickets are 120rmb. Regular tickets, 70rmb. Read more

    • Adidas RunBase

      • Address
        Longteng Da Dao, near Dong'an Lu
        西岸基地, 上海龙腾大道滨江西岸, 近东安路
      • Phone

      Read more

    • Dragon Adventures China

      • Address
        4/F Bldg 11, 600 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Xinzha Lu
        陕西北路600号11号楼4楼, 近新闸路
      • Phone
        400 637 2466

      This is a travel company that arranges inexpensive group tours out of Shanghai. It's run by foreigners and the tours seem to draw a mainly foreign crowd of younger people looking to cut loose on a weekend away. For info about upcoming trips, check the website. Read more

    • SoulDancing Studio (Fuxing Zhong Lu)

      • Address
        4/F, 1199 Fuxing Zhong Lu near Shaanxi Nan Lu
        复兴中路1199号4楼, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        6256 4400

      10+ hours of classes daily in 20 different styles: Salsa, Belly Dance, Pole Dance, Bachata, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Jazz Dance, African Dance, Sexy Dance, Chair Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Club Dance, MTV Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Victoria Secret Slimming, Kids Hip... Read more

    • Taito Station

      • Address
        1/F, 918 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu
        淮海中路918号1楼, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        6427 8552

      Two rows of claw machine utopia by famed Japanese arcade and video game creator Taito (Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble. It's inside on the ground floor of Parkson Mall. Games are 5rmb for a shot at fluffy prizes like Pokemon's Meowth and Dragon Warrior's Slime. Read more

    • Shanghai Sculpture Park

      • Address
        1158 Linyin Xin Lu, near Jiasong Nan Lu
        林荫新路1158号, 近嘉松南路
      • Phone

      Huge, beautiful park in the hills of Songjiang in Shanghai's southwest suburbs. It's a family-friendly, dog-friendly kind of place where you can walk around for a few hours, take selfies with interesting / eccentric statues, ride boats around the lake, and lay out on... Read more

    • All Star Skating Club

      • Address
        1200 Shibo Da Dao, near Shangnan Lu
        世博大道1200号, 近上南路
      • Phone
        2025 8668

      This is the massive ice-skating rink inside the Benz Arena. At 1200sqm, it's probably the biggest in Shanghai, and definitely one of the nicest. This is the place to go to do some serious twists and turns. Pricing is 80rmb for 90 minutes including skates on the... Read more

    • East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club

      • Address
        663 Hongqiao Lu, near Panyu Lu
        虹桥路663号, 近番禺路
      • Phone
        6280 0677 / 6280 0408

      Read more

    • Shanghai Yintao Golf Club

      • Address
        2222 Huqingping Gong Lu, near Qianyun Lu
        沪青平公路2222号, 近前云路
      • Phone
        6402 1633

      Nice-looking spot, and a full 72 par, 7,100 yard 18-hole course, though it is pricy for a non-members-only club. It's expansive (they include golf buggies in the course price), and it's got a wetlands sort of feel to it, with a fair amount of water features.... Read more

    • Air Jump Trampoline Park

      • Address
        3/F, Building C, 289 Huxing Lu, near Shunheng Jie
        沪星路289号顺恒广场3楼, 近顺恒街
      • Phone
        5433 7686

      Nothing but trampolines out here in Qibao Town. Airjump Shanghai has trampoline basketball, trampoline dodgeball, a big foam pit, slacklines, a "ninja warrior" course, and around 30 trampolines in total -- more than enough to snap an ankle. It's a good time, with... Read more

    • Xujiahui Park

      • Address
        889 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Tianping Lu
        肇嘉浜路889号, 近天平路
      • Phone
        6483 3541

      Xujiahui Park feels bigger than it actually is. It's a perfect place to escape the hustle of Xujiahui, and it's also where most of the city's top basketballers play. Lots of grassy areas to sit down in, bit of water feature, and often some ayi dance parties at night.... Read more

    • MacHouse

      • Address
        Joy City, 5/F, 166 Xizang Bei Lu, near Qufu Lu
      • Phone
        6630 0092

      A virtual reality arcade on the 5th floor of Joy City. MacHouse has a passable VR experience although for the price it is trumped by some of the other options near Wujiaochang (big VR area in Yangpu). It costs 388rmb for two people to play 4 games, which will take... Read more

    • Lu Xun Park

      • Address
        2288 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Tian'ai Zhi Lu
        四川北路2288号, 近甜爱支路
      • Phone
        6540 1561

      Lu Xun Park, once and sometimes still known as "Hongkou Park," is named after the famous writer from the early 20th century. Great park, this one, lots of chatty, friendly older people dancing and exercising in the mornings. Some stay for the whole afternoon. There's... Read more

    • Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Gardens

      • Address
        3888 Chenhua Lu, near Chenta Lu
        辰花路3888号, 近辰塔路
      • Phone

      Read more

    • SFC (Metro City)

      • Address
        5F, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu
        肇家浜路1111号5楼, 近天钥桥路
      • Phone
        6426 8181

      Xujiahui cinema with four theaters, the largest of which has 268 seats. All have stadium seating, massive screens and good surround sound. The seats are somewhat small, so a broad shouldered person might be uncomfortable. Tickets are 100rmb for 2D, 120rmb for 3D, or... Read more

    • Jing'an Park

      • Address
        1649 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu
        南京西路1649号, 近华山路
      • Phone
        6248 3238

      In terms of square-footage, Jing'an Park is one of the smallest of Shanghai's parks -- but what it lacks in space it makes up for in charm. Surrounded on all sides by office buildings and cranes, and not really a haven from that hum of traffic ever-present in... Read more

    • Mahota Farm

      • Address
        Chongming Town, Beiqiyao Modern Agriculture Park
      • Phone
        3966 6039

      A self sustainable farm covering 43 acres with a piggery (a couple thousand pigs), and farm tours where you can pick your own vegetables. Day trip visits to the farm are 280rmb and include a hotpot meal. They also have done-up Mongolian yurts to stay in overnight. Read more

    • Essence Salsa Dance Studio

      • Address
        20/F, 618 Xikang Lu, near Nanchang Lu
        西康路618号20楼, 近南昌路
      • Phone
        135 2491 7689

      Dance studio run by two Venezuelan dancers, teaching different types of dance. Salsa, obviously, but also batchata, ballet, contemporary dance, heel dance etc. The studio has two rooms with audio and lighting systems. It's also available for rental by the hour. Read more

    • Aboro Academy

      • Address
        S6-S9, 2/F, 667 Changhua Lu, near Anyuan Lu
        昌化路667号2楼S6-S9室, 近安远路
      • Phone
        6222 0266

      World class boxing gym in wellness center Anken Life. Founder and head coach Michelle Aboro is a seven-time winner of the Kick Boxing... Read more

    • Vertical Run

      Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai will host the 2019 Climb for Hope Vertical Charity Run, kicking off at 7:30 a.m. 298rmb per person, including a breakfast buffet. Participants climb the Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai building – 60...
    • Lilalicht 3D German Minigolf

      German company sets up 3D Golf in a blacklight indoor minigolf course at The Hub. 178rmb to play 18 holes. 20% discount in October and November.
      • Sports & Recreation | The Hub | Daily until Jan 1 2020
    • Stone Village Hiking and Ninghai Hot Springs

      11.5 KM mountain hiking will give your an idea of Jiangsu and Zhejiang mountains, rows, ancient villages, abandoned stone houses, forests and tea plantations. 799rmb.
    • Yoga at Ferguson Lane

      Another outdoor class in a semi-private location followed by partner deals from the courtyard tenants. Please Bring Your Own Mat. 88rmb for the yoga. To confirm registration, add WeChat id: Linwards_Assistance.
    • Rooftop Detox

      An energizing vinyasa flow yoga class on the rooftop of Xintiandi Mall. Please Bring Your Own Mat. To confirm registration, please add WeChat id: Linwards_Assistance. 88rmb for the yoga.
      • Sports & Recreation | Rye & Co | on Sun Oct 20 2019
    • One Day Ancient Ghost Trail Hike

      Get away from the city noise for one day hiking on the ghost trail. Peaceful nature, bamboo forest, and a beautiful lake. 350rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | Wanna Travel | on Sun Oct 20 2019
    • Run For Your Lives 2019

      Run For Your Lives is the one and only original Zombie Survival Game. Run For Your Lives originated from Maryland, USA, after hosting 53 events around the world. RFYL returns after 2 years of re-designing the game upgrades, Shanghai has...
    • Shanghai PowerWalk Half Marathon

      Fourth edition of the PowerWalk Half Marathon, where you are not allowed to run. Fee includes a walker bag, T-shirt, ferry ticket, raffle ticket, snacks and water. 158rmb.
    • Yoga + Brunch

      An hour of vinyasa yoga flow on the rooftop followed by a vegan friendly brunch at Ole Kitchen. 168rmb for drop-ins.
    • Yoga in the Park

      Join for yoga at Xiangyang Park plus a discounted brunch at Moka Bros. All genders and levels are welcome. B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Mat). 88rmb.
    • TriFit Boxing & Fitness Trial

      TriFit Boxing & Fitness provides professional boxing/HIIT/Fitness group class every day. For new customers, they are offering a 99rmb special deal for a 2-week membership card.
      • Sports & Recreation | TriFit | Daily until Oct 31 2019
    • Shanghai Marathon (TBC)

      42km around Shanghai's roads in late fall — the Shanghai Marathon. The spots are capped by a quota system (usually 8,000 people for the main race), so early registration is a good idea if you want to get out there and test your endurance.
    • The 2019 Rugby World Cup Viewing

      The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the ninth Rugby World Cup, and is to be held in Japan from 20 September to 2 November with over 20 nations competing. For those who love Rugby, watch the competition at The BREW as it provides 2 hours...
      • Sports & Recreation | The BREW | Daily until Nov 2 2019
    • Huangshan Eco Cross-Country Trail Race

      An outdoor adventure race of 60KM, 30KM and 5KM Fun Run for kids and elderly participants. Located in the beautiful Yellow Mountain and surrounding areas. Free bus and race entry tickets to the first 100 foreign passport holders.
    • Evasana Sunday Yoga Brunch

      An energetic Sunday yoga practice followed by a healthy brunch at Tribe Organic. Don't forget to bring your mat and scan the code to book your spot. 118rmb.
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | TRIBE | Sundays until Nov 17 2019
    • Daily Happy Hour

      Every day, down at Bund Bowl. 3pm to 7pm, they're kicking out a buy-one-get-one-free special on selected beer.
      • Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Daily until Nov 29 2019
    • Sunday class at Sugarmat

      Every Sunday Yoga for Life and Sugarmat present a de-stressing yoga class. All participants get a 20% discount from Sugarmat store. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | Sundays until Dec 8 2019
    • aham Yoga Weekly Practice

      Sunday evening ‘workouts’ where the focus will be on getting you to connect with yourself, your body and your environment. Seven session for 500rmb or 10 sessions for 700rmb. Single sessions 80rmb.
    • Yoga

      On-going yoga classes every Thursday of the week at Sugarmat's downtown yoga studio. Join the class and get 10% off Sugarmat merchandise. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | Thursdays
    • Unlimited Bowling

      Bund Bowl offers an all-you-can-play deal from 9pm to midnight every Monday and Tuesday, including bowling (shoe rental included), billiards & darts. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Bund Bowl | Every Mon, Tue until Dec 31
    • Jr. Rugby, Football, Basketball and Baseball

      Sweep the dust away on your boots and join one of these sports clubs for the youth. 2,880rmb-4,560rmb for 15 lessons and specialized sports wear.
    • Free Kizomba Trial and Package Deal

      Kizomba is a social partner dance that allows the dancers to be creative and practice their musicality. Come for a free trial class. Packages available for 968rmb for 10 classes.
      • Sports & Recreation | Shang Wu | Saturdays until Dec 31 2019
    • Weekend Yoga & Brunch

      Sweat it all out, wind down and stretch out your weekend with yoga and a well earned brunch. 90rmb.
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | TRIBE | Saturdays until Feb 1 2020


    • Yoga at Yongping Lane

      An outdoor class in a semi-private location followed by partner deals from the courtyard tenants. 88rmb for the yoga class. To confirm registration, please add WeChat id: Linwards_Assistance.
      • Sports & Recreation | Yong Ping Lane | on Sun Oct 13 2019
      • 2019-10-13 Finished
    • Rolex Tennis Masters

      Shanghai's biggest tennis event returns. The annual Shanghai Masters is a pro knockout tournament played on hard outdoor courts down in Minhang. Part of the ATP World Tour Masters, the tournament sees the world's greatest players...
    • Boxing + Yoga

      1 hour of boxing + 1 hour of yoga including a healthy snack. 200rmb.
    • Essential Yoga Therapy Program

      This intensive course is designed to give people alternative understanding of their health problems and what to do to fix it. It it for anyone with any kind of ailment seeking alternative way of healing it, OR, Anyone who wish to gain...
      • Health & Wellbeing, Sports & Recreation | Divine Body And Mind | on Tue Oct 1 2019
      • 2019-10-01 Finished
    • Evasana Saturday Yoga Brunch

      Saturday Yoga class followed by a brunch at Ai Fiori. Opened to all levels, this class will allow you to relax, improve your practice and make new friends. Don't forget to bring your own mat. 118rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Ai Fiori | Saturdays until Sep 28 2019
      • 2019-09-07 Finished
    • Rooftop Brunch N' Yoga

      A one-hour heart opening vinyasa flow class led by Mandy. Yoga mats are provided by Sugarmat, and Element Fresh will be offering a set-menu + drink afterwards. Booking by WeChat (MNDSOETO). 210rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Element Fresh | on Sat Sep 28 2019
      • 2019-09-28 Finished
    • Bootcamp Beer Brunch

      A 1-Hour FitFam-hosted Burpees & Bands workout on the Stone Brewing Tap Room front lawn. Immediately following this gut-busting training, fill your tummy with a healthy brunch and a well-earned beer. 150rmb covers both the workout class...
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | Stone Brewing | on Sun Sep 22 2019
      • 2019-09-22 Finished
    • Yoga at Yongping Lane

      An outdoor class in a semi-private location followed by partner deals from the courtyard tenants. B.Y.O.M (Bring Your Own Mat). 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Yong Ping Lane | on Sun Sep 22 2019
      • 2019-09-22 Finished
    • One Day Moganshan Hike

      Whether you have already been in Moganshan or no, there is always something more to explore. Join for 1 day hiking trip in Moganshan bamboo forest, taking the classic ancient trail at the back of the mountain to the summit for the view....
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | Wanna Travel | on Sun Sep 22 2019
      • 2019-09-22 Finished
    • TriFit Boxing & Fitness Grand Opening

      This event is to celebrate the opening of TriFit - a boxing and fitness gym studio. They will be starting at 9:30am with the official opening ceremony, and then coaches will teach two boxing classes, one at 10:30am - 11am and 11am -...
      • Sports & Recreation | TriFit | on Sun Sep 22 2019
      • 2019-09-22 Finished
    • WWE Live

      WWE brings violence, mayhem, and outrageous clothing to the Mercedes Benz Arena for the fourth year running! The likes of Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Finn Bálor, Xavier Woods, The IIconics, Shinsuke...
      • Arts, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation | MB Arena | on Sat Sep 21 2019
      • 2019-09-21 Finished
    • Downdog with your Dog!

      Yoga with your dog and then 15% off brunch. Bring your own mat. 180rmb per person.
    • Rooftop Brunch N' Yoga

      The last Rooftop Brunch N' Yoga for the year. Ticket includes one-hour of vinyasa yoga, and a set menu + 1 drink. Yoga mats will be provided by the lovely Sugarmat. WeChat: mndsoeto. 210rmb per person.
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | Element Fresh | on Sat Sep 21 2019
      • 2019-09-21 Finished
    • All-Natural Detox

      A day of detox. 268rmb per person. Agenda: * 2-3pm Detox yoga flow in the Botanical Garden by Julie * 3.30-4.30pm Detox nutrition workshop by Ana Terra * 5-6pm Detox cooking workshop by Chef Shiyin Wang * 6pm community dinner (or...
      • Community, Sports & Recreation | Cohost West Bund | on Sun Sep 15 2019
      • 2019-09-15 Finished
    • Yoga at Ferguson Lane

      Outdoor class in a semi-private location followed by partner deals from the courtyard tenants including free rental of Nuvana eco-friendly handmade cotton yoga mat. 88rmb per person.
      • Sports & Recreation | Ferguson Lane | on Sun Sep 15 2019
      • 2019-09-15 Finished
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