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PUSHFEST Returns This Sunday
By Dec 6, 2017 Activities
Skate or die, kids. Skate. Or. Die. Shanghai's most multifaceted skateboards media, arts, culture, fashion, and actual skating event PUSHFEST returns this Sunday to Central Studios. Last year's event was a packed show of local and international skaters and film documentarians thereof and this year's looks to be a repeat of the same. Shanghai mall security is already on Defcon Alert: Midnight for this one. A few more details after the jump.


This year's keynote speaker is Patrik Wallner, a "Hungarian adventure travel filmmaker who specializes in creating innovative professional skateboarding videos that give viewers a very different take on places and societies that are most often not cast in a favorable light." He's done work for Vice, Thrasher, Adidas, and more. He'll be doing a 10-year retrospective photography exhibition of his travels.

Here's a sample of his work:

"This is more than a skate video. This is a risky rendezvous into an unexplored pocket of the skateboarding universe, The Arabian Peninsula."

Along with that, they've also got a demo ramp, skateboard workshops, and live painting. Food, drinks, music and more. And it's freeee. Good deal. GNARLY deal.

on Sun Dec 10 2017

Pushfest 2017

Central Studios - 1/F, Bldg 1, 751 Huangpi Nan Lu, near Jian...

Asia's first rad skate film festival is back for their second year, featuring special keynote speaker, Patrik Wallner. One curated film screening by PUSH, plus mini ramp skating and competition. Patrik Wallner photo exhibition of 10 years of Visual Traveling. Skateboard Wall of China skate brands. Kid's skateboard workshop and painting. Food, drinks, music and more. No entry fee. Starts at noon.


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