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Shanghai Brewery (Hengshan Lu)

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3461 0717


15 Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Hengshan Rd, 5 mins. walk


Daily, 10am-2am


Local and international cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


Special discounted prices on beers and cocktails from 2pm-8pm on Weekdays: Hand-crafted Microbrewed Beers (all brewed onsite) from 20rmb, Cocktails from 25rmb, Shooters from 22rmb.

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Editor's Description
Last updated: September 23, 2013

A micro-brewery, restaurant, pub and sports bar that brews its own beers with names like People's Pilsner, West River Weizen, North Star IPA and Black Eyed Bear Stout, as well as a special peach beer and seasonal beers such as the Brewmeister's. Also on offer, The menu features grilled meats as well as cuisine from the USA, Mexico, the UK, Germany and Italy.

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Every Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am-3pm, Shanghai Brewery serves a brunch featuring classics like French toast, scrambled eggs, fish and chips and more.
Every Sat & Sun at Shanghai Brewery (Hengshan Lu)
Special discounted prices on beers and cocktails from 2pm-8pm on Weekdays: Hand-crafted Microbrewed Beers (all brewed onsite) from 20rmb, Cocktails from 25rmb, Shooters from 22rmb.
Every Mon-Fri at Shanghai Brewery (Hengshan Lu)


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Nov 27th, 2012


Joined Nov/12
Posted 24 Reviews
From: American

Shanghai Brewery rates as the best overall microbrewery in Shanghai. When you consider the quality of the beer, the environment, the food and the prices all together, Shanghai Brewery hands down the is Shanghai's best microbrewery.

For best beer, that goes to The BREW . The BREW's beers are exceptional. I'd say Shanghai Brewery has the second best microbrews in Shanghai, with good flavor and variety. At Shanghai Brewery, like at the BREW, everyone will find at least one beer that they like, even if it is a sweet peach beer. Paulaner's wheat beer is quite good, but they only have a couple of German style beers. I won't comment about Dr Beer or Boxing Cat's beers, although some people seem to like their beers.

For environment, Shanghai Brewery has got it right: well designed, spacious & good music. Paulaner has a Philipino band, which is noisy. And the German benches are not comfortable, although I like some of the German touches in their decor and I love the building Paulaner is in. The BREW is certainly a cool place, but it is too modern design and the music is too impersonal.

For pricing, Shanghai Brewery has very good prices for its microbrew. And great happy hour prices. The BREW and Paulaner are both much too expensive, pricing beer as a high end luxury product. Well, The BREW is in a 5-star hotel so you can expect high prices there.

For food, Shanghai Brewery has a solid menu with good variety. The food I have eaten at Shanghai Brewery has all been pretty good, from Fish and Chips to Fajitas. Paulaner's food is really quite bad. I have not yet tred the food at The BREW.

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