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SmartShanghai Wants Your Intern Soul
By Aug 8, 2018 Activities
Interns of Shanghai! Under-employed youth! Photographers of the night! SmartShanghai wants YOU. To be specific, we are recruiting for two editorial internships in the SmartShanghai office, where you will learn the wonderful dark arts of lifestyle journalism, restaurant reviewing, how to turn gossip into news and other staples of The Fifth Column. We are also hiring a Junior Photographer. Details on ideal candidates riiight after the jump.


You’ll work alongside our fabulous team of editors and photographers to produce things that people want to read, and learn the basics of what it takes to run a comprehensive city-living website.

There are also event listings to do. Lots and lots of event listings. That’s life! So much going on in the city, we need people to help us keep on top of it all.

The ideal candidate can write to a reasonable degree in English and hold a conversation in Mandarin (if not a native speaker). Other skills, like familiarity with photography, HTML, being able to cook lunch for 15 people are a plus. Basically, we want a good attitude and the ability to navigate the city without too much of a language barrier. Enthusiasm for learning too. And a six-month commitment. The rest? We can teach you that.

These positions are PAID. Not enough to make you rich but enough to cover your lunches, transportation and a bit more. We can talk in detail in person. Interested? Send a cover letter to with why you are right for us.

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