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Vimeo Vid: Skateboarding in the PRC
By Jan 31, 2013 Activities
Nice little vid up on Vimeo: a guy called Kristian Kvam Hansen, who's a skater based in Shanghai, put together this 15-minute film called Panoramic, documenting a year of skateboarding in the PRC. All the skaters are living in Shanghai but the film is shot all over China. Thriving alt-youth culture in China? Like.

Hansen says, China "is quickly becoming the most popular stomping ground for amateur and professional skateboarders around the world." Really? That's good. The video shows a bunch of Chinese and foreign kids making good use of all those yawning marble plazas and proud, sweeping stairways that make up much of China's urban landscape while annoyed bao'ans shake their fists and give chase.

See it here, though you'll need a VPN to load the page.

Hansen says he's working on another film right now that's just going to be skaters in and around the historic part of Shanghai. Send him a message on that Vimeo page if you're interested in getting involved.

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