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    • Bandai Namco Dream Hall

      • Address
        179 Yichang Lu, near Jiangning Lu
        宜昌路179号, 近江宁路
      • Phone

      Formerly the QSW Culture Center, the Bandai Namco Dream Hall is a huge live music venue with one of the best sound systems in Shanghai. It contains two separate venues. Q.Hall is the larger, and has room for 1500 people on two levels, or 600 people at a seated... Read more

    • Shanghai Indoor Stadium

      • Address
        666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu
        天钥桥路666号, 近零陵路
      • Phone
        6426 6666

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    • Shangyin Opera House

      • Address
        6 Fenyang Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu
      • Phone
        6431 5741

      This eight-story project by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music has an impressive horseshoe-shaped opera house, four rehearsal rooms, a lecture hall, and a handful of terraces on the top floor. The opera house itself has 1,200 seats across four tiers, with a... Read more

    • Ctrl Sound Studios

      • Address
        No 2, 700 Wuyi Lu, near kaixuan Lu
        武夷路700弄2号, 近凯旋路
      • Phone
        135 6498 3193

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    • Shanghai Stadium

      • Address
        1111 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu
        漕溪北路1111号, 近天钥桥路
      • Phone
        6426 6666

      The Shanghai Stadium seats 56,000 people typically and a maximum of 80,000, thus commonly termed the "80,000 People Stadium" by locals. The stadium was originally built for the National Games of The PRC. Today, Chinese Super League and international soccer matches... Read more

    • Theatre in the Tianzifang

      • Address
        Tianzifang, Bldg 3, Lane 200 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
        泰康路200弄3号楼, 近思南路
      • Phone
        158 0041 2735

      The Theatre in the Tianzifang is a cozy 75-seat theatre located inside Tianzifang. It's home to One World Theatre and also plays host to other theatre and music events. Read more

    • Great World (Da Shi Jie)

      • Address
        1 Xizang Nan Lu, near Yan'an Dong Lu
        西藏南路1号, 近延安东路
      • Phone

      Four floors of ICH -- intangible cultural heritage scattered around the venue. Showcasing historical objects from not just Shanghai, but around China. It also has a big stage in the center, a few stages/ theaters on each floor. Events such as traditional opera,... Read more

    • Children's Palace

      • Address
        64 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
        延安西路64号, 近乌鲁木齐路
      • Phone
        6249 2856

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    • Putuo Indoor Stadium

      • Address
        400 Caoyang Lu, near Puxiong Lu
        曹杨路400号, 近普雄路
      • Phone

      Big indoor stadium, with ping pong tables and suitable for holding floorball events. Read more

    • Q.S.W. Culture Center

      • Address
        179 Yichang Lu, near Jiangning Lu
        宜昌路179号, 近江宁路
      • Phone
        6266 3191

      This is a huge government-backed music and arts center. It hosts musical and stage performances from classical to rock, plus has dance studios and areas for kids to learn about music. There are also a number of recording studios on site, with the whole package aimed... Read more

    • Blackstone Magic Bar

      • Address
        B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu
        巨鹿路158号B1楼, 近瑞金一路
      • Phone
        139 1846 2770

      From the inscrutable depths of Anson Chen's mind comes a new concept that combines magic with mixology. Close-up magic performances from some big name magicians in Asia like Chen himself, his partner Joe Deng and his M37 crew, and a cocktail list by Chris Xi, which... Read more

    • McKinnon Hotel

      • Address
        1013 Beijing Xi Lu, near Jiangning Lu
        北京西路1013号, 近江宁路
      • Phone
        5299 0571

      An ex-office block converted into five floors of fully-furnished, creepy, amazing sets for Punchdrunk's immersive reimagining of Macbeth entitled Sleep No More. Each floor is separately and painstakingly built into a tableau with cemeteries, sanatariums, dingy hotel... Read more

    • Hongkou Soccer Stadium

      • Address
        444 Dong Jiangwan Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu
        东江湾路444号, 近四川北路
      • Phone
        5696 7633

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    • The Very Open Mic!

      • Address

      • Phone

      Once you're done with your google spreadsheets and reports in the office, do you have the need to unleash the real you? To share? To give? To be heard? The Very Open Mic (VOM) welcomes any form of expression through art, and thrives on like-minded people getting... Read more

    • CAMP 3399

      • Address
        3399 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'an Lu
        龙腾大道3399号, 近东安路
      • Phone

      Originally part of the Xuhui riverside development area that stretches up and down West Bund (and just called Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space) this grassy event space has become... Read more

    • Water Heavens Hall

      • Address
        Zhujiajiao Old Town, 1 Xijing Jie
        朱家角镇, 西井街1号
      • Phone
        962 388

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    • MAXUS Plaza

      • Address
        177 Shendi Nan Lu, near Xingyuan Jie
        申迪南路177号, 近星愿路
      • Phone

      An events venue with Western restaurants, an open air concert stage, RV parking, and a kids center spread out over the 88000㎡ space. Read more

    • Shanghai Children's Art Theatre

      • Address
        800 Miaojiang Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu
        苗江路800号, 近西藏南路
      • Phone

      Shanghai Children's Theatre is currently the city's only professional-level stage designated for children's drama performances. It can seat 1,088 audience members and has the kind of fancy equipment found in other contemporary theaters in town: a vertically... Read more

    • Children's Art Theatre of China Welfare

      • Address
        643 Huashan Lu, near Wulumuqi Bei Lu
        中国福利会儿童艺术剧院 华山路643号, 近乌鲁木齐北路
      • Phone
        6248 2081

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    • Hongkou Indoor Stadium

      • Address
        715 Dongtiyuhui Lu, near Zhongshan Bei Er Lu
        东体育会路715号, 近中山北二路
      • Phone
        6553 8436

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    • Shanghai Conservatory of Music

      • Address
        20 Fenyang Lu, near Huaihai Lu
        上海音乐学院, 凤阳路20号, 近淮海路
      • Phone
        6437 0136

      The Shanghai Conservatory of Music is a music research institute and a public university with the departments: musicology, composition and conducting, voice, piano, orchestral instruments, Chinese instruments, music education and musical drama. It's concert hall... Read more

    • Shanghai Grand Stage

      • Address
        1111 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Zhongshan Lu and Tianyaoqiao Lu
        上海大舞台, 漕溪北路1111号, 近天钥桥路
      • Phone
        6426 6666

      The two-layer, 1250 sq. meter stage is the first theater-style, multi-function indoor stadium in China. Acting also as a conference center, the venue can hold up to 10,000 attendees for performances and 12,000 people at sporting events. Read more

    • Cine Club de Alliance Francaise

      • Address
        6/F, 297 Wusong Lu, near Haining Lu
        吴淞路297号6楼, 近海宁路
      • Phone

      This French language school and community hub hosts semi-regular film nights of classic and contemporary French cinema. For more info and programs, go to Read more

    • Shanghai Theatre Academy

      • Address
        630 Huashan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
        上海戏剧学院, 华山路630号, 近乌鲁木齐路
      • Phone
        6248 1866

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    • Ke Center

      • Address
        613-B Kaixuan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
        凯旋路613号, 近延安西路
      • Phone
        6131 3080

      The Ke Center serves as the official venue for local theater group Shanghai Repertory Theater (SRT). Several times a year, SRT stage various English-language productions, from Shakespearean classics, to modernist comedies of manners, to absurdist provocation. Click... Read more

    • Shanghai Cultural Information & Booking Center

      • Address
        272 Fengxian Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu
        奉贤路272号, 近南京西路
      • Phone

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    • Downstream Garage (Mecooon)

      • Address
        3/F, No.100, Lane 200 Longcao Lu, near Longwu Lu,
        龙漕路200弄100号, 近龙吴路
      • Phone
        6408 9520

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    • T-space

      • Address
        Rm 309, 3/F, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yan'an Zhong Lu
        茂名南路1号3楼309室, 近延安中路
      • Phone

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    • Bund Underground Warehouse

      • Address
        B2/F, 531 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Dongmen Lu (on the river side of the street)
        中山东二路531号地下2层, 近东门路
      • Phone

      This is where TICT does their Halloween party. Entrance is on the promenade, just north of Hotel Indigo. So it's on the water side of Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, up some stairs, then back down. Don't bother looking for a street number. Read more

    • Plus Space

      • Address
        228 Tangzi Jin Lu, near Guozhan Lu
        塘子泾路228号, 近国展路
      • Phone

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    • Billy The Kid

      An international music-theater show about the American-Western icon, Billy the Kid. Billy gallops through many films, songs, biographies, and even scientific research but was he a hero or a murderer? Still nobody really knows who he was,...
    • Come From Away - The Phenomenal Broadway Musical

      One of the biggest hits on Broadway, "Come From Away" is a musical that tells the true story of the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It depicts the extraordinary convergence on September 12, 2001, when...
    • TETRIS Mon Amour

      TETRIS Mon Amour is a metaphor for our life. When Tetris was invented back in 1984, it quickly conquered the world, a simple computer game, but fascinating and addictive. Choreographer Roni Haver was also once hooked on it. With TETRIS...
    • Emil and the Detectives

      Young Emil hops on a train to visit family in the big city. A thief steals something valuable, but he didn't count on Young Emil and his group of resourceful, quick-witted friends! Based off Kästner’s 1929 novella, this classic tale of...
    • Punchdrunk's 'Sleep No More'

      Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens. Produced by SMG Live and Punchdrunk International. Audiences move freely through the...
    • Jacek Kaspszyk and SSO perform Eroica

      Polish conductor Jacek Kaspszyk has been the Music and Artistic Director of the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013. He will join forces with the SSO, with Karen Dreyfus on viola and Glenn Dicterow on violin to perform...
    • Stephen Hough’s Beethoven Concertos

      One of the most distinctive artists of his generation, Stephen Hough combines a distinguished career as a pianist with those of composer and writer. Named by The Economist as one of Twenty Living Polymaths, Hough was the first classical...
    • Long Yu Conducts Carmen in Concert

      In the SSO's 2019/20 season closing concert, artistic director and chief conductor of the China Philharmonic and of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Long Yu will lead the SSO in performing Georges Bizet's 120-minute-long concert version...


    • Harmonic Series

      Harmonic Series is choreographed by GN | MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos for the Xiexin Dance Theatre and was co-commissioned by the Shanghai International Dance Center. It is based on the dance vocabulary that the two have been developing...
    • Jin Xing Dance Theater: Random Goodbyes

      Jin Xing Dance Theater was established in 1999 as the first private modern dance group in China. Together with the famous dancer Jin Xing, the artistic director of the theater, and a true pioneer of Chinese modern dance, Jin Xing Dance...
    • Suzhou Ballet Theatre: Romeo and Juliet (Canceled)

      This creative version of Romeo and Juliet, the century-old classic, combines elements from traditional Chinese culture. A fusion of East and West, the production takes its ballet roots and melds them with classical Chinese aesthetics....
    • Drag-Tacular Year of the Rat

      A cornucopia of gender-bending performances and a night of pure tomfoolery, a DRAG-TACULAR show at The Pearl. A blend of burlesque-style antics, and wild performances by the funniest drag queen hosts you’ll ever have the pleasure of...
      • Arts, Nightlife | The Pearl | on Sat Feb 15 2020
      • 2020-02-15 Finished
    • Swan Lake Russian State Ballet

      After a successful tour last year, The Russian State Ballet is back for their China tour with a full, mesmerizing touring ballet production. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's iconic Swan Lake was first performed one hundred and thirty-five...
    • The Nutcracker Russian State Ballet

      The Nutcracker is one of Russia's most renowned Russian ballets, featuring Tchaikovsky's instantly recognizable score, and a Christmas classic. When midnight strikes the audience is swept into a fairy tale world of toy dolls, where the...
    • The Classical Russian Ballet (Moscow) Swan Lake

      The Classical Russian Ballet (Moscow), has been recognized as a new star in world ballet, devoted to the revival of ballet classics. With its rich and colorful classical repertoire and strong cast of actors, the troupe has attracted...
      • Arts | Grand Theatre | Daily until Jan 27 2020
      • 2020-01-26 Finished
    • iStage Winter Camp: Winter Musical

      iStage put on productions where students age 9 years and up learn a musical from start to finish and then perform it by the end of the camp. This winter, the production is "Beauty and the Beast." It takes place from January 20-24,...
      • Arts, Community | iStage Academy | Daily until Jan 24 2020
      • 2020-01-20 Finished
    • Lord of the Dance by Michael Flatley

      Lord of the Dance debuted at the Point Theatre in Dublin in 1996 under the directory of choreographer Michael Flatley. The show then become synonymous with spectacular artistry of Irish dance. Michael broke the mold of Irish dance by...
      • Arts | Grand Theatre | Daily until Jan 19 2020
      • 2020-01-14 Finished
    • Curtain Call

      Indulge each of your senses with a showcase unlike any other with cabaret seductresses Anna and Natalia, the mystifying vixen Sasha, the prince of ballroom Alexander, the beautiful songstress Nargis and, naturally, the brilliant bearded...
      • Arts, Nightlife | Candor | Daily until Jan 18 2020
      • 2020-01-17 Finished
    • Pixie Dolls

      Inspired by the legendary Parisian cabaret show “Le Crazy Horse de Paris”. Come see exquisite femmes, as they tempt you with their carnal intercontinental charm. For the first time in Shanghai, we welcome you to experience the iconic...
      • Arts, Nightlife | Candor | Daily until Jan 16 2020
      • 2020-01-15 Finished
    • Dreamgirls: The Broadway Musical

      The Tony Award winning Broadway musical that inspired a Golden Globe Award winning film is coming to Shanghai! Telling the story of the Dreams, a group of young singers trying to make it big in showbiz in the 60s, with all the highs and...
    • Three Phantoms

      This is not the musical classic, but a live concert starring three lead singers who were all once the lead in Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Phantom of the Opera. The concert draws inspiration from the “Phantom of the Opera” and presents various...
    • Blue Man Group 2019

      Blue Man Group is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. This wildly popular phenomenon delivers an unforgettable, multi-sensory experience. It’s an outrageous evening of entertainment. See the show that has...
      • Arts, Nightlife | MIFA 1862 | Daily
      • 2019-12-26 Finished
    • Swan Lake by Russian State Ballet of Astrakhan

      Russian State Ballet of Astrakhan is one of the most renounced ballet troupes today. Since its foundation in 2011, has made successful adaptations of “The Nutcracker”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Sleeping Beauty” and toured around the...
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