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Table No. 1

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6080 2918


The Waterhouse Hotel,
The Cool Docks,
1/F, 1-3 Maojiayuan Lu,
near Zhongshan Nan Lu


Bund Area 外滩


Xiaonanmen, 15 mins. walk


Daily, 12pm-2.30pm,


Local and international cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)

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Editor's Description
Last updated: August 28, 2013

Table No. 1 is a casual mod-Euro restaurant. It's the first post-Gordon-Ramsay project from Jason Atherton, a London chef who just split from nine years with Ramsay's restaurant group. Atherton developed Maze and Maze Grill for Ramsay, opened a few int'l off-shoots, and has now gone on to do his own thing. Spare, plain, uncomplicated. The restaurant is a box with plate glass on two sides; one overlooks the street, one overlooks a minimalist interior courtyard. Expect to spend three to 400rmb per person, depending on your configuration of Snack Plates, Small Plates, Meat & Fish Plates, Vegetable, and Dessert Plates. With two exceptions, everything on the food menu is under 118rmb.

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Table No. 1 by Jason Atherton has an express set lunch available every weekday. For 188rmb you get three courses. Dishes include choices like cured hamachi, smoky tomato gazpacho, braised ox cheek, pan-seared sea bass and more. Available Mon-Fri 12-2.30pm. Available all week, weekends too.
Daily at Table No. 1



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Aug 7th, 2013


Joined Aug/13
Posted 6 Reviews
From: Australian

Whilst the Cool Docks area may be a little out of the way, it's definitely worthwhile making the trip to visit Chef Jason Atherton's Table No. 1!

We made a reservation and arrived in the early evening and enjoyed their 3 course, 188RMB Express Dinner with Wine Pairing (+150RMB) and their Bread Course (48RMB).
The staff make the extra effort to ensure that you're comfortable and well looked after throughout your meal. Within the 3 courses, the Mains were overshadowed by the superior Entrees and Desserts, but overall it was still an enjoyable experience. Their breads are fresh baked in house and come with a selection of unique spreads, including duck fat.

I had a great time at Table No. 1 with my partner and definitely recommend it for a classy weekend dinner date. We managed to photograph our entire 3 course dinner, as well as the restaurant surroundings. To get an idea of our full experience at Table No.1, visit my website and I hope you enjoy this really great restaurant!

"The stomach carries the heart." indeed.
Value for Money
Suitable for ...
The Food
A Date
The Service
Business Dinner
The Decor
With Friends

Sep 10th, 2012


Joined Apr/11
Posted 19 Reviews
From: English

I dont usually stray so far as the cool docks but last week i was persuaded to by friends for a dinner at Table No. 1 in the Waterhouse Hotel. Table No. 1 is actually a gem of a restaurant, and i feel its location is wasted being so far out in the Cool docks - a space on the Bund or in the French concession would no doubt give it the great success it deserves.

The restaurant is a great place for any kind of dinner. The service is so friendly and warm with not only the waitress politely chatting to you while you wait for your friends, but also the manager will come by and chat too. Conversation will not only be about the food and the best wine, but will also be gentle small talk on Shanghai and why women are always late for a date. You couldn't ask for more friendly service.

Most of the food is delicious. Highlights are the all the sea food, especially the melt-in-your mouth scallops as a starter. Also the sea bream is something quite lovely and deserves to chosen as a main over all the overs. Sadly the meat dishes are a little bland and in small portions, but they still have good quality.

The desserts are really where Table No. 1 shines, in particular the delectable peanut and banana bread with nougat ice cream. I swear i will come back to this place just for desserts, they are that good.

Overall the price is fair, our dinner ended up being a 350RMB each for a 3 course and 1 / 2 drinks each. For the quality of the food, service and ambience you are getting this is certainly value for money and much more preferable to other Bund restaurants; El Willy, Bocca, M on the Bund I'm looking at you...

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