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Cum Again: The Sexiest Performance in Shanghai This Week
By Jan 17, 2019 Activities
Feeling like your sex life could use a pick me up? This Saturday, Cum Again presents an evening of sexual empowerment performances, hosted by DomiKnow, a woman from New York City. Cum Again is a movement, open to all genders and sexualities, to encourage sex education and communication in a positive, healthy way. "50% of women don’t achieve orgasm," DomiKnow says, and she’s hoping to change that. But she understands that such topics can be taboo in China, even in the more forward-thinking cities like Shanghai. "I muted all my colleagues on my WeChat moments, because I don’t want to offend my boss," she says.

Sexual Empowerment Performances & Open Mic will present a bunch of poets, comedians, artists, and bands, plus free prizes and giveaways (in case your favorite toy has broken down on you due to overuse). Spots are still open, so come and express yourself on stage or just sit in the audience and take it all in (90rmb, pre-pay by scanning the QR code in the flyer or pay at the door).

Cum Again will soon expand into more events and workshops, especially for the ladies, with a focus on how to communicate sexual needs so that both (or all) partners can achieve orgasm. And then do it again.


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  • 3 months ago Eileen Panda Liu

    When is the next event? Let me know by WeChat, 18918407298

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