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The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo

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5054 1265


2967 Binjiang Da Dao,
near Fenghe Lu
Pudong Riverfront


Pudong 浦东


Lujiazui, 5 mins. walk




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Editor's Description
Last updated: August 28, 2013

Celebrated chef Salvatore Cuomo's, The Kitchen, brings some serious fine dining to the Pudong area, with its simple yet delicious Italian dishes. Set on the waterfront - beneath the Oriental Pearl Tower - the restaurant has wonderful views of the river and the tower. The large terrace is ideal for the warmer days, however, seeing that the building itself is basically a large, transparent, glass cube, your views will not be hindered if you are forced indoors.

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Jul 22nd, 2013


Joined May/08
Posted 6 Reviews
From: Asian

Splendid view and excellent food might mask you from their reckless over-charging. The last visit was almost perfect amidst some foul weather while a group of us were happily enjoying their great pasta and steak.

What we didn't realise is while we have not been asking for it, they automatically open fresh bottles of sparkling water without our prior agreement. While the few of us insist we didn't drink that much water, it was a matter of they say and we say. They insist their system was never to ask whether we need to open another bottle but just to keep it flowing and the Manager has decided that she shouldn't be around at that time leaving their poor junior wait-staff to fend for this mistake. It was a perfect evening ruined by their reckless need to cheat us on water !

Please check your bill carefully and remind them that if they open anything without your prior agreement, they can go pay for it themselves.

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