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    • ADDRESS:
      Five on the Bund,
      7/F, 20 Guangdong Lu,
      near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
      广东路20号, 外滩五号7楼, 近中山东一路
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    • PHONE:
      6329 3751
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    • AREA:
      Bund Area
    • METRO:
      20 mins walk from East Nanjing Rd
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 5pm-2am
    • CARDS:
      Local and international cards accepted
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    • Editor's Description
      Sophisticated but unpretentious, nice but not too expensive, this lounge bar is serial China restaurateur Michelle Garnaut's sequel to her popular Glamour Bar, which closed after a successful run from 2006-2014, when the landlord tried to triple the rent. Whereas Glamour Bar was on the 6th floor of this early 20th Century building, Glam occupies what used to be a room for private functions, just opposite her flagship restaurant M On The Bund, which, in 1999, was the first fine dining establishment to open on the Bund after China's re-opening.

      It's a beautiful space, filled with gorgeously mismatched chairs and dozens of pieces from Michelle's private art collection, which, despite coming from at least ten different countries, manage to all fit together.

      For drinks, there's an extensive cocktails list, which is a bit hit and miss, and a large selection of wine. Food is mostly small plates like blood sausage and Asian dishes with western influences, like a Thai-style king crab omelet and a Peking duck pie that's definitely worth ordering. The crowd is a bit older and more literate than perhaps most Bund places -- this is, after all, the home of the yearly erotic fiction competition, and Michelle also runs the Shanghai International Literary Fest. It's a place to come and chat with friends, not to rage -- definitely don't expect DJs dropping EDM here. What you'll get are nice playlists of jazz and some funk. Fine place for a date or sealing a business deal, and you'll likely to meet some cool characters with good stories here.
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    • Had some overseas friends in town, who wanted to see the bright lights of Shanghai along the Bund, and thought of a rooftop experience, tried to get into POP, but that was closed on a Friday evening for some event or other, so next room with a view, was M on the Bund, no tables, so opted for the bar and M Glam.

      Was initially seated at one of the arty farty sofas and side table’s affairs, what’s the point of these, bloody interior designers certainly are not practical, or they just tick the box and move on to the next project without any thought for the punter.

      Ordered a bottle of M’s House Cabernet Sauvignon from Angove’s Winery and local water for my mate, aka a Tsingtao beer.

      Ordered the following dishes

      Glams Super Food Salad – Crispy Kale, Quinoa, Roasted Pumpkin, Apple, Cashew curd, roasted tea leaves, this dish was slightly bland.

      Cottage Pie - Puy Lentils, Wild Rice, Tomato, Onions with Olive Oil whipped potatoes, this was pleasant enough and rather tasty, could choice if one was a vegetarian

      Fancy Cod Fish Fingers, Squid Ink, Tartare sauce – Captain Birds Eye would have been turning in his grave to see these, a rather soggy bland attempt at Fish Fingers.

      Cold Smoking Salad Tartare with Baltic salmon eggs aka quail’s egg, a little on the light side.

      Thai Beef Tartare – written with Pomelo and Lemongrass, but served with chunks of orange instead, why to write something on the menu and serve something completely different, it’s not a sketch from Monty Python.

      Ham & Camembert Croquettes – it was a Croquette nothing special

      Piccolo Pizza, Spicy Chorizo, olives, Mozzarella, a decent attempt at a pizza

      M’s Glamorous Pavlova, as always this was a winner.

      Overall not a bad selection of Tapas style snacks to share, well presented some tasting better than others, Service is engaging and keen without being overbearing or hovering drone like behind you.

      Bill came to just over 1,200RMB for 3 pax.

      Would recommend for the view and overall ambience for an inexpensive night along the Bund, with consistency being the name of the game.

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