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Over ten years of articles critiquing this city we live in, from activity lists to deeper culture reads.
  • [A Bunch of F&BS]: News and Rumors from Shanghai’s Dine & Drink Circuit

    2016-09-23 - By Morgan S.

    The big F&B goss this week — besides the managers of Tock’s setting off a Defcon 1 WeChat nuclear assault on their former place of employ — is, of course, the Michelin man coming to town. Dude outfits you with reliable, weather-tested tires for your Dodge Charger; also points you to the finest... Read more...

  • Patio Parties and Festivals This Weekend

    2016-09-22 - By XZ Palmer

    Man is there a lot happening in town this week. Just look at our events listings ; it's friggin insane. The best news is that we're looking at sunny and bluish-probably-grayish skies (but no rain) for the next few days. So, let's break that list down a bit and take a look at some of the events that take advantage of the... Read more...

  • Hey, Do You Like Anderson . Paak, Tickets?

    2016-09-22 - By SmSh

    Well, have I got some good news for YOU then! SmartShanghai is currently slinging tickets for next Tuesday's Anderson .Paak Shanghai debut show at Mao Livehouse . The LA-based singer / rapper / drummer is hosted in Shanghai by local promoters S.T.D. , who brought... Read more...

  • Shanghai, These Are Your Michelin-Starred Restaurants

    2016-09-21 - By Morgan S.

    Lots of face-meltingly bright red pomp and circumstance at the Michelin Guide awards ceremony , replete with robust and invigorating Price Is Right-style music as the chefs of Shanghai clambered onto the stage to accept their one, two, and three-star anointments from the world's most respected restaurant... Read more...

  • Shanghai's Market for Markets: What's On This Week

    2016-09-21 - By XZ Palmer

    Hey, market season is in full swing. The big one this week is The Commune Market , bringing together designers, food vendors, musicians, craft brewers, and other creatives on the big rooftop terrace of The Place . That happens on... Read more...

  • Here's Two Muddy Obstacle Runs to Challenge Your Limits

    2016-09-20 - By XZ Palmer

    The big race this weekend is the Color Run , which actually isn't as much of race as it is a chance to dally about in rainbow-wear and throw colored powder in the faces of friends, strangers, and children. Last year the event was called off due to Read more...

  • Reminder: You Love Queen and Want to Go See Them

    2016-09-20 - By SmSh

    As if you even needed to be reminded, right! But just in case you did, just letting you know Queen with Adam Lambert is September 26 at the Mercedes Benz arena -- that's six days away -- and you should get on getting on those tickets if you haven't already. It's Queen, man. Don't be foolish.... Read more...

  • Concrete & Grass Recap: Hey, It Was Pretty Alright

    2016-09-19 - By Morgan S.

    Rain be damned, SmartShanghai blasted both days of the Split Works ’ Concrete & Grass music festival that went down at the Shanghai Rugby Club on September 16 and September 17. Four stages... Read more...

  • Resume Transmission: SmSh Is Back to Work

    2016-09-19 - By SmSh

    Like a well-oiled machine the website is back with all the events, addresses, tickets, housing and jobs listings, dating, dating, dating, and the sparkling lifestyle journalism essential to your continued health and metal well-being in this city. Hope you had good holidays! Welcome, welcome! Read more...

  • A Whole Bunch of Shanghai Tourist Sites Are Half Price Entry Until October 6

    2016-09-14 - By Morgan S.

    If you've been meaning to visit a bunch of Shanghai museums, landmarks, and cultural areas of note but wrenching, crippling, enfeebling poverty has been keeping you down, good news! In conjunction with the ongoing Shanghai tourism festival, basically every Shanghai tourist destination is reduced price entry until October 6. The full list of destinations and discounted entry fees... Read more...