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Over ten years of articles critiquing this city we live in, from activity lists to deeper culture reads.
  • SmartShanghai Is On Vacation

    2015-09-30 19:09:09 - By SmSh

    Hey we're off the grid on an island somewhere for the next week. We won't be able to handle any event submissions, venue listings, or other matters until October 8. Sorry for any inconvenience. Also, the SmartTicket shifu are having a rest, so they can't deliver tickets until October 8, but you can still order tickets. If you're... Read more...

  • Movies To See In The Theater During The Holidays

    2015-09-30 17:09:41 - By XZ Palmer

    If you're staying in town for Golden Week with nothing to do, you might wanna go see a movie in the theater. There's probably one in some mall by your house. We have a list of them . First up, there's Minions . The small yellow dudes from Despicable Me have their own movie.... Read more...

  • First Bite: Charlie's, Fast Food And Dog Food

    2015-09-30 15:09:23 - By Ian Louisell

    "You don't have any salad on the menu?" asked one customer. No. The healthiest option at Charlie's , the newly rebranded Piro on Changshu Lu, is an underwhelming grilled cheese sandwich. They still offer burgers, fries, beer, and ice cream, but they've changed the... Read more...

  • Hey, We're Still Looking For A Dining Editor

    2015-09-30 10:09:02 - By SmSh

    Got some food knowledge and love to write? We're [still] searching for a dining editor . This role involves writing restaurant/bar reviews, interviewing chefs and industry heads, publishing recipes, and staying up to date on F&B news. The ideal candidate is a well-connected native speaker with a strong editorial voice... Read more...

  • Storm Festival Lineup, Schedule, And Other Crucial Info

    2015-09-29 16:09:29 - By Raul Bernardi

    Hey kids / target market! Looks like a STORM is headed our way. But don't believe the hype -- typhoons are a myth in Shanghai. Just some extra rain. Anyway, here's the full schedule and timeslots for this Saturday & Sunday's Storm Festival / Budweiser Advertisement. And hey, Budweiser is 50rmb a bottle! Read more...

  • Sick Of It All at MIDI, Bon Jovi In Taiwan ... MEI YOU

    2015-09-29 11:09:15 - By Raul Bernardi

    Just riding a double wave of bu hao here on Tuesday morning. Bon Jovi had to cancel his show in Taipei last night due to some typhoonery. That comes after a double cancellation in the mainland earlier this month. OOF... And...sorry kids, but Sick Of It All did... Read more...

  • Letter From Beijing: Inside The Chinese Music Industry

    2015-09-28 17:09:37 - By SmSh

    Check this deep read from our man Josh Feola up at our sister site It's all about how China's best social media platform Douban just started a new record label called D Force (great name) and what's going on with the industry in general. Good stuff. Read more...

  • AV Akubo & Future Gaze At Yuyintang Monday Night

    2015-09-28 12:09:10 - By Ian Louisell

    Heads up -- here's some real music comin' at you before the big storm this weekend. Wuhan band AV Okubo is at Yuyintang tonight as part of their 11-city China tour. Their album Dynasty came out on Maybe Mars last year, produced by none other... Read more...

  • First Sip: Drink Up, The Beer Lady Of The Southside?

    2015-09-25 16:09:44 - By Ian Louisell

    Nowadays, if someone opens a "convenience store" selling mostly craft beer, Shanghai will compare them to The Beer Lady , a.k.a. Zhang Ayi on Fahuazhen Lu. Like Zhang Ayi's store, Drink Up on Jianguo Lu has refrigerators... Read more...

  • Downtown Bar Is Open All God Damn Weekend

    2015-09-25 16:09:07 - By Raul Bernardi

    Heads up to anyone looking for an after-after party on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, i.e. Amber is closing and going home is scary. Downtown is celebrating their first birthday with a good old-fashioned 50-hour party, going from 10pm Friday night until 11.59pm on... Read more...