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The Bull & Claw (Fenyang Lu)
    • ADDRESS:
      110 Fenyang Lu,
      near Fuxing Zhong Lu
      汾阳路110号, 近复兴中路

    • PHONE:
      3356 7608
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 11am-midnight
    • CARDS:
      Local and international cards accepted, WeChat, Alipay
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Bull & Claw is back in that expansive, three-story mansion on Fenyang Lu used to be El Patio. It's a real nice location. Top-of-line terrace. It's cozy but not cramped, and whoever redid the interior applied a light, deft touch. Big comfy leather seats with amble back support (crucial for long boozy brunches), and the second floor balcony's real lovely. West-facing. The food's high-quality lobster, steaks and misc. Grill will run you between 258rmb-1,380rmb, a full lobster for 268rmb, and their infamous steak and lobster combos range from 388rmb up to 1,820rmb. Their pastries are done by in-house chefs, and they're pretty good. If Bull & Claw's comfortably in your budget, you've probably already booked a table there.
    Photos by BRANDON MCGHEE
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    • They’re really very good at brunch at Bull and Claw. At one point, searching for problems to show that I was a very discerning reviewer, I turned to the person next to me and asked if perhaps there was a bit too much bacon on his lobster benedict. Of all the ways to criticise a brunch, this is surely one of the best. It’s up there with “they’ve put an extra shot in my Bloody Mary, the scamps” and “oh no, we have a whole hour of free-flow mimosas left”.

      To start with, the venue is lovely. It’s the sort of space in which your hangover gently evaporates. We sat outside under strings of bulbs, leafy branches and a clear Shanghai sky. Service was quick and efficient. All very relaxing.

      The brunch menu is consistently tempting; I couldn't see an option I didn't want to eat. We went for the three-course option – a slightly misleading moniker considering that one of the “courses” is just a drink. At 188rmb, though, it’s still good value for what you get.

      I ordered the Turkish menemen as a savoury option, which turned out to be a great choice. The sharp, yoghurt sauce was a particularly nice touch. The eggs were a little overcooked, but the sauce was full of flavour – plenty of richness with occasional fennel seed bursts. It was so nice to finally see a strong veggie brunch option in Shanghai that wasn't just avocado on toast, too (although they also serve their own version at B&C if that's what you fancy, because of course they do).

      The bubble and squeak was also hearty and satisfying, despite the rather perplexing and incongruous sheet of fried beef on top, and the little shitake and feta fritters went down very well. When the abovementioned lobster benedict arrived (an extra 98rmb), it was a source of intense food envy around the table: muffins piled with lobster, bacon, eggs and a particularly buttery, rich hollandaise. I stand by my bacon comment above (it overpowered the lobster!), but it’s a good option if you feel like a decadent splurge.

      And then the sweet courses arrived. There was a brief silence and then, from my friend with the maple and honeycomb waffles: “Jesus Christ”. It doesn’t really matter which option you order: the pancakes, waffles and French toast all looked and tasted equally good. I know that some diners will feel like they should go for the fruit bowl after their savoury dishes, but seriously – just give in to the carbs. This brunch is worth the treadmill time. I did think my French toast was slightly dry – a longer egg soak needed, maybe? – and I was surprised that the banana was raw rather than caramelised. The crunchy chocolate-peanut topping made up for this, though.

      On the drinks front, I had the cucumber and apple juice, which was exactly what I’d been craving: light and refreshing. There are alcoholic options as well, though, and you can add free-flow drinks if that’s your morning vibe. The cocktails looked great.

      In all, it was a very comfortable brunch. Bull and Claw is a safe bet for any occasion. Nothing mind-blowing, but more than dependable.

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      The Bull & Claw is offering "the perfect sharing menu" with a glass of Champagne on arrival and a special gift. 750rmb per person. As always, booking are limited and will fill fast. Available from 5pm. Menu details on the flyer.
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      One of Shanghai's favorite mid-to-upscale-ish restaurants trots out a Thanksgiving menu for turkey day. Traditional favorites on offer with a seafood twist. See the menu for details. 480rmb per person. Call ahead for reservations.
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