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Hey My Dudes, White Castle Shanghai Is Hiring
By Apr 19, 2017 Dining
Dude. Duder. Duderino. Dude-liness. Duuuuuude. American fast food chain of legend White Castle, to whence Harold and Kumar once traveled, is opening their first China outlet in the fair city of Shanghai at precisely 221 Maoming Bei Lu, next to Goose Island. That's that little section of Maoming north of Yan'an that's being renovated with a bunch of new stuff because someone finally realized about 10,000 people walk through there every day, coming in between subways and off that Wujiang Lu food and shopping street. "Surely they must like to buy goods and services?", someone pondered.


SmSh stuck our head in the new White Castle and it looks like they're about finished. Diner booths, full kitchen, and cash registers are all set up. Looks like someone clicked a box that said "American Diner", got an assembly kit over Amazon, and assembled it according to some Ikea-esque DIY instructions. Anyway, they're currently hiring. Click on the jump for which positions are currently available.

Sorry, I'm still rocking an iPhone 4 and the camera sucks.

Looks like they're looking for a manager (conditions negotiable), some general staff (4k a month and some yearly bonus, ehhh...) , and some part-time servers for 18-25/rmb and hour. GOT DAMN, the world is a cruel place.

Needless to say, I'd expect the position of Brah Standing Out Front of White Castle Selling Weed is also still open. (Self-starter req.)


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  • 1 year ago lawdy Unverified User

    oh lawdy oh lawdy

  • 1 year ago TSkillet

    if you're craving White Castle, the burgers here just don't cut it. In fact, just thinking about those tender little White Castle burgers with those little, itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one... just makes me want to burn this motherfucker down. Come on, Pookie, let's burn this motherfucker down! Come on, Pookie! Let's burn it, Pookie! Let's burn this motherfucker down! Let's burn it down! Let's burn it! So you guys maybe should just suck it up and go to White Castle.

    I cannot wait to order 30 sliders, 4 french fries and 4 cherry cokes.

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