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New Art Openings, Botero, And Good Exhibitions For "The Coldest Weekend Ever"

By Jan 22, 2016 Arts


Art Labor kicks off their 2016 program on Saturday with group show, Teleportation. That features offerings from nine international talents, all produced through Epson inkjet printing. That's the crux of the show: celebrating "technology which allows for freedom of movement across the globe and over borders, to participate in places far from home, no matter the obstacles placed in the way." The artists themselves work across a range of media: photography, installation, paint, and in the case of Geoffrey Lillemon, virtual reality.

More art world happenings after the jump.

Work by Howie Tsui on display at Art Labor

Exploring the idea of populist art for "everyone, everywhere" are social media artists the Leroy Brothers. The Belgian siblings' current project is called Witness Your World, which is essentially crowd-sourced art where a community of users submit messages and pictures to the website and vote for their favorites, which then get moved to the offline realm. Three of those works are on show at Art Labor. 6-9pm for that opening.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Gallery of Art over at the altogether glitzier Three on the Bund is also launching a group show this Saturday called Community of Celibates. Check the exhibition blurb:

"We are autonomous, liquid and multiple. We are your sisters and brothers. We come from future to form a community of celibates with you. As seeds of knowledge of new intimacy, we shall help you shed the shackles of gender and social identity."

Okay, then. Huh.

How that’s going to happen, exactly, is anyone’s guess.

Broadly speaking, though, this one’s about themes of sex, love, and the body, and features a pretty stellar line up of young talents including Chen Tianzhuo (who has a show coming up in infamous Berlin club Berghain this year), Geng Yini and Miao Ying. Be at SGA from 5pm Saturday for that one.

Other New Shows

In terms of other openings this week, that Botero show over at the former China Expo pavilion launched yesterday. More on that one soon, but for a totally free show by a big name artist, if Botero’s your bag, it’s good.

Otherwise, there’s Heman Chong at Rockbund from tomorrow, and teeny-tiny techy exhibit Shifting Connections at MoCA Pavilion.

As ever, for a round up of Shanghai art happenings, check the Art Calendar.



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