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      Unknown. Listed since Jun 2008
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      Yup. The whole thing. All of it. Including Fengxian, Jiading and Chongming Island. When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way.
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    • Tomb Sweeping Holiday

      A three-day holiday (kind of -- two of the days are a weekend) when families traditionally go out to their relatives' graves and clean them off, pretty them up and generally show respect to those who came before us. This year, it means a...
    • Formula 1 Grand Prix

      From April 17 to April 19, the F1 Grand Prix returns to Shanghai with all your favorite racing teams and celebrity drivers doing 56 laps on a 5.5km circuit shaped like the Chinese character "上" ("Shang"). Head on down to check out the...
    • Labor Day

      Labor Day 2020 has been extended to a whopping five-day holiday this year to celebrate the Workers among us. Make-up days are Sunday, April 26 and Saturday, May 9.
    • Dragon Boat Festival

      The summertime holiday for racing on the creek, or just taking off and lying on the grass at the West Bund. Great time to travel. Make-up day: Sunday, June 28.
    • JZ Festival 2020

      One of Shanghai's biggest and best festivals throws down for the 16th year, with details to be confirmed. In addition to Alec Haavik and the Shanghai Shindiggers, 2019 saw Al McKay’s Earth, Wind and Fire Experience, Jaga Jazzist, Jacob...
    • National Day

      For 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day have been smushed together into one long mega-holiday. Travel, travel, travel and travel! Make-up days: Sunday, September 27 and Saturday, 10 October.
    • Secret Cinema: Casino Royale (Reservation)

      Secret Cinema is a pioneering group from London, creating immersive experiences based on movie plots. Using a combination of music, theater, and multi-media installations, Secret Cinema brings the stories from films to life in the real...
    • Shanghai Fashion Week

      The Spring iteration (it also returns in fall) of Shanghai Fashion Week (SFW) takes over Xintiandi, with loads of domestic brands and a few foreign ones. Most of the events are invite-only but it's a fine opportunity to hang around...
    • Public Ghost Tour

      Dare you dance with the Paramount Theatre ghost? Will you summon up the courage to enter a pitch black grotto? And how fast will you run when the dragon stirs? Join the Ghost Tour and find out just how brave you are as they take you to...
    • Qing Ming Walk - Shanghai's Foreigners Cemetery

      Inspired by the tradition of visiting ancestral graves during Qing Ming, we’ll visit the Shanghai’s Foreigners’ Cemetery. In the 1950s, cemeteries around Shanghai were repurposed, and new grave markers were created and moved to what was...
    • Walk: The Heritage of Rue Lafayette

      A spring walk exploring the heritage of the former Rue Lafayette, now Fuxing Zhong Lu. Along this classic street lies a classic mix of old Shanghai: fine Art Deco buildings, a newspaperman’s palatial estate, the homes and playgrounds of...
    • Virtual Open Day

      You will hear presentations from all senior leaders at Britannica Britannica International School, Shanghai and get all the information you want about admissions. Scan QR code for RSVP.
    • Mandarin Community Book Club

      Teet to discuss the book of the month, have some snacks, socialize and make new friends. The first book is "The Brave Dragons" by Jim Yardley. RSVP via WeChat is required. "The Brave Dragons" is about the first NBA coach who came to...
    • Online Yoga

      Online yoga class by Yoga for Life. 50rmb. 7.30pm. Scan the QR code in the flyer for more details.
    • Shanghai Pride

      Founded in 2009, Shanghai PRIDE is the first and only LGBT Pride season in mainland China, celebrating diversity for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community and friends. The week-long festival features numerous events and...


    • Free Online Survival Chinese Class

      Mandarin Community staff will lead you in an interactive online Chinese lesson where you will learn the basics you need to get through daily life smoothly. We will provide learning materials for you to review later and each participant...
    • Free Survival Chinese Class

      Mandarin Community teachers will provide you with instruction on some basic phrases to help you make your day to day life in Shanghai easier. We will provide learning materials for you to take away and each person will get individualized...
    • Landing Page in 2 Hours

      Code and design your landing page in only 2 hours! A very satisfying workshop where students will code and design their own landing page using HTML/CSS & the Twitter Bootstrap CSS library. We will also cover lots of design pro-tips to...
    • Web Scraping Using Python

      The internet is full of information, and often the questions often are 'How can I gather the info I need quickly? How can I use it in my business?'. The answer is scraping - gathering information from websites in a structured format. In...
    • Personal Growth and Emotional Intelligence

      Leaders with self-awareness and emotional self-control are better able to influence others and cultivate effective relationships. This topic is to talk about how to develop your leadership potential and influence....
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