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Dishui Lake, The End Of Line 16

Traveling to deep, deep Pudong to find the ocean, a giant man-made lake, sailboats, and a magic television.

By Ian Louisell Jun 26, 2015
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  • 3 Day Yellow Mountain & Hongcun Village Tour

    Ok Deal Club has what they are calling a "luxury tour" to the Yellow Mountains and Hongcun Village. It'll have a day of hiking through the Yellow Mountains and a day at the Hongcun Village. It also includes a 2 night stay at an undisclosed 5-star hotel, transportation, and meals. The price is 1450rmb per person for the trip. For more information, click here.
    Travel | OK Deal

    3-Day Suichang Country Getaway

    Another three day getaway from OK Deal Club. This one’s in Suichang Country, in the Southwest of Zhejiang Province. It includes sightseeing in Mt. Nanyanjian, hiking in a bamboo forest, waterfalls, and rafting in the Wuxi River. Accommodation and transportation are included in the 1190rmb per person price tag. Check here for more info.
    Travel | OK Deal

    Qiandao Lake Kayaking & Cycling Getaway

    Here's a three day trip to Qiandao Lake, near Chunan City. It's two nights, three days, and 1350rmb per person. It comes with transportation to the lake, guest house accommodation, kayaking, cycling, and all meals during the trip. For more info click here.
    Travel | OK Deal
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