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Weekend In Art: New Arario, OCAT Opening, PRIDE Events

By Jun 12, 2015 Arts


Lots of solid art options this weekend, starting with the ShanghaiPRIDE Art & Photo Exhibition. That’s one of many events marking this year’s festivities -- the full schedule’s here, and those film screenings look particularly promising.

Anyway, the photo exhibition features work by six artists, all drawing on their personal LBGT experiences in Shanghai, as well as PRIDE’s 2015 theme: Love is Our Future. With that in mind, expect photography by Moggy Chang, Bin Hu, Dragonfruit and Scotty So. Paintings come courtesy of James Jarvis and Gabriel Munguia, with everything up for grabs via a silent auction running through the duration of the week-long show. That grandly on Friday June 12, from 7pm at Polar Bear Gallery.

New works at the new Arario

Also on Friday, Arario Gallery launches its latest show inside a brand new space -- pretty much opposite the old one. The new gallery is still within that dining / drinking / art development on the corner of Hengshan and Tianping, but significantly bigger, with three floors and much more natural light. The debut show is Li Hui’s Instant Insanity. Details are somewhat scant on this one, but here’s what we know: the show comprises four large installations crafted from LEDs, metal and various bits of industrial paraphernalia. Through objects and symbols, they describe disorder and moments of insanity. Probably quite good: the new media conceptual artist is known for mixing up LEDs and lasers with spiritual musings and reflections on China’s ongoing transformation…

北京银矿 / Beijing Silvermine 2009 – 2015, at OCAT's new show Crossovers. Image Courtesy of Thomas Sauvin

Saturday’s art schedule calls for some difficult decisions, with three top-notch shows all opening their doors. Best of the bunch looks to be Crossovers at OCAT. The film-based group exhibition explores the ways artists shape and reshape collective visual memory, and the creation of new myths. Think new narratives spun from archival photos and negatives, as well as new visual interpretations of historical events. On show will be works by João Penalva, Ho Tzu Nyen, John Akomfrah and Yto Barrada, whose Hand-me-downs series sounds especially interesting. She illustrates her own family history through snippets of strangers’ home movies sourced from flea markets. Should be good. Opening is Saturday June 13, 6–9pm.

Shi Zhiying and the universe

Over at James Cohan Gallery, meanwhile, is Shi Zhiying’s solo I Don't Pretend to Understand the Universe. That sees the Shanghai-born artist take inspiration from Hermann Hesse’s 1943 novel, The Glass Bead Game. Set in a distant future, it sees an order of mysterious intellectuals teach an even more mysterious game of glass beads to explain the laws of the universe. For Shi Zhiying, that translates to a series of paintings of -- what else? -- glass beads, their relationship with space and with each other. That opens Saturday June 13, 6–8pm.

Getting spacey with Dong Wensheng at m97

Right next door, M97’s Project Space (not their Moganshan Lu gallery!) hosts new exhibition, Continuum. A series of 12 new works by Dong Wensheng and super innovative in style, the black and white pieces have been hand-colored and subjected to various darkroom and chemical experiments. The resulting images are really beautiful -- a bit like planets, or galaxies, or maybe even organisms under a microscope. That opens Saturday from 5–8pm.

Last but by no means least, that series of rooftop performances continues at Factory 54 on Saturday and Sunday night from 6pm. Here's some snaps from their last event. This time around, the theme is ‘Sensory’ and includes a screening of 2006’s Perfume, a Yunnan-inspired "ten-part story tasting trail" and experimental theater. It’s free, but you could donate -- all proceeds go to post-earthquake support in Nepal.

There you have it: glass beads, films, photos, and a whole lot of love. For more exhibitions currently on show in Shanghai, check the Art Calendar.


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