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Photos: Brandon McGhee

This Dreamlike Photo Show, Eight Years in the Making, is Blowing Up Social Media

By Oct 25, 2019 Activities


An exhibition of Eugenio Recuenco’s biggest, most ambitious project to date,“365°” , has kicked off in Shanghai’s Zhonghai Huanyuhui, and it’s been all over Chinese social media. When the exhibition was unveiled in Madrid last year, it attracted something like 90, 000 visitors. But who the hell is Eugenio Recuenco? ‘A Spanish photographer who is a pain in the ass because he always insists on doing whatever he wants’, according to the artist himself.


The 365° project contains 366 pictures in total. It took eight years, 120 models, and a team of 300 employees to complete. The series in its entirety represents a photographic journey into 50 years of human history, with an abundance of references to art, film, religion, politics and historical events.

On display at the exhibition are 170 prints from the series, offering insights on Recuenco’s individual oeuvre. He is widely known for his artistic, cinematographic and pictorial vision, and the vision shines through each of the pictures, from costumes to makeup. The photos blur the line between reality and fantasy.

Looking at each picture closely, it’s clear how he fills his visual rendering of the stories with wit, humour and sarcasm, and holds up a mirror to the modern world, along with its absurdity and madness. The end result is novel, captivatingly surreal and magical.

Each staged picture marks a day in the calendar, and the calendar page seamlessly makes its way into all of the photographs. The exhibition space is cloaked in darkness, with the only light coming radiating from the light boxes behind each photograph. Part of the exhibition includes twelve 365° built sets. Insanely Instagrammable.

According to Recuenco: ‘The photographs attempt to draw society and the world that I’ve had to live in, to show how I have felt it. This is why in some cases I present known stories deformed by my experiences, which the spectator may be uncomfortable with since they do not correspond to the images he may have. But where is the error? In my exposition or in their manipulated knowledge?’


Eugenio Recuenco’s 365° is on until January 5, 2020. Click here for more information.



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