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Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

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    • ADDRESS:
      100 Renmin Da Dao,
      near Xizang Lu
      上海城市规划展示馆, 人民大道100号, 近西藏路
    • PHONE:
      6318 4477
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
      People's Square
    • METRO:
      3 mins walk from People's Square
    • HOURS:
      Tue-Thu: 9am-5pm (last entrance 4pm)
      Fri-Sun: 9am-6pm (last entrance 5pm)
      Close on Mondays except national holidays
    • CARDS:
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      One of Shanghai's best and most visited museums, the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall at People's Square documents the changing face of Shanghai and is an essential vising point for those interested in the evolution of the city. A perfect scale model of the entire city on the 6th floor model shows planned and recent developments of Shanghai.
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