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    • the clinic

      • Address
        Suite A501, 5/F, Bldg B, 118 Jiashan Lu, near Yongkang Lu
        嘉善路118号B栋5楼A501室, 近永康路
      • Phone
        3368 8801

      This is a high-end physical therapy, sports medicine, and wellness clinic. They use Western and Eastern practices here, and have TCM and orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, and... Read more

    • Will's Gym (Xuhui)

      • Address
        580 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu
        天钥桥路580号, 近零陵路
      • Phone
        6161 9825

      Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations. Read more

    • Ringside Boxing & Beyond (Nanjing Xi Lu)

      • Address
        3/F, Momao 580, 580 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu
        南京西路580号魔贸580商场3楼, 近成都北路
      • Phone
        185 1612 5622

      Ringside Boxing & Beyond is a new boxing gym & wellness concept, located in the heart of Shanghai. With a wide array of group classes taught by a close-knit team of local and international coaches, the gym offers a great atmosphere and community that welcomes... Read more

    • Ringside Boxing & Beyond (Huaihai Zhong Lu)

      • Address
        4/F, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
        淮海中路283号香港广场4楼, 近黄陂南路
      • Phone
        185 1612 5622

      Ringside Boxing & Beyond is a boxing gym & wellness concept located in the heart of Shanghai. They offer group classes taught by a close-knit team of local and international coaches, with a great atmosphere and community that welcomes beginners and professionals... Read more

    • The Living Room by Octave

      • Address
        357 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Taiyuan Lu
        建国西路357号, 近太原路
      • Phone
        3338 4600

      The Living Room is a holistic wellbeing centre catering to a variety of services and workshops as well a its organic restaurant-Thought for Food, and Children's Early Learning and Enhancement Centre for 6 Months to 3 Years. There are classes in Yoga, Boxing and Fitness. Read more

    • Will's Gym (Zhongshan Park)

      • Address
        88 Huichuan Lu, near Changning Lu
        汇川路88号, 近长宁路
      • Phone
        5273 9533

      Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations. Read more

    • Pure Yoga (IAPM)

      • Address
        IAPM Mall, L6-615, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu
        淮海中路999号6楼615座, 近陕西南路
      • Phone
        5466 1266

      This big brand yoga studio Pure offers over 110 classes a week with a wide variety of practices such as hatha, hot, wall fope, jivamukti, yin-yang and more. It features four group yoga studios and a private studio for personalized programs, and a dedicated retail... Read more

    • Aboro Academy

      • Address
        S6-S9, 2/F, 667 Changhua Lu, near Anyuan Lu
        昌化路667号2楼S6-S9室, 近安远路
      • Phone
        6222 0266

      World class boxing gym in wellness center Anken Life. Founder and head coach Michelle Aboro is a seven-time winner of the Kick Boxing... Read more

    • Essence Salsa Dance Studio

      • Address
        20/F, 618 Xikang Lu, near Nanchang Lu
        西康路618号20楼, 近南昌路
      • Phone
        135 2491 7689

      Dance studio run by two Venezuelan dancers, teaching different types of dance. Salsa, obviously, but also batchata, ballet, contemporary dance, heel dance etc. The studio has two rooms with audio and lighting systems. It's also available for rental by the hour. Read more

    • Will's Gym (Changning)

      • Address
        999 Loushanguan Lu, near Changning Lu
        娄山关路999号, 近长宁路
      • Phone
        5273 0863

      Will’s is a fitness powerhouse, with over 115 branches across the country. Will’s Gym is the (much) cheaper alternative to Will’s VIP, offering smaller facilities but more locations. Read more

    • Kerry Sports

      • Address
        Kerry Hotel Pudong, 4/F, 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu
        上海浦东嘉里大酒店, 花木路1388号4楼, 近芳甸路
      • Phone
        6169 8858

      The spacious gymnasium is filled with advanced equipment, the gym also provides a variety of classes and private training services led by highly-accredited instructors, from fun and energetic aerobics, dance, spinning classes to calm, relaxing yoga and pilates.... Read more

    • SpaceCycle

      • Address
        HKRI Taikoo Hui, 3/F, 789 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu
        南京西路789号3楼, 近石门一路
      • Phone
        3656 3936

      SpaceCycle from Taiwan is all about building their cycling, yoga, and barre classes around a good playlist. Pretty pricey unless you buy in bulk, the trial class is free, after that you’re looking at 258rmb for a drop in, packages go from 10 classes for 185rmb per... Read more

    • Yoga Room (Kerry Center)

      • Address
        Jing'an Kerry Centre, 2/F, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Tongren Lu
        南京西路1515号2楼, 近铜仁路
      • Phone
        2221 9800

      This premium yoga studio offers an array of classes like Flow, Detox Flow, Flow Vinyasa, and Pre Natal yoga all taught by certified professional yoga teacher. Located in the facilities of the Jing'an Kerry Centre, they also offer free access to facilities like a... Read more

    • Body Concept Pilates Studio

      • Address
        5/F, 118 Qinghai Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu
        青海路118号5楼, 近南京西路
      • Phone
        6218 6236

      Read more

    • Yogalicious

      • Address
        6/F, 376 Wukang Lu, near Tai'an Lu
        武康路376号6楼, 近泰安路
      • Phone
        173 1757 8257

      Yogalicious, part yoga studio and part healthy snack joint, originally started as a pop-up, but they're sticking around. It's open to members only; follow them on WeChat to find out how that could be you. They've got acai bowls for 35rmb for the small and 50rmb for... Read more

    • PlayGround Girls' Fitness

      • Address
        3/F, 15 Wujiang Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu
        吴江路15号3楼, 近南京西路
      • Phone
        136 0195 2575

      Read more

    • Y+ Yoga Center (Xintiandi)

      • Address
        3/F, 150 Hubin Lu near Jinan Lu
        湖滨路150号3楼, 近济南路
      • Phone
        6340 6161

      This is a high-level yoga school for those who are serious about learning the meditative art. They have over 100 lessons a week from skilled instructors and there are always plenty of well heeled yoga bunnies on site, hanging out at the juice bar or tucking the legs... Read more

    • Karma Life Yoga (Pudong)

      • Address
        3/F, 160 Pucheng Lu, near Shangcheng Lu
        浦城路160号3楼, 近商城路
      • Phone
        5882 4388

      Just a 5-minute walk from Jinmao Tower, Karma Yoga Center has four large rooms, clean and comfortable dressing rooms, and a relaxing lounge area. Lots of Indian/Hindu décor, statues and artwork about the place. Their most popular classes are hot, hatha, pre and... Read more

    • BFC Fitness

      • Address
        5/F, BFC Annex Building Block S1, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Renmin Lu
        中山东二路600号BFC外滩金融中心S1栋裙楼5楼, 近人民路
      • Phone
        6333 8843

      Bund Financial Center's Fitness club on the Bund, which includes a 25m long swimming pool, a sauna/steam room, a jacuzzi, an infinity pool with a 180 degree review view, and 32,000 square feet of the usual state-of-the-art work-out equipment in gleaming, brightly lit... Read more

    • Mr & Mrs Fitness (Fuxing Lu)

      • Address
        B1/F, Bldg A, 1199 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Jiashan Lu
        复兴中路1199号A幢B1楼, 近嘉善路
      • Phone
        6473 3383

      2,500 square meter fitness gym, offering individual coaching. Read more

    • Yu Yoga Studio

      • Address
        Bldg 6, 302 Wulumqi Nan Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu
        乌鲁木齐南路302号6栋, 近肇嘉浜路
      • Phone
        6408 6394

      This yoga studio is located in an old lane house on Wulumuqi Lu. The studio spans several stories with two yoga rooms. Class sizes are small, usually under 10 people. They don't run air conditioning during the summer so sessions feel like hot yoga even when they... Read more

    • Y+ Yoga Center (Fuxing Xi Lu)

      • Address
        299-2 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu
        复兴西路299-2号, 近华山路
      • Phone
        6433 4330

      Read more

    • 9 Clouds Studio

      • Address
        15/F, 218 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu
        襄阳南路218号15楼, 近复兴中路
      • Phone

      9clouds is a Swiss-based private martial arts studio with memberships subject to approval. Spacious for events, seminars and ongoing classes. Intended as a cross-cultural training space for Daoist Internal Arts and related disciplines. Operated under a 'non-profit... Read more

    • Just Yoga (Xujiahui)

      • Address
        Tianping Hotel, 7/F, 185 Tianping Lu, near Hengshan Lu
        天平路185号7楼, 近衡山路
      • Phone
        6404 5229

      Read more

    • Jiahui Wellness Center

      • Address
        148 Qinghai Lu, near Weihai Lu
        青海路148号, 近威海路
      • Phone
        6271 6618

      Jiahui Health is an international healthcare provider operating in several downtown locations. Its integrated network includes an international hospital, two medical clinics, a wellness center and a team of internationally trained physicians from across the globe.... Read more

    • Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala

      • Address
        Rm 20Cm 121 Jiangsu Lu, near Wuding Xi Lu
        江苏路121号中西大厦20C, 近武定西路
      • Phone
        136 5189 4885

      Read more

    • Iyengar Yoga Vidya

      • Address
        5/F, 801 Changle Lu, near Changshu Lu
        长乐路801号5楼, 近常熟路
      • Phone
        6422 0868

      Themed Iyengar yoga studio equipped with a floor heating system. They offer special yoga courses for alleviating pains associated with menstruation and pregnancy using various props, such as blocks, belts, chairs, wall-rope, etc. Read more

    • Shang Wu

      • Address
        4/F, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yan'an Zhong Lu
        茂名南路1号4楼, 近延安中路
      • Phone
        136 3635 4651

      Yoga and Latin dance studio. Drop-in price starts at 80rmb for a latin dance introduction, and 200rmb for yoga. Read more

    • Leaf Yoga Studio (Jiangning Lu)

      • Address
        18/F, 356 Jiangning Lu, near Wuding Lu
        江宁路356号18楼, 近武定路
      • Phone

      Yoga studio offering Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pilates, Power Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Detox yoga classes. Their Jiangning Lu location has a roof terrace where sessions are held in warmer months. A hot tub, too! Read more

    • Cheer Cycle

      • Address
        2/F, No. 27, Lane 396 Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu
        乌鲁木齐南路396弄27号楼2楼, 近肇嘉浜路
      • Phone
        173 1743 3637

      Indoor cycling fitness studio. Their bikes are made by Schwinn, and their founder is a senior spinning instructor with more than 10 years experience teaching classes. They also offer yoga, pilates, total body training, boxing and dancing courses. Read more

    • Yoga

      On-going yoga classes every Thursday of the week at Sugarmat's downtown yoga studio. Join the class and get 10% off Sugarmat merchandise. 120rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Sugarmat | Thursdays
    • Yoga in the Park

      Weekly Yoga Brunch designed for all levels. 88rmb for the yoga, and 15% off brunch.
    • Yoga Happy Hour

      Every Monday is a power yoga class. Every Wednesday is a hip opening yoga class. After class, there is dinner, at 15% off. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | TRIBE | Every Mon, Wed until Aug 31
    • Mindfulness & Yoga Getaway

      Escape to the mountains of Anji for a 3-day getaway with yoga and mindfulness. All inclusive package for 2,500rmb per person.
    • Balancing & Restoring Yoga Retreat

      Spend part of the October holiday doing yoga and being mindful in the Anji mountains. All inclusive package starting from 2,500rmb per person.
    • Mindfulness & Yoga Family Retreat

      Escape for a family weekend to Chongming Island doing yoga and being mindful. Two parents and two children, 7,400rmb. One parent and two children, or two parents and one child, 5,850rmb. One parent and one child, 4,300rmb.
    • aham Yoga Weekly Practice

      Sunday evening ‘workouts’ where the focus will be on getting you to connect with yourself, your body and your environment. Seven session for 500rmb or 10 sessions for 700rmb. Single sessions 80rmb.
    • Rooftop Detox

      Vinyasa flow yoga class on the rooftop of Xintiandi Mall followed by a discounted brunch at Rye & Co. Mats provided by Nuvana, an eco-friendly handmade cotton yoga mat. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Rye & Co | on Sat Aug 31 2019


    • Detox Yoga Flow + Tea Tasting

      Do flow yoga followed by a tea-tasting. 268rmb per person or 350rmb for two people.
      • Sports & Recreation | Vita | on Sun Aug 25 2019
      • 2019-08-25 Finished
    • Boxing + Yoga

      While this may sound like a strange mixture, yoga actually complements your martial arts practice quite well through offering enhanced flexibility, endurance, and balance. 200rmb including a protein shake.
    • Outdoor Yoga at Ferguson Lane

      The class (10-11am) is in a semi-private location and will have deals for brunch from the courtyard tenants. Please B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Mat). 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Ferguson Lane | on Sat Aug 17 2019
      • 2019-08-17 Finished
    • Yoga at Yong Ping Lane

      An outdoor class (10-11am) in a semi-private location followed by deals from the courtyard tenants! Bring Your Own Mat. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Yong Ping Lane | on Sun Aug 11 2019
      • 2019-08-11 Finished
    • Krav Maga + Yoga

      Part 1: Krav-Maga, a unique self-defense technique designed by the Israeli army to manage risks. Part 2: Gentle stretch, pranayama and meditation. This session will teach you practical ways to defend yourself in street attacks. 200rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Aboro Academy | on Sat Aug 10 2019
      • 2019-08-10 Finished
    • Vinyasa at La Terraza

      This edition of Vinyasa will practice opening the shoulder and hips. Vinyasa has a lot of variability for practitioners to stretch their bodies. This course is based on smooth asana sequences and is streamlined and dynamic. Held on the...
    • Neon Partner Yoga on the Terrace

      BYMB brings an immersive neon yoga party with teacher Andrew in Lujiazui. Fluorescent yoga clothes are recommended. This event will be held at the garden terrace of L+Mall. Male-female groups are recommended as this is a partner yoga....
      • Sports & Recreation | L+ Mall | on Fri Aug 9 2019
      • 2019-08-09 Finished
    • Community Yoga

      Weekly practice by certified yoga teachers, open to beginners and experienced practitioners. Confirm your attendance by 5pm on the Friday before via the email address on the flyer. Free or by donation.
      • Sports & Recreation | Fuxing Park | Sundays until Aug 4 2019
      • 2019-07-07 Finished
    • aham - Soul, Body and Environment

      A special series of Sunday evening ‘work-ins’ where the focus will be partially on working on your body but mostly on working on your inner self - hence 'work-in'. 80rmb with rsvp, 100rmb without....
    • Yoga in the Park

      Arrive before class at 9:50am by Moka Bros entrance (101C, 108 Xiangyang north road, near Huaihai road) If it's nice weather they'll be amongst the trees in Xiangyang park, otherwise at Moka Bros outdoor and covered patio. Bring Your Own...
    • Rooftop Detox

      Enjoy an energizing vinyasa flow yoga class on the rooftop of Xintiandi Mall. B.Y.O.M (Bring Your Own Mat). 88rmb per person and then 15% off brunch downstairs.
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | Rye & Co | on Sun Jul 28 2019
      • 2019-07-28 Finished
    • Fascia Flow Yoga for the Hips and Twists

      Using fascia and Hatha yoga methods, explore two fascia meridians, one spiral for deeper twisting and the other for looking at the body as a whole to release the hips and buttocks. Open the deepest fascia line and everything else will...
      • Sports & Recreation | Tops | on Sun Jul 28 2019
      • 2019-07-28 Finished
    • Dog & Yoga = Doga

      Yoga with pets, not only create a unique experience for people and their favourite pooch. But, it also helps doggies and their humans enjoy a physical activity at the same time. Need to feel more emotionally connected to your furry...
    • SUP Yoga Retreat

      Yoga retreat with stand-up paddle boards - BBQ dinner & bonfire - Picnic and healthy meals - Farm vegetable and fruit picking. 1,880rmb in shared room or 2,380rmb in single room.
      • Sports & Recreation, Travel | IAPM | on Sat Jul 20 2019
      • 2019-07-20 Finished
    • Beer Yoga

      Drinking or exercise? The great daily debate that occurs in all of our minds has finally come to a conclusion in the form of Beer Yoga. Do yoga on Stone's front lawn. 88rmb.
      • Sports & Recreation | Stone Brewing | on Sat Jul 20 2019
      • 2019-07-20 Finished