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    • ADDRESS:
      5/F, Bldg 6,
      50 Moganshan Lu,
      near Jiangning Lu
      莫干山路50号6号楼5层, 近江宁路
    • PHONE:
      6276 9932
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      10 mins walk from Jiangning Rd
    • HOURS:
      Thu-Sun, 10am-6pm
      Closed on Mon-Wed
    • CARDS:
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Founded in 2008 by German artist, Susanne Junker, stage候台BACK shares a space in the Moganshan Lu arts hub with Eastlink, one of Shanghai's longest-running galleries. With a focus on cultural and intellectual exchange between East and West, the gallery regularly showcases international artists working across a full range of media.
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    • Liu Tao: Homeland

      On show at stage候台BACK this month is an exhibition of works by young Chinese artist, Liu Tao. Liu started his photography series in 2011 when working in a foreign trade company in Shanghai: depressed by the bureaucracy and...
      • NOT TAGGED | stageBACK | Daily until Mar 31 2013
      • 2013-03-09 Finished
    • Bili Bidjocka: Do Not Take It, Do Not Eat It, This Is Not My Body

      stage候台BACK presents Cameroonian artist Bili Bidjocka's solo show, …Do Not Take It, Do Not Eat It, This Is Not My Body… . Described as a kind of 'anti-Last Supper', works on display act as a secular proposal in which God, in his...
      • NOT TAGGED | stageBACK | Daily until Nov 18 2012
      • 2012-10-06 Finished
    • Why Don't You Love Me Anymore

      stageBACK presents group 'recommendation' show, Why Don't You Love Me Anymore? , opening at the Moganshan Lu space in July. Featuring approximately 20 artists working across a full range of media, selected talents have been chosen by a...
      • NOT TAGGED | stageBACK | Daily until Aug 31 2012
      • 2012-07-07 Finished
    • Chris Gill: Works on Paper

      stage候台BACK presents a solo exhibition by Chris Gill featuring works on paper, providing an overview of the artist's unseen work from the last 20 years. Gill's works are full of verve and life, reflecting a positive and vital...
      • NOT TAGGED | stageBACK | Daily until Jun 3 2012
      • 2012-04-29 Finished
    • Thomas Palme Solo Exhibition '100 Most Influential Men in History'

      Thomas Palme is a master in the art of drawing. He both loves and commands the two supreme disciplines of his talent: The portrait and the nude. In his most recent works: "the one hundred most influential men in history" Palme combines...
      • NOT TAGGED | stageBACK | Daily until Jan 8 2012
      • 2011-11-19 Finished
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