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Brazilian Religious Music Ceremony Gets Experimental, Lands in Columbia Circle Restaurant
By Oct 11, 2018 Arts
You know it’s going to be a weird night when it starts out like this: a Russian sinologist, a capoeira dancer and a neo-theatrics researcher walk into a restaurant for a show. That restaurant happens to be The Parlour, which seems like an odd place for this odd performance, but, what the hell. Where exactly is an experimental Brazilian Sound Orchestra supposed to play? Because that’s what is happening this Saturday night, as that quirky trio (Lena Kilina, the Russian; Dave Pushkin, the researcher; Virtual, the dancer) is joined by Italian sound artist and music producer Eugenio Altieri for a night of kooky art-stuff inspired by the Brazilian Afro-American religious tradition of Candomble.

What exactly will transpire is not clear. There will be an “absurd sound art performance” with Brazilian instruments and a “ritualistic electronic drum audio set”, in addition to “scenic elements” of a Brazilian sound orchestra that will “remain as freestanding experimental sound theater.” See how much I had to quote from their own material? That’s because I don’t understand the first thing about it, which probably means it’s good. I am baffled. Is it a music performance? Is it some ceremony honoring a deity? Will there be pizza? I really can’t answer that from an office desk on Thursday afternoon, but I hope to find out on Saturday night, when this all goes down, especially because it’s free. Art stuff! Baffling! Fun!

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