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AP Plaza
    • ADDRESS:
      Inside Metro Line 2,
      Shanghai Science & Technology Museum,
      2000 Shiji Da Dao,
      near Yingchun Lu
      地铁2号线上海科技馆站内, 世纪大道2000号, 近迎春路
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    • Editor's Description
      AP Plaza is Pudong's biggest "fake market", located underground in Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum station. The northern half of AP Plaza, called Xinyang, is a collection of stalls, touts, and greedy salespeople out to rip-off unsuspecting tourists with fake, Fake, FAKE goods of all stripes. As a general rule of thumb, offer 10% of the original asking price, and settle for somewhere between 10% and 30%. Bargain hard, carry cash, and be prepared to walk away from a bunch of stalls before settling on a price.
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    • 3 years ago lbasila

      My family and I had a nightmare experience at this mall today. I strongly suggest you stay away, especially from the shoe vendors. My husband was viciously shoved by a mean rude saleswoman who was frustrated with him for not buying shoes at her store. He had visited her twice, comparing prices and bartering. He went back the third time to purchase and she was so incredibly rude to us that we decided to leave and take our business elsewhere. She got mad and said we already went there three times and didn't buy anything all day from anyone that we were basically wasting her time meanwhile my daughter bought two pairs of converse from a nice saleswoman,my son bought a pair of converse sneakers and I bought a pair of Hunter boots from another ) I stood in shock as my husband walked away and the psycho saleswoman screamed at him to leave and shoved him hard. I then pointed at her hands and yelled at her to leave him alone. She then hit and grabbed at my hands and tried to tussle with me. I was in shock at her bizarre display of anger. I was trying to fight her off and her partner separated us (by this time my husband, daughter, son and sister in law had also intervened) my 11 year old son was distraught and completely disturbed by this woman's behavior and told her she had a problem. She then screams at him to say that one more time then proceeds kick him hard in the butt. I ran back and intervened meanwhile the security guard was watching and did absolutely NOTHING) and I screamed at her to leave my son alone. It was a horrible, disgusting display of anything remotely resembling customer service. My son was in tears and my entire body was shaking after being physically abused and witnessing my family being treated in such a despicable fashion. By the way, we live in Shanghai and love China. We won't let this one miserable letch of a woman taint our appreciation of this remarkable city. So shop at your own risk!

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