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Shanghai Children's Art Theatre
    • ADDRESS:
      800 Miaojiang Lu,
      near Xizang Nan Lu
      苗江路800号, 近西藏南路
    • PHONE:
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
      Old Town (Yu Garden)
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from South Xizang Rd
    • HOURS:
    • CARDS:
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      Shanghai Children's Theatre is currently the city's only professional-level stage designated for children's drama performances. It can seat 1,088 audience members and has the kind of fancy equipment found in other contemporary theaters in town: a vertically reciprocated stage that has 360-degree rotation capability, plus all the bells and whistles for really nice lighting and sound effects.
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      Danish performance group Teater Refleksion is putting on a puppet show about conquering the fear of the unknown, and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. The show, called《Hello! 外星人》aka The Way Back Home, follows a boy who discovers...
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      An all-round platform for children to experience the joys of classical music founded in November 2016, this youth orchestra has already grown to 70 members, and performed 3 public concerts and 2 charity concerts. This summer concert will...
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