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by Raul Bernardi

Apr 10th, 14

How to leave and re-enter the mainland for much, much cheaper than going to Hong Kong or Macau, all in one day. It's Jinmen Island.

MAR 20TH, 14 - By Aravind Chandra

Get your qi realigned, your chakras fluffed, your karma cleansed and your colon irrigated at this swish health spa and resort in The...

FEB 20TH, 14 - By Justin Fischer

Easy and accessible, yet still surprisingly exotic. This historic Yunnan town is the perfect destination for a long weekend getaway...

JAN 29TH, 14 - By Renee van Diemen

Braving the the subzero temperatures of Northeast China to come back with intel about ice & snow festivals and dodgy wildlife parks...

JAN 21ST, 14 - By Renee van Diemen

Spending a night in the latest luxurious property from the Shangri-La. It opened last year, but hey, it still has that new hotel smell...

JAN 14TH, 14 - By Nick Taylor

More hot stuff to warm your bones this January. It's a surprisingly low-cost hot springs resort just north of Nantong in Jiangsu.

SEP 5TH, 13 - By Zita Fuxjaeger

One final dispatch from our intern Zita. Everything you need to know about how to thumb it all the way from SH to The Big Smoke.

AUG 15TH, 13 - By Nick Taylor

Inside: Trekking through the steppes on horseback, sleeping in a tricked-out luxury yurt, dining on lamb's head and fermented mare's milk.

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Sanshan Island & Dome Mountain

Need to get out of Shanghai? Here's a two day trip to a part of Suzhou with few visitors, allegedly. Hikes, tasks, and teamwork is the name of the game. Everything culminates at Orchard Lake. 699rmb per person gets you round-trip transport, scenic sp..

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