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Heartbeats Like a Machinedrum and More Live Music This Week

By Dec 6, 2017 Music


A couple big shows this weekend, heading into the Christmas holidays, during which time sweeeet nothin' will be happening if years previous are anything to go on. But who knows. These days? Who can tell. You know the drill. Click on the jump for the run-down of live music this week. This time around we're going for 100% factual.


Wednesday, December 6

on Wed Dec 6 2017

Festivus feat. Deniro Farrar, Taragana Pyjarama and more

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

It's a festivus. For the rest of us. The yearly random Seinfeld reference music festival is back TONIGHT at the 'tang with a showcase of that new shit, that forward shit, that next level shit, that cult rap shit.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, here's a video of the headliner, Deniro Farrar.

Highlight YouTube comment: "Whos that white guy in the middle wearing goggles like he is vin diesel from riddick."

Who indeed!

But yeah, I can see Jerry ridin' dirty down the street in Santa Monica to this in that Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee show. It's catchy. Like Cooo- STANZA!

Thursday, December 7

on Thu Dec 7 2017

Thursday Live Music: Anuar

Yongfoo Elite - 200 Yongfu Lu, near Hunan Lu

The Thursday experimental jam session is back at Yongfoo Elite. Another night of strange sounds in the magic garden with a bunch of hammered-as-fark Shanghai artists, reprobates, and hangers-on. I can't recommend this one enough. It's trip man. It's a scene. This Thursday, they've invited independent musician Anuar Kaldekhan, "who is an expert of Kazakh folk and world music, good at unique sound creation through guitar and different kinds of Kazakh ethnically instruments." Hey, I got no idea either but it sure sounds like the jam. No entry fee. Starts 9.30pm.

Friday, December 8 AND Saturday December 9

Daily until Dec 9 2017

December 8-9: Shangheart Fest 2017

Harley's Underground - B1/F, 265 Nandan Dong Lu, near Caoxi Lu

Two days of feel-good shows down at --YOUR-- home for Shanghai underground music, Harley's. Loads of Shanghai bands are getting together and giving back to the community that they take so, so much from, raising money for Heart to Heart. H2H is a Shanghai-based charity that provides corrective surgery for children with congenital heart defects. 12 bands in all split between Friday and Saturday, with an eye to eclectic line-ups. Friday has doom metal/hard rock act Alpaca, spitting a bit with power pop/garage rocker Pinball City and hip hop duo Skinny OG and Queen Diamond. Saturday is more of the same with metalcore act Must Be Red on the line-up with hard rock acts Moaning Lisa and Limousine.

So, I guess this is as good a place as any to re-plug the latest "We Are Shanghai" comp, which it out there in the city in various venues and at this show in classic cassette tape form.

The goal of this project is to expose Shanghai artists to the world... so they made a couple hundred cassette tapes.


Looking forward to next year's laser disc release, brahs. Maybe just put that shit right onto a SEGA LYNX cartridge to get it into as many hands as possible.

(Just keeeeding!)

Saturday, December 9

on Sat Dec 9 2017

S.T.D. pres. Machinedrum Solo Live Set

Arkham - B1/F, 168 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu

Arkham takes a break from booking music for the kids that scare me on the subway with a sweet booking of Ninja Tune electronic producer Machinedrum AKA Travis Stewart. Dude's in a group called Sepalcure, who did Percussion Lab in NYC. He's also released with Jimmy Edgar under Om Unit, but this Saturday he's at Arkham doing a solo live set under the Machinedrum moniker. He was last in town in 2016 and performed one of the highlight sets of music at the Concrete & Grass festival.

Taste the goods. Older track this one. Deeeeeep.




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