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Are You Looking for Staffing Solutions for Your Business in Shanghai? Introducing, the SmSh Recruitment Assistant.
By Jul 11, 2018 Business
Greetings, Shanghai (and Greater China)-based small business managers and owners. is trying to improve our jobs board platform, and to that end, we're rolling out a new service that might be useful should you be looking to fill staffing vacancies on your team. Introducing, the SmSh Recruitment Assistant, a new service from SmSh that more efficiently connects employers with the best candidates — simple as that.

The situation in brief: You need to hire personnel to flesh out or expand your team in Shanghai and beyond. The myriad of Chinese-lanauge jobs boards are too difficult to navigate and deal with, and the applications that are coming in aren't meeting your employment criteria. In additon to that, headhunter and HR Agencies are priced out of your start-up or operational budget. That's a problem! Read on for how the SmSh Recruitment Assistant can solve it!

The SmSh Recruiting Assistant

For small-to-mid-sized companies entering or expanding in the Shanghai and China marketplace, finding the right local employment to flesh out a working team on the ground is a challenging process. Our own SmSh jobs board, presented in English only, is mainly geared towards international talent already, or soon-to-be, residing in Shanghai. There are, of course, loads of Chinese-language jobs boards, but for smaller companies not already versed in the Chinese jobs market, translating your message and finding the right applicants is a difficult undertaking and often yields disappointing results. The other option, headhunter firms, are usually priced out of range for start-ups.

In this situation, the SmSh Recruiting Assistant is here to help.


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