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Big Bamboo (Jinqiao)

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5030 1779


381 Hongfeng Lu,
near Biyun Lu


Jinqiao 金桥




Sun-Thu, 11am-2am
Fri-Sat, 11am-3am


Local and international cards accepted


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Editor's Description
Last updated: August 28, 2013

Big Bamboo's Pudong location transports their tried and true formula -- sports on lots of TVs, beers, bar games, big Western food portions, and an orientation to deal with expat clientele – out east. It’s one of the most popular sports bar chains in town with no frills drink and food deals matching major sporting events, and this Pudong location has a nice outdoor deck patio which they use for BBQs and special events.

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Dining, Nightlife, Bars, Kid Friendly, Big Bamboo

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Jul 30th, 2013


Joined Dec/07
Posted 1 Reviews
From: -

On Tuesday Big Bamboo offers Pizza and beer for 50RMB. Looks like a good deal, so my and 7 friends went there today and enjoyed a good pizza and 1 free beer, so far so good. Since it was well before 8pm we ordered a couple of extra beers because it was happy hour. To be sure about the happy hour we informed with the waitress if we could get another beer for free later. We got the answer that fore sure she would remember that and we would have an extra beer. Also my girlfriend who ordered Pina Colada got the same confirmation. When 45 minutes later, I asked to have that extra happy hour beer, the waitress suddenly could not remember it anymore and after a lot of discussion I finally got an extra 'free' beer. And when 2 hours later I asked my bill, both the happy hour beers were charged: 1 at full price (60rmb) and 1 at half price (30rmb). The same happened with my girlfriend's Pina Colada's. This id NOT what is usually offered as Happy Hour in other bars: there you get the second drink for free. I don't know if this happens in all Big Bamboo's, but I have my doubts about this. So although we had a good night and a lot of fun, the bar's billing practices are rather dubious. Besides that I want to compliment the Quiz master who organized an excellent quiz and that was mainly the reason why we stayed longer tonight.

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