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So You Want to Get into Le Baron on Saturday to See Kavinsky...

By Oct 19, 2016 Nightlife


Well, ideally you've got an invitation in your hot little hands or have already called ahead to book your table 'cause that's the sure-fire way to get in. Other than that... yeah, it gets a little complicated. SmSh talked to Le Baron about how to get past the velvet rope and into the club on this or any other night.


So, yeah, on October 22, French import club Le Baron (trans. "The Baron") celebrates two years in Shanghai, hosting in fantastic French synthwave / house producer Kavinsky. And there's no cover charge. Whoa! Neat! I'd like to go to that! Kavinsky! Remember that Drive soundtrack?

So, about Saturday...

SmSh: So, what's the word on people getting in to see Kavinsky on Saturday? Any advice for people wanting to get in?

Cody Allen (Le Baron): We're fully booked for table reservations. There is a guest list; cuts of at 12am, as [it does] every other night. Our regular door policy stands -- admission is at the discretion of the door people, and is judged primarily by how nice people are to the door people. If they look like they are going to bring something fun to the party, etc...

That said, we do expect to be very, very busy that night, so while we can't guarantee entry for walk-ins, the best advice is to arrive before 10.30pm. After that we will start dealing with capacity issues.

I know that we get a fair amount of flack or confusion regarding our door policy, but the issue is that on a busy night, we know we have reservations throughout the evening. Even if the club isn't full, we need to leave room for the reservations that we know are coming. Under no circumstances do we want people waiting around downstairs, but people often think that if they wait it out, they'll get in. That's not the case as once the door has made the call, that's the call for the rest of the night.

That's the only way we can guarantee that our regular customers, [people] who visit us or book with us multiple times a week can be taken care of. We want to be able to have space in the club to accommodate them.

SmSh: You mentioned guest list "cuts at 12"? You mean guest list ends at 12?

C: Yes, our general policy is that we will put people on the guest list, but after 12am the guest list is removed from the door, and it's 100% at the door's discretion. At that point, not even the managers and partners can add people to the list, as it doesn't exist anymore. This is a policy for all the Le Barons, not just Shanghai.

SmSh: Ah.

C: I'll admit it's not ideal in several ways, but it has worked for us for too many years to make a switch. Haven't been able to come up with a better system.

SmSh: How about people showing up later -- 2am or so. Better odds of getting in?

C: Much, much, much less likely to get in. We close the door completely at 3am, and rarely let in any walk-ins after 12am.

SmSh: Ah.

C: As for advice to general walk-ins on that night or any other, I'd say just standard nightclub stuff... Be polite to the door people. Treat them with respect. Dress with style -- not like you're walking out of your office -- don't be drunk when you arrive. Try to bring girls -- i.e. don't roll with five buddies...


There you have it, Shanghai. No one wants to hang with your crew of five dudes. Break it up a little.

Good luck, celebration generation.

Kavinsky plays Le Baron this Saturday at their two-year anniversary party. Doors at 9pm. No cover.


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  • 3 years ago ty_canadian

    Preparing to be rejected! Disappointment here we come.

  • 3 years ago Unverified User

    Frenchie, frenchie….don't we all want to be Frenchies?

  • 3 years ago Desired__name Unverified User

    Meh. I'd rather be at Shelter.

  • 3 years ago Unverified User

    I was never open for non-invited. So please don't raise people's hope next time !!

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