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Weekend Casualties: Big Bamboo Gets Re-Branded and Arcade Announces Closure
By Sep 4, 2017 Dining
Well, good morning! A couple long-running Shanghai venues are packing it in: Nanyang Lu sports bar Big Bamboo is being re-purposed as another brand in the True Legend Hospitality restaurant portfolio, The Blind Pig. Meanwhile, across town, and across the F&B spectrum, cocktail lounge Arcade have also announced their immanent closure. They've got one more month of parties left and then it's... GAME OVER.


'Twas a very quick turnout for the Big Bamboo Nanyang, one of Shanghai's oldest and longest running sports bars. Already, as of September 1, they are now soft open as The Blind Pig, a slightly upscale, slightly hip-leaning bourbon and BBQ smokehouse from the group behind the Big Bamboo chain and Pistolera. All those memories just washed away! In so much BBQ sauce...

Here's one: I saw the Stanley Cup finals in like 2007 there and a huge fight broke out at like 6am with some hammered American taking on the world. So yeah... that's a memory. In that it's something I remember.

You're welcome?

The Bind Pig Hongqiao -- already closed.

The Blind Pig started out a couple months ago in Laowai Jie out in Hongqiao. Evidently, business wasn't great there, so they've moved the concept further inland, taking up the original location of the Big Bamboo. SmSh checked out their Hongqiao location of Blind Pig back when they opened and were pretty impressed with the food and bourbon selection. So... I guess this isn't terrible news?

The Big Bamboo Nanyang is survived by two other locations in Shanghai, right here.

Quoth the owners:

"As they say... as one door closes, another one opens, and we are definitively open from tonight onward!"


One last month for chic retro video game lounge Arcade.

As for Arcade, coming after a few months now of rumors around the vodka-soda cooler that they were trying to unload the place, owners announced Friday that this month, September, will be their final month.

"Arkham, JZ moved, Cotton Club shut down, The Shelter is gone, Apartment has become a restaurant, and the late night of Yongfu Lu/Fuxing Lu just quiet as Silent Hill.

We tried our best to stay here, but, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have to say good-bye this time :)

2012-2017, 5 years, now we only got one month last. Come join us this September, catch the most familiar local DJs those who gonna be gathered there.

You know where we are, dear Arcade friends, and families..."

Arcade, which just did some some renovations a few months back, is the last nightclub venue from that era of Yongfu Lu at Fuxing Lu, and was erstwhile a popular place for Shanghai's fashion crowd / moneyed youth to get themselves proper adult drinks before moving on to more serious locations. Their last night is September 30, with an "STD House Party". Details TBA.

And so it goes...


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