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6218 1932


75 Nanhui Lu,
near Beijing Xi Lu


Jing'an 静安


Nanjing Rd (W), 7 mins. walk


Daily, 5.30-10pm
Mon-Sat, 11.30am-2pm


Local cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)



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Editor's Description
Last updated: January 02, 2014

Gintei is one of the better options among Shanghai's myriad all-you-can-eat-and-drink teppanyaki feed bags. Expect most of the standards: stir-fried salmon fillets, butter-fried steak, sushi, sashimi and the like. The price is 280rmb per person. An a la carte menu is available as well.

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Dining, Teppanyaki, Japanese, All You Can Eat

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Aug 29th, 2014


Joined Jun/14
Posted 2 Reviews
From: Israeli

I was surprised to see no reviews were ever writing about this place here. And to be honest a little bit frightened to try it. My experience with Shanghai restaurant had taught me to always follow trusted institutions and on-line reviews. So I looked elsewhere (can I say that here?) in search for some feedback on this venue. I didn't find too many reviews, but the ones that I did find were not bad at all. So against all of my instincts, me and my husband visited Gintei.
We made a reservation to make sure we will be sited near where the action is (the chef) but when we arrived it turned out the place was relatively empty. There were just 2 other forging couples besides us (later on another group of foreigners arrived but that was it).
The décor was undated to say the least, and it felt like this place hadn’t seen an interior decorator in ages.
The waitress was welcoming and supplied us with large menus and we quickly started ordering. She seems very attentive and wrote some stuff down. It didn't take long for most dishes to arrive at our table but amazingly, not all of it made it. After a while both us, and the couple sitting next to us, started to realize that even though she is writing stuff down, it doesn't mean it will end up in our belly. Bizarre. I don’t know if it was her poor language skills that prevented her from explaining the situation or the fact that they expect you to forget what you order since it is an all you can eat joint. So based on what did make it I can say that The meet was good, sea food was largely fried of filled with sweet mayonnaise (what’s the deal with that??) and the sushi was nothing more than OK.
Overall it was not too bad, we've seen better but also worst. The Teppanyaki experience is defiantly worth at least 1 visit, and it’s a great way to eat a lot and get drunk without going bankrupted (280 RMB PP). Will we return? Probably not. There are better spots in this huge city.

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