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Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Changshou Lu)
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    • ADDRESS:
      468 Changshou Lu,
      near Changde Lu
      长寿路468号, 近常德路
    • PHONE:
      6277 0701
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from Changshou Rd
    • HOURS:
    • CARDS:
      Local cards accepted
    • PRICE:
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Hai Di Lao is a ridiculously popular recent transplant from Sichuan. They've made a killing by offering nice, sleek dining rooms that look much more expensive than they are, an extensive bar of ingredients from which to make your dipping sauce, and over-the-top service -- you can have your shoes shined, glasses or cell phone cleaned, nails done, neck massaged, etc., while you wait for a table. (And at busy times, you'll have to wait.) Ingredients themselves are as good as anywhere, but it's the whole production, including a track-suited young kid twirling noodles like streamers and dropping them in your pot -- the gongfu mian -- that makes it one of Shanghai's best choices for hot pot.
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  • Not cheap but good
    For Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Changshou Lu) on March 8, 2012
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
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    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Apr 30, 2011
    Posted 1 Reviews
    disclaimer: this is the only hot pot place in Shanghai that I've been to (comparison would be to Beijing or Taipei hot pot restaurants)

    The backstory to Hai Di Lao is very cool. I'll let you check wikipedia for that. But it definitely is not your typical Chinese owned restaurant. Everyone including the waitstaff has profit sharing benefits. They seem to focus on service, service, service.

    The only issue is that it's not cheap. When we went, for two people I think the bill came out to around 600 rmb. That only included two beers - so the price wasn't due to alcohol. But since I didn't do the ordering (I was only paying since it was a business dinner), I am hoping it was because of what we ordered and that you can walk out of there for much less than what we did.
    Great Hot Pot
    For Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Changshou Lu) on April 3, 2011
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
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    With Friends
    The Thirsty Pig
    Joined Mar 22, 2010
    Is Chinese
    Posted 4 Reviews
    Haidilao is Hot Pot restaurant. Their popularity started in Beijing and Sichuan, before they came to Shanghai, recently. Haidilao is known for their unique attention to customers and special complimentary services. With dozens of locations throughout China, Haidilao is one of the well-known hot pot chains.

    The staff is attentive to your every need, as you walk in, immediately. There is at least 1 person to every 2 or 3 tables at all time, with other staff re-filling drinks, bringing out dishes, and anything else. But the really cool thing is. . . is the stuff while you wait. Unfortunately, with this popularity come long wait times for tables. So Haidilao also has a manicurist table, shoe shiners, back & shoulder masseuses, a large kids play room, and Chinese chess tables all inside the restaurant. Yeah. . . WOW! . . . Really cool. Can you imagine going to a restaurant in the US, and getting a mani and pedi, while you wait for a table?

    The great service at Haidilao doesn’t stop after you get your table either. They will bring you dish of table peanut snacks, a large carafe of juice or beer, and basically almost anything else. The large dipping sauce station was filled with sauces and condiments, both spicy and savory. With both English and Chinese menus, they cater to almost anyone. Our order of lamb and pork came out quite fast, with a pretty good back kitchen system as well.

    The square hot pot bowls, which fits perfectly in the tables, brimmed with 1/2 pork bone consume and 1/2 sichuan mala broth. Initially, Miss A didn’t want to order the spicy mala one. . .but she ended up dipping most of the meats in this flavor rich soup.

    But as I said before, the taste will end up being about the dipping sauce. I like a thick sauce with satay, lots of diced garlic, minced hot peppers, and a dash of soy sauce. Occasionally, I like to add an egg yolk – to thicken the sauce. Initially the sauce will be too thick and you may have thought you messed up. Another tip is to add a small spoon of the broth to liquify the sauce for the right consistency. Dishing sauce is a personal thing – you add more or less of the spiciness or savory components for levels. The other tastes just brings a little more fishy or tanginess or sourness.

    The fish cake/balls were pretty good, but I liked the pork meat balls even more so. The small crab lacked meat, which I wasn’t a fan of anyways.

    Haidilao also has a special hand thrown noodle presentation for the hot pot. A noodle specialist will come out and literally throw, pull, and drop the noodles in front of you in a mesmerizing dance. The noodles need to be pulled, and the dance just pulls them in a added value style. Other tables will see it and will order it as well.

    It appears that Haidilao has taken hot pot into a destination restaurant event for the whole family.

    Check out my pictures at
    For Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Changshou Lu) on August 23, 2009
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    The Decor
    With Friends
    Joined Feb 26, 2009
    Posted 9 Reviews
    had a farewell party for my fellow friends who is leaving shanghai.

    we chose hai di lao as recommended by my friends for their excellent services and food.

    indeed, i was greeted by long queues when i arrived. luckily, my friends had made reservations. if not i could imagine how long we need to wait. luckily, hai di lao offers boardgames, manicure services for those waiting customers.

    their services is efficient and good as each waiter is attached to a table.

    they have a station for customers to make their own sauce, and they offer different kinds of sauce for customers to mix. this is something that i really like. we can customize our own sauce!

    they have kungfu noodles whereby the shifu will pull and make the noodles on the spot.

    overall, we paid about 40 yuan per person. for the kind of food and services, i definitely will go back to hai di lao!
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