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Call for Art(ists): Basement6 Is Hosting an Improv Bring Your Own Art Show
By Nov 29, 2017 Arts
This looks like a good and worthy one for local artists and supporters thereof. Scrappy Shanghai art collective Basement6 is currently sourcing artists to be involved in a "Bring Your Own Art" party this Saturday at their Pingwu Lu events space. The improv art and performance exhibition recalls the one they hosted when they first opened, with one caveat: They're asking artists to sell their works to guests and then pay that money forward to relief agencies. The pitch after the jump.


From Basement6:

"W have long established a relationship with the city, we aim to fill a void that is missing for people to try new projects, or see raw things. Our city has become more capitalistic, we have tried to stay away from that. Our city has become more culturally astringent, we have burrowed deeper. Our city has become more exclusive, we try our hardest to be a service to those who don't fit it.


But at least we have shelter, this place was built for survival, from war, from elements -- it's a warm place! So please don't take our transparency as analogy or this anecdote as a cry for help. Our luxury is not conducive to hundreds of thousands in Beijing and other cities... As we understand the feeling of being bare assed and put away wet we want to use our comfort for someone else.

So today we call everyone who works with Basement6 to hold an improvised party this Sunday December 2. Bring whatever works you think are genuine: a poem, a dance, a bartending performance, a painting, a whole zine. This time -- for sale.

To those that agree to participate, consider covering your costs and donating the rest of your profits to a relevant relief organization. The delivery of funds will be assured and hand delivered by Basement6 members and photo evidence to follow."

Sounds like a plan. A good one! Details here.


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